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Using Lorentz forces to control the distribution of bubbles in a vertical tube filled with liquid metal
Heitkam, S.; Tschisgale, S.; Krull, B.; Wetzel, T.; Baake, E.; Fröhlich, J.;

Investigations of fluid flow effects on dendritic solidification: Consequences on fragmentation, macrosegregation and the influence of electromagnetic stirring
Shevchenko, N.; Neumann-Heyme, H.; Pickmann, C.; Schaberger-Zimmermann, E.; Zimmermann, G.; Eckert, K.; Eckert, S.;

Casting technology for ODS steels - dispersion of nanoparticles in liquid metals
Sarma, M.; Grants, I.; Kaldre, I.; Bojarevics, A.; Gerbeth, G.;
  • Open Access LogoIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 228(2017), 012020

Numerical and experimental study of the effect of the induced electric potential in Lorentz force velocimetry
Hernández, D.; Böck, T.; Karcher, C.; Wondrak, T.;

Bubble aspect ratio in dense bubbly flows: experimental studies in low Morton-number systems
Besagni, G.; Inzoli, F.; Ziegenhein, T.; Lucas, D.;

Construction and validation of a long-channel membrane test cell for representative monitoring of performance and characterization of fouling over the length of spiral-wound membrane modules
Siebdrath, N.; Ding, W.; Pietsch, E.; Kruithof, J.; Uhl, W.; Vrouwenvelder, J.;

Quantitative prediction of critical heat flux initiation in pool and flow boiling
Ding, W.; Krepper, E.; Hampel, U.;

Modification of surface properties of solids by femtosecond LIPSS writing: comparative studies on silicon and stainless steel
Varlamova, O.; Hoefner, K.; Ratzke, M.; Reif, J.; Sarker, D.;

Structure Analysis of Pipe Section Reactor for Pipe-Wall Reaction: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis Approach
Hua, P.; Ma, S.; Ding, W.; Zhang, J.;

Meniscus Asymmetry and Chemo-Marangoni Convection in Capillaries
Eckert, K.; Shi, Q.; Seidel, K.; Schwarzenberger, K.;

Simulation of bubbly flows with special numerical treatments of the semi-conservative and fully conservative two-fluid model
Dongyue, L.; Hasse, C.;

Combined experimental and numerical analysis of a bubbly liquid metal flow
Krull, B.; Strumpf, E.; Keplinger, O.; Shevchenko, N.; Fröhlich, J.; Eckert, S.; Gerbeth, G.;

Visualization of gas-liquid multiphase pseudo-slug flow using Wire-Mesh Sensor
Kesana, N. R.; Parsi, M.; Vieira, R. E.; Azzopardi, B.; Schleicher, E.; Mclaury, B. S.; Shirazi, S. A.; Hampel, U.;

Fluid Mechanics of Liquid Metal Batteries
Kelley, D. H.; Weier, T.;

Magnetic flow control in growth and casting of photovoltaic silicon: Numerical and experimental results
Poklad, A.; Pal, J.; Galindo, V.ORC; Grants, I.; Heinze, V.; Meier, D.; Pätzold, O.; Stelter, M.; Gerbeth, G.

Modeling electromagnetically driven free-surface flows motivated by the Ribbon Growth on Substrate (RGS) process
Beckstein, P.; Galindo, V.ORC; Schönecker, A.; Gerbeth, G.

Validation of X-ray radiography for characterization of gas bubbles in liquid metals
Keplinger, O.; Shevchenko, N.; Eckert, S.;

Three-dimensional velocity vector determination algorithm for individual bubble identified with Wire-Mesh Sensors
Furuya, M.; Kanai, T.; Arai, T.; Takiguchi, H.; Prasser, H.-M.; Hampel, U.; Schleicher, E.;

Balanced 20 kA DC Distributor for Magnetized Taylor Couette Systems Utilizing Thermostatic Controlled Water Valves with CO2 Adsorption Charge Sensors as Current Controller
Seilmayer, M.; Krauter, N.;

Evaporation-assisted magnetic separation of rare earth ions in aqueous solutions
Lei, Z.; Fritzsche, B.; Eckert, K.ORC

General Evolution Equation for the Specific Interfacial Area of Dendrites During Alloy Solidification
Neumann-Heyme, H.; Eckert, K.ORC; Beckermann, C.

