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A novel nanobody-based target module for retargeting of T lymphocytes to EGFR-expressing cancer cells via the modular UniCAR platform
Albert, S.; Arndt, C.; Feldmann, A.; Bergmann, R.; Bachmann, D.; Koristka, S.; Ludwig, F.; Ziller-Walter, P.; Kegler, A.; Gärtner, S.; Schmitz, M.; Ehninger, A.; Cartellieri, M.; Ehninger, G.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Pietzsch, J.; Steinbach, J.; Bachmann, M.
Corresponding author: Arndt, C. Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research, Dresden, Germany

A novel tumor pretargeting system based on complementary L-configured oligonucleotides
Schubert, M.; Bergmann, R.; Förster, C.; Sihver, W.; Vonhoff, S.; Klussmann, S.; Bethge, L.; Walther, M.; Schlesinger, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.

X-ray Structures of Succinimidyl Halobenzoates
Mamat, C.; Weiss, D.-H.; Köckerling, M.
Corresponding author: Mamat, Constantin
Corresponding author: Köckerling, Martin

Nanoparticles for radiooncology: Mission, vision, challenges
Kunz-Schughart, L. A.; Dubrovska, A.; Peitzsch, C.; Ewe, A.; Aigner, A.; Schellenburg, S.; Muders, M. H.; Hampel, S.; Cirillo, G.; Iemma, F.; Tietze, R.; Alexiou, C.; Stephan, H.ORC; Zarschler, K.; Vittorio, O.; Kavallaris, M.; Parak, W. J.; Mädler, L.; Pokhrel, S.

Zwitterionic Modification of Ultra-Small Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Reduced Protein Corona Formation
Pombo-Garcia, K.; Rühl, C.; Lam, R.; Ang, C.-S.; Scammells, P. J.; Comba, P.; Spiccia, L.; Graham, B.; Joshi, T.; Stephan, H.ORC

Substrate-dependence of competitive nucleotide pyrophosphatase / phosphodiesterase1 (NPP1)
Lee, S.-Y.; Sarkar, S.; Bhattarai, S.; Namasivayam, V.; de Jonghe, S.; Stephan, H.ORC; Herdewijn, P.; El-Tayeb, A.; Müller, C. E.

Radiolabelled polymeric materials for imaging and treatment of cancer: Quo Vadis?
Pant, K.; Sedláček, O.; Nadar, R. A.; Hrubý, M.; Stephan, H.ORC


New insights into the pretargeting approach to image and treat tumours
Patra, M.; Zarschler, K.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Stephan, H.; Gasser, G.
Corresponding author: Zarschler, Kristof Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research
Corresponding author: Pietzsch, Hans-Jürgen Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research
Corresponding author: Stephan, Holger Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research

Melanoma targeting with [99mTc(N)(PNP3)]-labeled α-melanocyte stimulating hormone peptide analogs: Effects of cyclization on the radiopharmaceutical properties
Carta, D.; Salvarese, N.; Morellato, N.; Gao, F.; Sihver, W.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Biondi, B.; Ruzza, P.; Refosco, F.; Carpanese, D.; Rosato, A.; Bolzati, C.

Zwitterionic polymer-coated ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles with low protein interaction and high biocompatibility
Pombo-García, K.; Weiss, S.; Zarschler, K.; Ang, C.-S.; Hübner, R.; Pufe, J.; Meister, S.; Seidel, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Spiccia, L.; Stephan, H.ORC; Graham, B.

Polyglycerol-Based Copper Chelators for the Transport and Release of Copper Ions in Biological Environments
Albrecht, R.; Fehse, S.; Pant, K.; Nowag, S.; Stephan, H.; Haag, R.; Tzschucke, C. C.

Direct and Auger electron-induced, single- and double-strand breaks on plasmid DNA caused by 99mTc-labeled pyrene derivatives and the effect of bonding distance
Reissig, F.; Mamat, C.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Freudenberg, R.; Kotzerke, J.; Wunderlich, G.

