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Meunier, C.; Vives, S.; Munnik, F.; Berthout, G.; Mikhailov, S.

Effect on microstructure and hardness of 1 MeV …

Surface & Coatings Technology 262(2015), 191-199


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EU Invests 410 Million Euros to Boost Raw Materials Research – HZDR Is Key Coordinating Partner of "EIT Raw Materials"

EU Invests 410 Million Euros to Boost Raw Materials Research

On the 9th of December the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) announced the winner of the call for EIT Health and EIT Raw Materials – two integrated European partnerships of higher education, business and research aiming to tackle societal challenges across Europe. The winners of the EIT’s 2014 Call for Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) Proposals are the pan-European consortia InnoLife and RawMatTERS. For the latter the HZDR will be the key coordinating partner. The KIC will have its headquarters in Berlin jointly hosted by institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the Helmholtz Association. Both organizations coordinated the application process of the proposal to EIT Raw Materials. This network brings together more than 100 partners from 20 EU member states. More


Nanoteilchen für die Krebsdiagnostik und -therapie (HZDR/Frank Bierstedt)

How can energy and resources be utilized in an efficient, safe, and sustainable way?

How can malignant tumors be more precisely visualized, characterized, and more effectively treated?

How do matter and materials behave under the influence of strong fields and in smallest dimensions?