Growth and detachment of single hydrogen bubbles in a magnetohydrodynamic shear flow
Baczyzmalski, D.; Karnbach, F.; Mutschke, G.; Yang, X.; Eckert, K.; Uhlemann, M.; Cierpka, C.;

Nonlinear transverse cascade and sustenance of MRI-turbulence in Keplerian disks with an azimuthal magnetic field
Gogichaishvili, D.; Mamatsashvili, G.; Horton, W.; Chagelishvili, G.; Bodo, G.;

Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Fluid Flow Processes in Continuous Casting: Results from the LIMMCAST-Project
Timmel, K.ORC; Kratzsch, C.; Asad, A.; Schurmann, D.; Schwarze, R.; Eckert, S.

Liquid metal batteries - materials selection and fluid dynamics
Weier, T.; Bund, A.; El-Mofid, W.; Horstmann, G.; Lalau, C.-C.; Landgraf, S.; Nimtz, M.; Starace, M.; Stefani, F.; Weber, N.;

Numerical simulations of convection in the titanium reduction reactor
Teimurazov, A.; Frick, P.; Weber, N.; Stefani, F.;

Magnetic field dynamos and magnetically triggered flow instabilities
Stefani, F.; Albrecht, T.; Arlt, R.; Christen, M.; Gailitis, A.; Gellert, M.; Giesecke, A.; Goepfert, O.; Herault, J.; Kirillov, O.; Mamatsashvili, G.; Priede, J.; Rüdiger, G.; Seilmayer, M.; Tilgner, A.; Vogt, T.;

Thermal convection of liquid metal in the titanium reduction reactor
Teimurazov, A.; Frick, P.; Stefani, F.;

Transitions in a magnetized quasi-laminar spherical Couette flow
Kasprzyk, C.; Kaplan, E.; Seilmayer, M.; Stefani, F.;
  • Open Access LogoMagnetohydrodynamics 53(2017)2, 393-401

Development of a modular micro reactor for the partial hydrocarbon oxidation
Willms, T.; Kryk, H.; Wiezorek, M.; Hampel, U.;

Measurement techniques for liquid metals
Ratajczak, M.; Hernández, D.; Richter, T.; Otte, D.; Buchenau, D.; Krauter, N.; Wondrak, T.;

A Review of Surfactant Role in Soil Clogging Processes at Wastewater Exfiltration Locations in Sewers
Nikpay, M.; Krebs, P.; Ellis, B.;

Liquid metal based magnetic cooling: velocity measurements
Lei, Z.; Raebiger, D.; Eckert, S.; Eckert, K.ORC
  • Open Access LogoMagnetohydrodynamics 53(2017)2, 403-410

Experimental analysis of Taylor bubble behavior and mass transfer during lateral oscillation of a vertical milli-channel
Haghnegahdar, M.; Boden, S.; Hampel, U.;

Euler-Euler Multiphase CFD-Simulation with Full Reynolds Stress Model and Anisotropic Bubble-induced Turbulence
Parekh, J.; Rzehak, R.;

Immersed transient eddy current flow metering: a calibration-free velocity measurement technique for liquid metals
Krauter, N.; Stefani, F.;
  • Measurement Science and Technology 28(2017), 105301
    DOI: 10.1088/1361-6501/aa7b1e
  • Lecture (Conference)
    3rd Russian Conference on Magnetohydrodynamics, 18.-21.06.2018, Perm, Russland

The effect of a Lorentz-force-driven rotating flow on the detachment of gas bubbles from the electrode surface
Weier, T.; Baczyzmalski, D.; Massing, J.; Landgraf, S.; Cierpka, C.;

Physical modelling of Czochralski crystal growth in horizontal magnetic field
Grants, I.; Pal, J.; Gerbeth, G.;

Dynamic liquid-solid mass transfer in solid foam packed reactors at trickle and pulse flow
Zalucky, J.; Schubert, M.; Lange, R.; Hampel, U.;

Parametric instability in periodically perturbed dynamos
Giesecke, A.; Stefani, F.; Herault, J.;

Counter-current flow limitation for air-water and steam-water flows in a PWR-relevant geometry
Lucas, D.; Beyer, M.; Pietruske, H.; Szalinski, L.;

Efficient solution of 3D electromagnetic eddy-current problems within the finite volume framework of OpenFOAM
Beckstein, P.; Galindo, V.ORC; Vukcevic, V.

