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Analysis and simulation of photon scattering and neutron capture gamma spectra
Schramm, G. A.
Within this thesis two twin experiments consisting of neutron capture and photon scattering on the neighbour isotopes 77Se / 78Se and 195Pt / 196Pt have been analysed to gain qualitative and quantitative information about the photon strength function and level density in the respective compound nuclei. For the analysis and simulation of both experimental types a new Monte Carlo simulation using a fast and efficient, extreme statistical treatment of radiative nuclear deexcitations, was developed. Furthermore the influence of fluctuations of transition widths on photon scattering were investigated and quantified. It could be shown that those lead to an enhancement of elastic scattering processes. The data analysis of both twin experiments reveals non-Lorentzian extra E1 photon strength below the neutron separation energy.
  • Open Access LogoWissenschaftlich-Technische Berichte / Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf; HZDR-045 2014


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