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Accuracy of 9Be-data and its influence on 10Be cosmogenic nuclide data
Merchel, S.; Bremser, W.; Bourlès, D. L.; Czeslik, U.; Erzinger, J.; Kummer, N.-A.; Leanni, L.; Merkel, B.; Recknagel, S.; Schaefer, U.;

The specific value of junior mining companies: Are common valuation methods appropriate?
Klossek, P.; Klossek, A.;

On the geological availability of germanium
Frenzel, M.; Ketris, M. P.; Gutzmer, J.;

Characterization of primary and secondary magnetite in marine sediment by combining chemical and magnetic unmixing techniques
Ludwig, P.; Egli, R.; Bishop, S.; Chernenko, V.; Frederichs, T.; Rugel, G.; Merchel, S.; Orgeira, M. J.;

Advances in Principal Balances for Compositional Data
Martin-Fernandez, J. A.; Pawlowsky-Glahn, V.; Egozcue, J. J.; Tolosana-Delgado, R.;

Neue Technologien für mehr Rohstoffeffizienz
Dürkoop, A.;
  • GAIA - Ökologische Perspektiven für Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft 22/1(2013), 62-64

Identification of multiple putative S-layer genes partly expressed by Lysinibacillus sphaericus JG-B53
Lederer, F.; Weinert, U.; Günther, T.; Raff, J.; Weiß, S.; Pollmann, K.;

AMS of 36Cl with the VERA 3 MV tandem accelerator
Martschini, M.; Andersson, P.; Forstner, O.; Golser, R.; Hanstorp, D.; Lindahl, A. O.; Kutschera, W.; Pavetich, S.; Priller, A.; Rohlén, J.; Steier, P.; Suter, M.; Wallner, A.;

The Composition and Depositional Environments of Mesoarchean Iron Formations of the West Rand Group of the Witwatersrand Supergroup, South Africa
Smith, A. J. B.; Beukes, N. J.; Gutzmer, J.;

Fluid-induced magmatic and post-magmatic zircon and monazite patterns in granitoid pluton and related rhyolitic bodies
Lisowiec, K.; Bartosz, B.; Słaby, E.; Renno, A. D.; Götze, J.;

The potential of historic rock avalanches and man-made structures as chlorine-36 production rate calibration sites
Merchel, S.; Braucher, R.; Alfimov, V.; Bichler, M.; Bourlès, D. L.; Reitner, J. M.;

Volcanic glass under fire - A comparison of three complementary analytical methods
Eder, F. M.; Neelmeijer, C.; Pearce, N. J. G.; Bichler, M.; Sterba, J. H.; Ntaflos, T.; Merchel, S.;

Joint consistent mapping of high-dimensional geochemical surveys
Tolosana-Delgado, R.; van den Boogaart, K. G.;

GGR Biennial Critical Review: Analytical Developments Since 2010
Wiedenbeck, M.; Bugoi, R.; Duke, M. J. M.; Dunai, T.; Enzweiler, J.; Horan, M.; Jochum, K. P.; Linge, K.; Košler, J.; Merchel, S.; Morales, L.; Nasdala, L.; Stalder, R.; Sylvester, P.; Weis, U.; Zoubir, A.;

REECOB: 20 Years of Rare Earth Element Calcium Oxoborates Crystal Growth Research
Möckel, R.; Reuther, C.; Götze, J.;

Generalizations of Matérn's hard-core point processes
Teichmann, J.; Ballani, F.; van den Boogaart, K. G.;

Nanocomposites based on technical polymers and sterically functionalized soft magnetic magnetite nanoparticles: Synthesis, processing, and characterization
Kirchberg, S.; Rudolph, M.; Ziegmann, G.; Peuker, U. A.;

A TGA-FTIR perspective of fatty acid adsorbed on magnetite nanoparticles-Decomposition steps and magnetite reduction
Rudolph, M.; Erler, J.; Peuker, U. A.;

A multiple sulfur and organic carbon isotope record from non-conglomeratic sedimentary rocks of the Mesoarchean Witwatersrand Supergroup, South Africa
Guy, B. M.; Ono, S.; Gutzmer, J.; Kaufman, A. J.; Lin, Y.; Fogel, M. L.; Beukes, N. J.;

Bayes spaces: use of improper distributions and exponential families
Egozcue, J. J.; Pawlowsky-Glahn, V.; Tolosana-Delgado, R.; Ortego, M. I.; van den Boogaart, K. G.;
  • Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales. Serie A. Matematicas (2012)
    DOI: 10.1007/s13398-012-0082-6

Phase transfer of agglomerated nanoparticles: deagglomeration by adsorbing grafted molecules and colloidal stability in polymer solutions
Rudolph, M.; Peuker, U. A.;

Attempt to detect primordial 244Pu on Earth
Lachner, J.; Dillmann, I.; Faestermann, T.; Korschinek, G.; Poutivtsev, M.; Rugel, G.; Lierse Von Gostomski, C.; Türler, A.; Gerstmann, U.;

Search for superheavy elements with 292 ≤ A ≤ 310 in nature with accelerator mass spectrometry
Ludwig, P.; Faestermann, T.; Korschinek, G.; Rugel, G.; Dillmann, I.; Fimiani, L.; Bishop, S.; Kumar, P.;