Ultrasmall inorganic nanoparticles: state-of-the-art and perspectives for biomedical applications
Zarschler, K.; Rocks, L.; Licciardello, N.; Boselli, L.; Polo, E.; Pombo Garcia, K.; de Cola, L.; Stephan, H.; Dawson, K. A.

Nuclear and optical dual-labelled imaging agents: Design and challenges
Singh, G.; Gott, M.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Stephan, H.ORC
  • Open Access LogoNuklearmedizin 55(2016)2, 41-50

Synthesis, dynamic NMR characterization and XRD studies of novel N,N’-substituted piperazines for bioorthogonal labeling
Mamat, C.; Pretze, M.; Gott, M.; Köckerling, M.

The Radiochemical and radiopharmaceutical applications of radium
Gott, M.; Steinbach, J.; Mamat, C.
Corresponding author: Gott, Matthew

Radiopharmacological characterization of 64Cu-labeled α-MSH analogs for potential use in imaging of malignant melanoma
Gao, F.; Sihver, W.; Jurischka, C.; Bergmann, R.; Haase-Kohn, C.; Belter, B.; Steinbach, J.; Carta, D.; Bolzati, C.; Calderan, A.; Pietzsch, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.
Corresponding author: Sihver, Wiebke


Cyclam Derivatives with a Bis(phosphinate) or a Phosphinato−Phosphonate Pendant Arm: Ligands for Fast and Efficient Copper(II) Complexation for Nuclear Medical Applications
David, T.; Kubićek, V.; Gutten, O.; Lubal, P.; Kotek, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Rulíśek, L.; Hermann, P.

18F-Labeled 1,4-Dioxa-8-azaspiro[4.5]decane Derivative: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of a σ1 Receptor Radioligand with Low Lipophilicity as Potent Tumor Imaging Agent
Xie, F.; Bergmann, R.; Kniess, T.; Deuther-Conrad, W.; Mamat, C.; Neuber, C.; Liu, B.; Steinbach, J.; Brust, P.; Pietzsch, J.; Jia, H.

Methods to increase the metabolic stability of 18F-radiotracers
Kuchar, M.; Mamat, C.

In vivo Demonstration of an Active Tumor Pretargeting Approach with Peptide Nucleic Acid Bioconjugates as Complementary System
Leonidova, A.; Foerster, C.; Zarschler, K.; Schubert, M.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Steinbach, J.; Bergmann, R.; Metzler-Nolte, N.; Stephan, H.; Gasser, G.

Copper(II) cyclam complexes with N-propionic acid pendant arms
Kubeil, M.; Zarschler, K.; Pietzsch, J.; Kraus, W.; Comba, P.; Stephan, H.

Novel indole-based sigma-2 receptor ligands: synthesis, structure–affinity relationship and antiproliferative activity
Xie, F.; Kniess, T.; Neuber, C.; Deuther-Conrad, W.; Mamat, C.; Liebermann, Brain P.; Liu, B.; Mach, Robert H.; Brust, P.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Jia, H.
Corresponding author: Kniess, Torsten

Synthesis and Molecular Structure of 2-(Diphenylphosphano) phenyl Benzoate Borane Adduct
Mamat, C.; Köckerling, M.

CuII-selective bispidine–dye conjugates
Bronx, D.; Comba, P.; Herten, D.-P.; Kimmle, E.; Morgen, M.; Rühl, Carmen L.; Rybina, A.; Stephan, H.; Storch, G.; Wadepohl, H.

Synthesis and Biodistribution Studies of 3H- and 64Cu-labeled Dendritic Polyglycerol and Dendritic Polyglycerol Sulfate
Pant, K.; Gröger, D.; Bergmann, R.; Pietzsch, J.; Steinbach, J.; Graham, B.; Spiccia, L.; Berthon, F.; Czarny, B.; Devel, L.; Dive, V.; Stephan, H.; Haag, R.

Development of indazolylpyrimidine derivatives as high-affine EphB4 receptor ligands and potential PET-radiotracers
Ebert, K.; Wiemer, J.; Caballero, J.; Köckerling, M.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Mamat, C.