Inductive measurement of the free surface of liquid metals
Zürner, T.; Ratajczak, M.; Wondrak, T.; Eckert, S.;

Chloride Ion Battery Review: Theoretical Calculations, State of the Art, Safety, Toxicity and an outlook towards future developments
Gschwind, F.; Euchner, H.; Rodriguez-Garcia, G.ORC

An Eulerian-Eulerian Computational Approach for Simulating Descending Gas-Liquid Flows in Reactors with Solid Foam Internals
Subramanian, K.; Zalucky, J.; Schubert, M.; Lucas, D.; Hampel, U.;

A novel fuzzy-logic based method for determination of individual bubble velocity and size from dual-plane ultrafast X-ray tomography data of two-phase flow
Banowski, M.; Patmonoaji, A.; Lucas, D.; Hampel, U.;

Homogeneous gas-liquid distribution for monolithic structures via a needle distributor
Meitzner, C.; Hilpmann, G.; Schäfer, T.; Haase, S.; Lange, M.; Hampel, U.;

Ultrafast X-ray tomography for two-phase flow analysis in centrifugal pumps
Schäfer, T.; Hampel, U.;
  • Lecture (Conference)
    48th Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology (AMNT48), 16.-17.05.2017, Berlin, Deutschland
  • Contribution to proceedings
    48th Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology (AMNT48), 16.-17.05.2017, Berlin, Deutschland
    Proceedings of 48th Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology
  • atw - International Journal for Nuclear Power 62(2017)7, 474

Offshore floating packed bed reactors: Key challenges and potential solutions
Dashliborun, A. M.; Larachi, F.; Schubert, M.;

Thermal Anemometry Grid Sensor
Arlit, M.; Schleicher, E.; Hampel, U.;

CFD-Simulation of boiling in a heated pipe including flow pattern transitions using the GENTOP concept
Höhne, T.; Krepper, E.; Lucas, D.; Montoya, G.;
  • Contribution to proceedings
    The 17th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-17), 03.-08.09.2017, Xian, China
  • Lecture (Conference)
    The 17th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-17), 03.-08.09.2017, Xian, China
  • Nuclear Engineering and Design 322(2017), 165-176
    DOI: 10.1016/j.nucengdes.2017.06.047

Non-invasive determination of gas phase dispersion coefficients in bubble columns using periodic gas flow modulation
Döß, A.; Schubert, M.; Bieberle, A.; Hampel, U.;

Prediction of countercurrent flow limitation and its uncertainty in horizontal and slightly inclined pipes
Murase, M.; Utanohara, Y.; Kusunoki, T.; Yamamoto, Y.; Lucas, D.; Tomiyama, A.;

On an Analog Controlled Precision Heat Power Source
Seilmayer, M.ORC; Katepally, V.ORC

Computational modelling of flashing flows: a literature survey
Liao, Y.; Lucas, D.;

Instrumentation for Experiments on a Fuel Element Mock-Up for the study of Thermal Hydraulics for Loss of Cooling or Coolant Scenarios in Spent Fuel Pools
Arlit, M.; Partmann, C.; Schleicher, E.; Schuster, C.; Hurtado, A.; Hampel, U.;

Experimental Studies on high-pressure high-temperature Contact-Condensation at falling jets in the TOPFLOW Pressure-Tank
Seidel, T.; Beyer, M.; Lucas, D.; Hampel, U.;

Guidelines to Design Electrolytes for Lithium-ion Batteries: Environmental Impact, Physicochemical and Electrochemical Properties
Flamme, B.; Rodriguez-Garcia, G.ORC; Weil, M.; Haddad, M.; Phansavath, P.; Ratovelomanana-Vidal, V.; Chagnes, A.

Visualization of the global flow structure in a modified Rayleigh-Bénard setup using contactless inductive flow tomography
Wondrak, T.; Pal, J.; Stefani, F.; Galindo, V.; Eckert, S.;

Numerical calibration of a multicomponent local lorentz force flowmeter
Hernández, D.; Böck, T.; Karcher, C.; Wondrak, T.;
  • Magnetohydrodynamics 53(2017)2, 233-243

Measurements of the diameter of rising gas bubbles by means of the ultrasound transit time technique
Richter, T.; Keplinger, O.; Strumpf, E.; Wondrak, T.; Eckert, K.; Eckert, S.; Odenbach, S.;
  • Open Access LogoMagnetohydrodynamics 53(2017)2, 383-392

Lift force acting on single bubbles in linear shear flows
Aoyama, S.; Hayashi, K.; Hosokawa, S.; Lucas, D.; Tomiyama, A.;

Assessment of Electromagnetic Stirrer Agitated Liquid Metal Flows by Dynamic Neutron Radiography
Scepanskis, M.; Sarma, M.; Vontobel, P.; Trtik, P.; Thomsen, K.; Jakovics, A.; Beinerts, T.;

The influence of interface curvature on solutal Marangoni convection in the Hele-Shaw cell
Mokbel, M.; Schwarzenberger, K.; Aland, S.; Eckert, K.;

