Online Documentation for Nuclear Physics Experiments

Physics Polarized Bremsstrahlung Production
  Properties of Common Structure Materials
  Neutron Production for Different Radiators
  Simulation of Cascading Decays in Photoactivation Experiments
  Seminars at the Institut für Strahlenphysik, FZ Dresden-Rossendorf
  Seminars at the Institut für Kern- und Teilchenphysik, TU Dresden
Setup Mechanical Setup of the Nuclear Physics Experiments
  Detector specifications
  Operating Silicon Detectors
  Wall-Plug and Beam-Hardener
  Beam Dump for High-Energy Gamma-rays
  Assembly scheme of the Beam Dump for High-Energy Gamma-rays
  Target Pyrometer
Electronics Data Acquisition Scheme for Nuclear Physics Experiments
  Data Acquisition Manual for Nuclear Physics Experiments
  VME Frontend Controller Hardware Configuration
  Available Electronics for Nuclear Physics Experiments
  Cabeling Scheme for Nuclear Physics Experiments
  High-Voltage Control and Settings (Terminal-Server Access)
  Slow Control of the BGO Escape-Suppression Shield of the Germanium Cluster Detectors
  Serial Interface Manual for the Silena 761F Shaping Amplifier
  Jumper configuration GSI Scaler SC8000
  Dead Time of Non-Paralyzable Data Acquisition Systems
  Manual for the Pneumatic Delivery System
  System Administration at the Institut für Strahlenphysik
  Nuclear Electronics Standards
  X-ray spectroscopy in Compton Backscattering
Experiments Listmode data structure (here: experiment NP114)
  Access to the ELBE facility
  ELBE live display
  Experimental Nuclear Reaction Data (IAEA): EXFOR Data Base
  Wiki Book on Programming in C