Theranostic mercury: 197(m)Hg with high specific activity for imaging and therapy
Walther, M.; Preusche, S.; Bartel, S.; Wunderlich, G.; Freudenberg, R.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.

Bifunctional Cyclam-Based Ligands with Phosphorus Acid Pendant Moieties for Radiocopper Separation – Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies
Paúrová, M.; Havlíčková, J.; Pospíšilová, A.; Vetrík, M.; Císařová, I.; Stephan, H.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Hrubý, M.; Hermann, P.; Kotek, J.

Polyoxometalates - potent and selective ecto-nucleotidase inhibitors
Lee, S.-Y.; Fiene, A.; Li, W.; Hank, T.; Brylev, K.; Fedovrov, V.; Lecka, J.; Haider, A.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Zimmermann, H.; Sévigny, J.; Kortz, U.; Stephan, H.; Müller, C. E.

Evaluation of Novel Fluorescence Probes for Conjugation Purposes Using the Traceless Staudinger Ligation
Wodtke, R.; König, J.; Pigorsch, A.; Köckerling, M.; Mamat, C.


Preparation of 4-Halobenzoate Containing Phosphane Based Building Blocks for Labeling Reactions Using the Traceless Staudinger Ligation
Mamat, C.; Köckerling, M.

X-ray structure of 2-(diphenylphosphano)phenyl-4-(hydroxymethyl)benzoate
Mamat, C.; Flemming, A.; Köckerling, M.

Characterization of circulating microparticle-associated CD39 family ecto-nucleotidases in human plasma
Jiang, Z. G.; Wu, Y.; Csizmadia, E.; Feldbrügge, L.; Enjyoji, K.; Tigges, J.; Toxavidis, V.; Stephan, H.; Müller, C. E.; Mcknight, C. J.; Moss, A.; Robson, S. C.

The Ti7-Containing, Tetrahedral 36-Tungsto-4-Arsenate(III)[Ti6(TiO6)(AsW9O33)4]20-
Wang, K.-Y.; Bassil, B. S.; Lin, Z. G.; Haider, A.; Cao, J.; Stephan, H.; Viehweger, K.; Kortz, U.

Bispidines for dual imaging
Stephan, H.; Walther, M.; Fähnemann, S.; Ceroni, P.; Molloy, J.; Bergamini, G.; Heisig, F.; Müller, C. E.; Kraus, W.; Comba, P.

Zwitterionic-Coated "Stealth" Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications: Recent Advances in Countering Biomolecular Corona Formation and Uptake by the Mononuclear Phagocyte System
Pombo Garcia, K.; Zarschler, K.; Barbaro, L.; Barreto, J. A.; O'Malley, W.; Spiccia, L.; Stephan, H.; Graham, B.

Assessment of the best N3− donors in preparation of [M(N)(PNP)]-based (M = 99mTc-; 188Re) target-specific radiopharmaceuticals: Comparison among succinic dihydrazide (SDH), N-methyl-S-methyl dithiocarbazate (HDTCZ) and PEGylated N-methyl-S-methyl dithiocarbazate (HO2C-PEG600-DTCZ)
Carta, D.; Jentschel, C.; Thieme, S.; Salvarese, N.; Morellato, N.; Refosco, F.; Ruzza, P.; Bergmann, R.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Bolzati, C.

Bispidine dioxotetraaza macrocycles: a new class of bispidines for 64Cu PET imaging
Comba, P.; Kubeil, M.; Pietzsch, J.; Rudolf, H.; Stephan, H.; Zarschler, K.

Radiofluorination and first radiopharmacological characterization of a SWLAY peptide-based ligand targeting EphA2
Pretze, M.; Mosch, B.; Bergmann, R.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Mamat, C.

EGF receptor-targeting peptide conjugate incorporating a near-IR fluorescent dye and a novel 1,4,7-triazacyclononane-based 64Cu(II) chelator assembled via click chemistry
Viehweger, K.; Barbaro, L.; Pombo García, K.; Joshi, T.; Geipel, G.; Steinbach, J.; Stephan, H.; Spiccia, L.; Graham, B.

