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Press Release of 21.01.2019

Focused Radiation

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) has recently begun coordinating the EU project RADIATE, in which eighteen European partners make their ion beam facilities available for measurements by guests from the scientific community and the …


Press Release of 12.12.2018

Mini-detectors for the gigantic?

The gravitational waves created by black holes or neutron stars in the depths of space indeed reach Earth. Their effects, however, are so small that they could only be observed so far using kilometer-long measurement facilities. Physicists …


Press Release of 07.12.2018

Iron-rich lamellae in the semiconductor

There is often a pronounced symmetry when you look at the lattice of crystals: it doesn’t matter where you look – the atoms are uniformly arranged in every direction. This behavior was also to be expected by a crystal, which physicists at the …



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Cancer Research in Dresden

Interdisciplinary research is essential to make progress in the fight against cancer. A close cooperation therefore connects the HZDR with the University Hospital and the Technische Universität Dresden at the jointly operated OncoRay Center. Together with the DKFZ in Heidelberg, the three institutions are expanding Dresden to a partner site of the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT).More

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