Hydrodynamics of descending gas-liquid flows in solid foams: Liquid holdup, multiphase pressure drop and radial dispersion
Zalucky, J.; Wagner, M.; Schubert, M.; Lange, R.; Hampel, U.;

Single Bubble Dynamics during Subcooled Nucleate Boiling on a Vertical Heater Surface: An Experimental Analysis of the Effects of Surface Characteristics
Sarker, D.; Franz, R.; Ding, W.; Hampel, U.;

The Tayler instability at low magnetic Prandtl numbers: Chiral symmetry breaking and synchronizable helicity oscillations
Stefani, F.; Galindo, V.; Giesecke, A.; Weber, N.; Weier, T.;
  • Contribution to proceedings
    10th PAMIR International Conference - Fundamental and Applied MHD, 20.-24.06.2016, Cagliari, Italy
    Proceedings of the 10th PAMIR International Conference - Fundamental and Applied MHD, 978-88-90551-93-2, 686-690
  • Open Access LogoMagnetohydrodynamics 53(2017)1, 169-178

Nonmodal analysis of helical and azimuthal magnetorotational instabilities
Mamatsashvili, G.; Stefani, F.;
  • Contribution to proceedings
    10th PAMIR International conference fundamental and applied MHD, 20.-24.06.2016, Cagliari, Italy
  • Open Access LogoMagnetohydrodynamics 53(2017), 107-117

CFD codes benchmark on TOPFLOW-PTS experiment
Mérigoux, N.; Apanasevich, P.; Mehlhoop, J.-P.; Lucas, D.; Raynaud, C.; Badillo, A.;

Performance comparison between different sparger plate orifice patterns: Hydrodynamic investigation using ultrafast X-ray tomography
Möller, F.; Seiler, T.; Lau, Y. M.; Weber, M.; Weber, M.; Hampel, U.; Schubert, M.;

Application of wire-mesh sensor for the study of chemical species conversion in a bubble column during chemical absorption of carbon dioxide in sodium hydroxide
Kipping, R.; Kryk, H.; Schleicher, E.; Gustke, M.; Hampel, U.;

A novel metal flow imaging using electrical capacitance tomography
Wondrak, T.; Soleimani, M.;

Experimental study on rise velocities of single bubbles in liquid metal under the influence of strong horizontal magnetic fields in a flat vessel
Strumpf, E.;

Fragmentation-driven grain refinement in directional solidification of AlCu10wt-% alloy at low pulling speeds
Zimmermann, G.; Pickmann, C.; Hamacher, M.; Schaberger-Zimmermann, E.; Neumann-Heyme, H.; Eckert, K.; Eckert, S.;

Possibilities and limitations of cfd simulation for flashing flow scenarios in nuclear applications
Liao, Y.; Lucas, D.;

Rapid Data Processing for Ultrafast X-Ray Computed Tomography Using Scalable and Modular CUDA based Pipelines
Frust, T.; Wagner, M.; Stephan, J.; Juckeland, G.; Bieberle, A.;

Sloshing instability and electrolyte layer rupture in liquid metal batteries
Weber, N.; Beckstein, P.; Herreman, W.; Horstmann, G. M.; Nore, C.; Stefani, F.; Weier, T.;

Thermal Rayleigh-Marangoni convection in a three-layer liquid-metal-battery model
Köllner, T.; Boeck, T.; Schumacher, J.;

Direct numerical simulation-based Reynolds-averaged closure for bubble-induced turbulence
Ma, T.; Santarelli, C.; Ziegenhein, T.; Lucas, D.; Fröhlich, J.;

Phased Array Ultrasound System for Planar Flow Mapping in Liquid Metals
Mäder, K.; Nauber, R.; Galindo, V.ORC; Beyer, H.; Büttner, L.; Eckert, S.; Czarske, J.

Instabilities and spin-up behaviour of a rotating magnetic field driven flow in a rectangular cavity
Galindo, V.ORC; Nauber, R.ORC; Räbiger, D.; Franke, S.; Beyer, H.; Büttner, L.; Czarske, J.; Eckert, S.