Diagnostic nanoparticle targeting of the EGF-receptor in complex biological conditions using single-domain antibodies
Zarschler, K.; Prapainop, K.; Mahon, E.; Rocks, L.; Bramini, M.; Kelly, P.; Stephan, H.; Dawson, K. A.

Visualizing inflammation activity in rheumatoid arthritis with Tc-99 m Anti-CD4-mAb fragment scintigraphy
Steinhoff, K.; Pierer, M.; Siegert, J.; Pigla, U.; Laub, R.; Hesse, S.; Seidel, W.; Sorger, D.; Seese, A.; Künstler, J.-U.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Lincke, T.; Rullmann, M.; Emmrich, F.; Sabri, O.

Radiolabeled anti-EGFR-antibody improves local tumor control after external beam radiotherapy and offers theragnostic potential
Koi, L.; Bergmann, R.; Brüchner, K.; Pietzsch, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Krause, M.; Steinbach, J.; Zips, D.; Baumann, M.

Establishment of two complementary in vitro assays for radiocopper complexes achieving reliable and comparable evaluation of in vivo stability
Zarschler, K.; Kubeil, M.; Stephan, H.


Regioselective Synthesis of Trichloromethyl-Substituted Salicylates and Cyclohexenones by One-Pot Cyclizations of 1,3-Bis(trimethylsilyloxy)buta-1,3-dienes
Reimann, S.; Bunescu, A.; Petrosyana, A.; Sharif, M.; Erfle, S.; Mamat, C.; Ghochikyan, Tariel V.; Saghyan, Ashot S.; Spannenberg, A.; Villinger, A.; Langer, P.

High-yield production of functional soluble single-domain antibodies in the cytoplasm of Escherichia coli
Zarschler, K.; Witecy, S.; Kapplusch, F.; Foerster, C.; Stephan, H.

Synthesis and radiopharmacological evaluation of 64Cu-labeled bombesin analogs featuring a bis(2-pyridylmethyl) 1,4,7-triazacyclononane chelator
Bergmann, R.; Ruffani, A.; Graham, B.; Spiccia, L.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Stephan, H.

Design, synthesis, characterisation and in vitro studies of hydrophilic, colloidally stable, 64Cu(II)-labelled, ultra-small iron oxide nanoparticles in a range of human cell lines
Pombo Garcia, K.; Zarschler, K.; Barreto, J. A.; Hesse, J.; Spiccia, L.; Graham, B.; Stephan, H.

Quantitative Structure Property Relationship of logP for Radiopharmaceutical Technetium and Rhenium Complexes by using Molecular Dynamics Calculations
Yoshizuka, K.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Seifert, S.; Stephan, H.
  • Open Access LogoSolvent Extraction Research and Development 20(2013), 15-27

Recent Trends in Bioorthogonal Click-Radiolabeling Reactions Using Fluorine-18
Pretze, M.; Pietzsch, D.; Mamat, C.

Optimization of Pentadentate Bispidines as Bifunctional Chelators for 64Cu Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
Comba, P.; Hunoldt, S.; Morgen, M.; Pietzsch, J.; Stephan, H.; Wadepohl, H.

The computation of lipophilicities of 64Cu PET systems based on a novel approach for fluctuating charges
Comba, P.; Martin, B.; Sanyal, A.; Stephan, H.

Condensation of the dianion of ethyl acetoacetate with perfluoroalkyl iodides. Application to the synthesis of 3-perfluoroalkylsalicylic acids
Mamat, C.; Langer, P.

Automated preparation of [18F]AFP and [18F]BFP: Two novel bifunctional 18F-labeling building blocks for Huisgen-click
Pretze, M.; Mamat, C.

An Efficient Bioorthogonal Strategy Using CuAAC Click Chemistry for Radiofluorinations of SNEW Peptides and the Role of Copper Depletion
Pretze, M.; Kuchar, M.; Bergmann, R.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Mamat, C.