Nature and origin of the protolith succession to the Paleoproterozoic Serra do Navio manganese deposit, Amapa Province, Brazil
Chisonga, B. C.; Gutzmer, J.; Beukes, N. J.; Huizenga, J. M.;

Manganese metallogenesis: Introduction to the special issue
Polgari, M.; Gutzmer, J.;

REE redistribution during hydrothermal alteration of ores of the Kalahari Manganese Deposit
Chetty, D.; Gutzmer, J.;

Timing of supergene enrichment of low-grade sedimentary manganese ores in the Kalahari Manganese Field, South Africa
Gutzmer, J.; Du Plooy, A. P.; Beukes, N. J.;

Development of functionalised polyelectrolyte capsules using filamentous Escherichia coli cells
Lederer, F.; Günther, T.; Weinert, U.; Raff, J.; Pollmann, K.;

Late Pleistocene glaciation in the Gissar Range, Tajikistan, based on 10Be surface exposure dating
Zech, R.; Röhringer, I.; Sosin, P.; Kabgov, H.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Merchel, S.; Zech, W.;

S-layer proteins as possible immobilization matrix for photocatalysts – OH radical scavenging capacity and protein stability
Schmoock, C.; Börnick, H.; Vogel, M.; Lehmann, F.; Kutschke, S.; Raff, J.; Dittmar, T.; Worch, E.;

Determination of 41Ca with LSC and AMS: method development, modifications and applications
Hampe, D.; Gleisberg, B.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Rugel, G.; Merchel, S.;

Opredelenie termodinamicheskikh uslovii metamorfizma Kasakhskoj Svity dokembriya armenii po amfibolovomu termobarometru
in Russian
Aghamalyan, V. A.; Schulz, B.; Renno, A. D.; Lange, J.; Lorsabyan, T. K.;
  • Uchenie Zapiski Erevanskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta (2011)3, 3-8

The Search for Supernova-produced Radionuclides in Terrestrial Deep-sea Archives
Feige, J.; Wallner, A.; Winkler, S. R.; Merchel, S.; Fifield, L. K.; Korschinek, G.; Breitschwerdt, D.;
  • Open Access LogoPublications of the Astronomical Society of Australia (PASA) 29(2012), 109-114
    DOI: 10.1071/AS11070

The Ksar Ghilane 002 shergottite – the 100th registered Martian meteorite Fragment
Llorca, J.; Roszjar, J.; Cartwright, J. A.; Bischoff, A.; Pack, A.; Ott, U.; Merchel, S.; Rugel, G.; Fimiani, L.; Ludwig, P.; Allepuz, D.; Casado, J. V.;

Tectonic implications of fluvial incision and pediment deformation at the northern margin of the Central Anatolian Plateau based on multiple cosmogenic nuclides
Yildirim, C.; Schildgen, T.; Echtler, H.; Melnick, D.; Bookhagen, B.; Çiner, A.; Niedermann, S.; Merchel, S.; Martschini, M.; Steier, P.; Strecker, M.;

Quality assurance in accelerator mass spectrometry: Results from an international round-robin exercise for 10Be
Merchel, S.; Bremser, W.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Arnold, M.; Aumaître, G.; Bourlès, D. L.; Braucher, R.; Caffee, M.; Christl, M.; Fifield, L. K.; Finkel, R. C.; Freeman, S. P. H. T.; Ruiz-Gómez, A.; Kubik, P. W.; Martschini, M.; Rood, D. H.; Tims, S. G.; Wallner, A.; Wilcken, K. M.; Xu, S.;

Constitutive expression of hydrophobin HFB1 from Trichoderma reesei in Pichia pastoris and its pre-purification by foam separation during cultivation
Kottmeier, K.; Günther, T. J.; Weber, J.; Kurtz, S.; Ostermann, K.; Rödel, G.; Bley, T.;

Stable Platinum Isotope Measurements in Presolar Nanodiamonds by TEAMS
Wallner, A.; Melber, K.; Merchel, S.; Ott, U.; Forstner, O.; Golser, R.; Kutschera, W.; Priller, A.; Steier, P.;

The new 6 MV AMS-facility DREAMS at Dresden
Akhmadaliev, S.; Heller, R.; Hanf, D.; Rugel, G.; Merchel, S.;

Determination of muon attenuation lengths in depth profiles from in situ produced cosmogenic nuclides
Braucher, R.; Bourlès, D.; Merchel, S.; Vidal Romani, J.; Fernadez-Mosquera, D.; Marti, K.; Leanni, L.; Chauvet, F.; Arnold, M.; Aumaître, G.; Keddadouche, K.;

Improved 36Cl Performance at the ASTER HVE 5 MV Accelerator Mass Spectrometer National Facility
Finkel, R. C.; Arnold, M.; Aumaître, G.; Benedetti, L.; Bourlès, D. L.; Keddadouche, K.; Merchel, S.;

The French accelerator mass spectrometry facility ASTER after 4 years: Status and recent developments on 36Cl and 129I
Arnold, M.; Aumaître, G.; Bourlès, D. L.; Keddadouche, K.; Braucher, R.; Finkel, R. C.; Nottoli, E.; Benedetti, L.; Merchel, S.;

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