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Dynamics of spin textures


From: FWI Annual Report 2011
Illustration: Katrin Kerbusch



Nanoscale spin textures are the building blocks for present magnetic data storage devices, in particular hard disk drives. However, future memory applications need to match the demand for an increasing data density, read/write performance, and energy efficiency. For the technological development, it is crucial to gain knowledge on the physics governing the magnetization dynamics of nanoscale spin textures. We investigate this kind of dynamics by direct imaging with x-ray microscopy; a technique that achieves a combined resolution of approximately 10 nanometers and 50 picoseconds in space and time, respectively.



Jörg Raabe (PSI Villigen, Switzerland)

Markus Weigand, Hermann Stoll (MPI-IS Stuttgart | Bessy HZB Berlin)

Guido Meier (MPSD Hamburg, Germany)

Mi-Young Im, Peter Fischer (LBNL Berkeley, USA)

Vasyl Tyberkevych, Andrei Slavin (Oakland University, USA)

Jeffrey McCord (Universität Kiel)

Roland Mattheis (IPHT Jena)


Research Topics

  • Spinvortices in ferromagnetic multilayers
  • Interaction between magnetic vortices and antivortices
  • Spinvortex dynamics in the presence of artificial defects
  • Current induced domain wall motion in magnetic nanowires





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Dr. Sebastian Wintz
Phone: +49 351 260 - 2919