Design and Development of 99mTc-‘4 + 1’-Labeled Dextran-Mannose Derivatives as Potential Radiopharmaceuticals for Sentinel Lymph Node Detection
Giglio, J.; Fernandez, S.; Jentschel, C.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Papadopoulos, M.; Pelecanou, M.; Pirmettis, I.; Paolino, A.; Rey, A.

Dendrimers as Nb3+ ligands: effect of generation on the efficiency of the sensitized lanthanide emission
Pillai, Z. S.; Ceroni, P.; Kubeil, M.; Heldt, J.-M.; Stephan, H.; Bergamini, G.

Ga-68- and Cu-64-Labeled NOTA-Albumin Conjugates for PET Sentinel Lymph Node Imaging
Schiller, E.; Bergmann, R.; Wunderlich, G.; Andreeff, M.; Jacob, A.; Pietzsch, H.-J.

Synthesis of Short and Versatile Heterobifunctional Linkers for Conjugation Purposes of Bioactive Molecules with (Radio-)Labels
Heldt, J.-M.; Kerzendörfer, O.; Mamat, C.; Starke, F.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Steinbach, J.

Inactivation of HNSCC Cells by 90Y-Labeled Cetuximab Strictly Depends on the Number of Induced DNA Double-Strand Breaks
Saker, J.; Kriegs, M.; Zenker, M.; Heldt, J.-M.; Eke, I.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Grénman, R.; Cordes, N.; Petersen, C.; Baumann, M.; Steinbach, J.; Dikomey, E.; Kasten-Pisula, U.

Copper(II) chemistry of the functionalized macrocycle cyclam tetrapropionic acid
Comba, P.; Emmerling, F.; Jakob, M.; Kraus, W.; Kubeil, M.; Morgen, M.; Pietzsch, J.; Stephan, H.

Polyoxometalates as versatile enzyme inhibitors
Stephan, H.; Kubeil, M.; Emmerling, F.; Müller, Christa E.

[68Ga]NS3-RGD and [68Ga] Oxo-DO3A-RGD for imaging αvβ3 integrin expression: synthesis, evaluation, and comparison
Knetsch, Peter A.; Petrik, M.; Rangger, C.; Seidel, G.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Virgolini, I.; Decristoforo, C.; Haubner, R.

High specific activity 61Cu via 64Zn(p,α)61Cu reaction at low proton energies
Thieme, S.; Walther, M.; Preusche, S.; Rajander, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Solin, O.; Steinbach, J.


Cellular and molecular properties of 90Y-labeled cetuximab in combination with radiotherapy on human tumor cells in vitro
Saki, M.; Toulany, M.; Sihver, W.; Zenker, M.; Heldt, J.-M.; Mosch, B.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Baumann, M.; Steinbach, J.; Rodemann, H. P.

Fluorine-18-Radiolabeling and Radiopharmacological Characterization of a Benzodioxolylpyrimidine as a Radiotracer Targeting the Receptor Tyrosine Kinase EphB4
Mamat, C.; Mosch, B.; Neuber, C.; Köckerling, M.; Bergmann, R.; Pietzsch, J.

Synthesis and characterization of novel tetrahedral copper(I) complexes comprising tridentate PNP-aminodiphosphines and tetradentate PN(X)P-substituted aminodiphosphines (X = O, S)
Peruzzo, V.; Pretzsch, C.; Tisato, F.; Porchia, M.; Refosco, F.; Marzano, C.; Gandin, V.; Schiller, E.; Walther, M.; Pietzsch, H.-J.

Synthesis, in vitro and in vivo characterization of novel 99mTc-‘4+1’-labeled 5-nitroimidazole derivatives as potential agents for imaging hypoxia
Giglio, J.; Fernández, S.; Pietzsch, H.-J. Dr.; Dematteis, S.; Moreno, M.; Pacheco, J. P.; Cerecetto, H.; Rey, A.