On the experimental investigation of gas-liquid flow in bubble columns using ultrafast X-ray tomography and radioactive particle tracking
Azizi, S.; Yadav, A.; Lau, Y. M.; Hampel, U.; Roy, S.; Schubert, M.;
  • Lecture (Conference)
    ICMF 2016 International Conference on Multiphase Flow, 22.-27.05.2016, Firenze, Italy
  • Chemical Engineering Science 170(2017), 320-331
    DOI: 10.1016/j.ces.2017.02.015

Extraction of both information and reconstruction entropies from ultrafast x-ray tomography data in a bubble column
Nedeltchev, S.; Hampel, U.; Schubert, M.;
  • Lecture (Conference)
    13th International Conference on Gas–Liquid and Gas–Liquid–Solid Reactor Engineering (GLS-13), 20.-23.08.2017, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Chemical Engineering Science 170(2017), 225-233
    DOI: 10.1016/j.ces.2017.03.020

Determination of the entropy radial minimum and the various transition velocities in an air-water bubble column
Nedeltchev, S.; Schubert, M.;
  • Lecture (Conference)
    13th International Conference on Gas–Liquid and Gas–Liquid–Solid Reactor Engineering (GLS-13), 20.-23.08.2017, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Chemical Engineering Science 170(2017), 234-240
    DOI: 10.1016/j.ces.2017.03.031

Editorial for special issue on process tomography in flow measurement and instrumentation
Hampel, U.;

Observations on bubble shapes in bubble columns under different flow conditions
Ziegenhein, T.; Lucas, D.;

Computational Fluid-Dynamic modeling of the pseudo-homogeneous flow regime in large-scale bubble columns
Besagni, G.; Inzolia, F.; Ziegenhein, T.ORC; Lucas, D.

Reactive absorption of CO2 in NaOH: Detailed study of enhancement factor models
Krauss, M.; Rzehak, R.;

Free-surface dynamics in the Ribbon Growth on Substrate (RGS) Process
Beckstein, P.; Galindo, V.ORC; Gerbeth, G.
  • Open Access LogoInternational Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 53(2017)51, 543-551
    DOI: 10.3233/JAE-162237
  • Poster
    International Conference on Heating by Electromagnetic Sources, 25.-27.05.2016, Padua, Italy
  • Contribution to proceedings
    International Conference on Heating by Electromagnetic Sources, 24.-27.05.2016, Padua, Italy
    Proceedings of the International Conference on Heating by Electromagnetic Sources, Padova: SGEditoriali Padova, 127-134

Numerical simulation of full scale Upper Plenum Test Facility experiments
Höhne, T.; Deendarlianto, A.;

Evaluation of two-group interfacial area transport equation model for vertical small diameter pipes against high-resolution experimental data
Dave, A.; Manera, A.; Beyer, M.; Lucas, D.; Bernard, M.;

Untersuchung der Hydrodynamik von ovalen Biogasreaktoren mit instrumentierten Strömungsfolgern
Reinecke, S. F.; Jobst, K.; Hampel, U.;

Metal pad roll instability in liquid metal batteries
Weber, N.; Beckstein, P.; Galindo, V.; Nore, C.; Herreman, W.; Stefani, F.; Weier, T.;
  • Open Access LogoMagnetohydrodynamics 53(2017)1, 129-140

Numerical Modelling of a Direct Contact Condensation Experiment using the AIAD Framework
Höhne, T.; Gasiunas, S.; Šeporaitis, M.;

Direct numerical simulation of an arbitrarily shaped particle at a fluidic interface
Lecrivain, G.; Yamamoto, R.; Hampel, U.; Taniguchi, T.;

Hydrodynamics of Gas-Liquid Cocurrent Upflow in Oscillating Packed Beds for Offshore Marine Applications
Dashliborun, A. M.; Larachi, F.; Schubert, M.;

A Guide on Spectral Methods Applied to Discrete Data in One Dimension
Seilmayer, M.; Ratajczak, M.;

Validation of the DYN3D-Serpent code system for SFR cores using selected BFS experiments. Part I: Serpent calculations.
Rachamin, R.; Kliem, S.;

Reactivity of t-butyl hydroperoxide and t-butyl peroxide towards reactor materials measured by a microcalorimetric method at 30 °C.
Willms, T.; Kryk, H.; Oertel, J.; Lu, X.; Hampel, U.;
  • Lecture (Conference)
    GEFTA-Jahrestagung 2016 - Polymeranwendungen der ultraschnellen Kalorimetrie, 14.-16.09.2016, Halle, Deutschland
  • Open Access LogoJournal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 128(2017)1, 319-333
    DOI: 10.1007/s10973-016-5860-5
  • Contribution to proceedings
    GEFTA-Jahrestagung 2016 - Polymeranwendungen der ultraschnellen Kalorimetrie,, 14.-16.09.2016, Halle (Saale), Deutschland
    Proceedings der GEFTA-Jahrestagung 2016

Theoretical prediction of mass transfer coefficients in both gas-liquid and slurry bubble columns
Nedeltchev, S.;

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