Dr. Gerhard Geipel
Head Biogeochemistry
Phone: +49 351 260 - 2306, 2529, 2508
Fax: +49 351 260 - 3553

Biogeochemistry Division


  • Determination of speciation and solubility properties of radionuclides relevant to the environment
  • Verification and validation of solubility and transport models for the above cases
  • Characterization of particles in the environment relevant to the transport of radionuclides.
  • Investigation of the transport process of radionuclides by particles in natural water.
  • Bacterial diversity in water and soil environments contaminated with heavy metals and radionuclides:
    a) Direct molecular DNA analysis (rep-APD, RISA, 16S-rDNA retrieval).
    b) Characterization of natural bacterial isolates recovered from uranium mining waste piles and belonging to the genera Bacillus, Desulfovibrio, Leptospirillum, and Thiobacillus using ARDREA, RAPD, rep-APD, PFGE and 16S- and 23S-rDNA sequence analysis.
  • Bacterial-metal interactions:
    a) Biotransformation and bioaccumulation of heavy metals and radionucides by bacteria
    b) Tolerance of bacteria to different heavy metals
    c) Analysis of the genetic determinants responsible for the bacterial-metal interactions
    d) S-layers of bacteria recovered from uranium mining waste piles: structure and metal clustering
  • Interaction of eukaryotic cells with f-elements (radionuclides and heavy metals)
  • Fungi, sponges, algae

Experimental methods

  • Microscopy: CLSM; REM; TEM
  • Spectroscopy: LIS (TRLFS, LIPAS); XAS


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Dr. Gerhard Geipel
Head Biogeochemistry
Phone: +49 351 260 - 2306, 2529, 2508
Fax: +49 351 260 - 3553