Ecto-ATPase inhibition: ATP and adenosine release under physiological and ischemic in vivo conditions in the rat striatum
Melani, A.; Corti, F.; Stephan, H.; Müller, C. E.; Donati, C.; Bruni, P.; Vannucchi, M. G.; Pedata, F.

Module-assisted preparation of 64Cu with high specific activity
Thieme, S.; Walther, M.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Henniger, J.; Preusche, S.; Mäding, P.; Steinbach, J.

Synthesis and Molecular Structure of tert-Butyl 4-(2-tert-butoxy-2-oxoethyl)piperazine-1-carboxylate
Mamat, C.; Flemming, A.; Köckerling, M.

The Synthesis and Molecular Structure of 2-(4-Methoxybenzyl)-4-nitro-2H-indazole
Ebert, K.; Köckerling, M.; Mamat, C.

The Molecular Structure of 1,2:5,6-Di-O-isopropylidene-3-O-toluenesulfonyl-a-D-glucofuranose
Mamat, C.; Peppel, T.; Köckerling, M.


Synthesis, colloidal stability and 64Cu labeling of iron oxide nanoparticles bearing different macrocyclic ligands
Barreto, Jose A.; Matterna, M.; Graham, B.; Stephan, H.; Spiccia, L.
  • New Journal of Chemistry 35(2011), 2705-2712

Impact of functionalized coligands on the pharmacokinetics of 99mTc(III) ‘4+1’ mixed-ligand complexes conjugated to bombesin
Künstler, J.-U.; Bergmann, R.; Gniazdowska, E.; Kozminski, P.; Walther, M.; Pietzsch, H.-J.

Maleimido-Functionalized NOTA Derivatives as Bifunctional Chelators for Site-Specific Radiolabeling
Förster, C.; Schubert, M.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Steinbach, J.

Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of [188Re(N)(cys∼)(PNP)]+/0 mixed-ligand complexes as prototypes for the development of 188Re(N)-based target-specific radiopharmaceuticals
Thieme, S.; Agostini, S.; Bergmann, R.; Pietzsch, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Carta, D.; Salvarese, N.; Refosco, F.; Bolzati, C.

Imidazole Containing Bispidine Ligands: Synthesis, Structure and Cu(II)-Complexation
Walther, M.; Matterna, M.; Juran, S.; Fähnemann, S.; Stephan, H.; Kraus, W.; Emmerling, F.
  • Zeitschrift für Naturforschung Section B - A Journal of Chemical Sciences 66b(2011), 721-728

A Novel Tetrabranched Neurotensin(8-13) Cyclam Derivative: Synthesis, 64Cu-Labeling and Biological Evaluation
Röhrich, A.; Bergmann, R.; Kretzschmann, A.; Noll, S.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Stephan, H.

Nanomaterials: applications in cancer imaging and therapy
Barreto, J. A.; O'Malley, W.; Kubeil, M.; Graham, B.; Stephan, H.; Spiccia, L.

Synthesis, structure determination and (radio-) fluorination of novel functionalized phosphanes suitable for the traceless Staudinger ligation
Mamat, C.; Franke, M.; Peppel, T.; Köckerling, M.; Steinbach, J.

Synthesis and biological evaluation of new [Tc(N)(PS)]-based mixed-ligand compounds useful in design of target-specific radiopharmaceuticas: the 2-methoxyphenylpiperazine dithiocarbamate derivatives as example
Bolzati, C.; Salvarese, N.; Carta, D.; Refosco, F.; Dolmella, A.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Bergmann, R.; Bandoli, G.

[18F]1-(3-fluoropropyl)piperazines as model compounds for the radiofluorination of pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidines
Grosse-Gehling, P.; Wuest, Frank R.; Peppel, T.; Köckerling, M.; Mamat, C.

Cross-Coupling Reactions as Valuable Tool for the Preparation of PET Radiotracers
Pretze, M.; Große-Gehling, P.; Mamat, C.


Sugar-decorated dendritic nanocarriers: Encapsulation and release of the octahedral rhenium cluster complex [Re6S8(OH)6]4-
Kubeil, M.; Stephan, H.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Geipel, G.; Appelhans, D.; Voit, B.; Hoffmann, J.; Brutschy, B.; Mironov, Y. V.; Brylev, K. A.; Fedorov, V. E.

Comparison of the stability of Y-90-, Lu-177- and Ga-68- labeled human serum albumin microspheres (DOTA-HSAM)
Wunderlich, G.; Schiller, E.; Bergmann, R.; Pietzsch, H.-J.

The traceless Staudinger ligation with fluorine-18: a novel and versatile labeling technique for the synthesis of PET-radiotracers
Pretze, M.; Wuest, F.; Peppel, T.; Köckerling, M.; Mamat, C.

Preparation, 99mTc-labeling and biodistribution studies of a PNA oligomer containing a new ligand derivative of 2,2′-dipicolylamine
Gasser, G.; Jäger, K.; Zenker, M.; Bergmann, R.; Steinbach, J.; Stephan, H.; Metzler-Nolte, N.

A novel Dibenzoazacyclooctyne precursor in regioselective Copper-free click chemistry. An innovative 3-step synthesis.
Starke, F.; Walther, M.; Pietzsch, H.-J.
  • Open Access LogoARKIVOC (2010), 350-359

Synthesis and Radiofluorination of Iodophenyl Esters as Tool for the Traceless Staudinger Ligation
Pretze, M.; Flemming, A.; Köckerling, M.; Mamat, C.
  • Zeitschrift für Naturforschung Section B - A Journal of Chemical Sciences 65(2010), 1128-1136

A new hexanuclear rhenium cluster complex with six terminal acetate ligands: Synthesis, structure, and properties of K4[Re6S8(CH3COO)6]·8H2O
Brylev, K. A.; Mironov, Y. V.; Fedorov, V. E.; Kim, S.-J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Stephan, H.; Ito, A.; Kitamura, N.

Novel 99mTc '4 + 1' peptide conjugates: Tuning the biodistribution by variation of coligands
Künstler, J.-U.; Seidel, G.; Bergmann, R.; Gniazdowska, E.; Walther, M.; Schiller, E.; Decristoforo, C.; Stephan, H.; Haubner, R.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.

Crystal structure of N-benzyl-4-fluorobenzamide, C14H12FNO, at 173 K
Mamat, C.; Flemming, A.; Köckerling, M.

Efficient preparation of 99mTc(III) ‘4+1’ mixed-ligand complexes for peptide labeling with high specific activity
Künstler, J.-U.; Seidel, G.; Pietzsch, H.-J.


Recent Application of Click Chemistry for the Synthesis of Radiotracers for Molecular Imaging
Mamat, C.; Ramenda, T.; Wuest, F.
  • Mini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry 6(2009), 21-34

NMR Studies and Crystal Structure Determinations of CF3 Group-containing Bicyclic phenolates
Mamat, C.; Reinke, H.; Langer, P.
  • Zeitschrift für Naturforschung Section B - A Journal of Chemical Sciences 64(2009)4, 423-426

Synthesis and characterization of rhenium and technetium-99m tricarbonyl complexes bearing the 4-[3-bromophenyl]quinazoline moiety as a biomarker for EGFR-TK imaging
Bourkoula, A.; Paravatou-Petsotas, M.; Papadopoulos, A.; Santos, I.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Livaniou, E.; Pelecanou, M.; Papadopoulos, M.; Pirmettis, I.

Isomerism in tetrahedral rhenium cluster complexes [Re4Q4(PMe2sub>Ph)4X8]·nCH2Cl2 (Q = Se, X = Br; Q = Te, X = Cl, Br).
Efremova, O. A.; Mironov, Y. V.; Brylev, K. A.; Fedorov, V. E.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Stephan, H.

Synthesis of Benzoate-Functionalized Phosphanes as Novel Building Blocks for the Traceless Staudinger Ligation
Mamat, C.; Flemming, A.; Köckerling, M.; Steinbach, J.; Wuest, F.

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