Selected Publications - Frank Bergner

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  • E. Altstadt, E. Keim, H. Hein, M. Serrano, F. Bergner, H.-W. Viehrig, A. Ballesteros, R. Chaouadi, K. Wilford
    FP7 Project LONGLIFE: Overview of results and implications
    Nuclear Enginerring and Design 278 (2014) 753-757
  • M. Hernández-Mayoral, M. Serrano, E. Oñorbe, A. García-Junceda, I. Hilger, B. Kloeden, T. Weissgaerber, A. Ulbricht, F. Bergner, B. Radiguet, A. Etienne, A. Shariq, C.D. Dewhurst
    Microstructural and mechanical characterisation of ODS ferritic alloys produced by mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering
    Materials Science and Technology 30 (2014) 1669-1675
  • F. Bergner, A. Ulbricht, P. Lindner, U. Keiderling, L. Malerba
    Post-irradiation annealing behavior of neutron-irradiated FeCu, FeMnNi and FeMnNiCu model alloys investigated by means of small-angle neutron scattering
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 454 (2014) 22-27
  • F. Bergner, C. Pareige, M. Hernández-Mayoral, L. Malerba, C. Heintze
    Application of a three-feature dispersed-barrier hardening model to neutron-irradiated Fe–Cr model alloys
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 448 (2014) 96–102
  • A. Gokhman, M. Caturla, F. Bergner
    Damage accumulation in pure iron and high concentrated Fe–12.5 at% Cr alloy: comparison between object kinetic Monte Carlo and cluster dynamics
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 169 (2014) 185-193


  • F. Bergner, C. Pareige, V. Kuksenko, L. Malerba, P. Pareige, A. Ulbricht, A. Wagner
    Critical assessment of Cr-rich precipitates in neutron-irradiated Fe–12 at%Cr: Comparison of SANS and APT
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 442 (2013) 463–469
  • A. Wagner, F. Bergner, A. Ulbricht, C.D. Dewhurst
    Small-angle neutron scattering of low-Cu RPV steels neutron-irradiated at 255 °C and post-irradiation annealed at 290 °C
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 441 (2013) 487–492
  • D. Terentyev, F. Bergner, Y. Osetsky
    Cr segregation on dislocation loops enhances hardening in ferritic Fe–Cr alloys
    Acta Materialia 61 (2013) 1444–1453


  • M. Butterling, F. Bergner, C. Heintze, W. Anwand, A. Ulbricht
    Application of positron annihilation spectroscopy to the study of irradiated Fe-Cr alloys
    Defect and Diffusion Forum 331 (2012) 165-179
  • C. Heintze, M. Hernández-Mayoral, A. Ulbricht, F. Bergner, A. Shariq, T. Weissgaerber, H. Frielinghaus
    Nanoscale characterization of ODS Fe–9%Cr model alloys compacted by spark plasma sintering
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 428 (2012) 139-146
  • M. Talati, M. Posselt, G. Bonny, A. Al-Motasem, F. Bergner
    Vibrational contribution to the thermodynamics of nanosized precipitates: vacancy–copper clusters in bcc-Fe
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 24 (2012) Paper-ID 225402
  • A. Wagner, A. Ulbricht, F. Bergner, E. Altstadt
    Influence of the copper impurity level on the irradiation response of reactor pressure vessel steels investigated by SANS
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 280 (2012) 98-102


  • A. Gokhman, A. Ulbricht, U. Birkenheuer, F. Bergner
    Cluster dynamics study of neutron irradiation induced defects in Fe-12.5at%Cr alloy
    Solid State Phenomena 172-174 (2011) 449-457
  • A.T. Al-Motasem, M. Posselt, F. Bergner
    Nanoclusters in bcc-Fe containing vacancies, copper and nickel: Structure and energetics
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 418 (2011) 215-222
  • C. Heintze, F. Bergner, M. Hernández-Mayoral
    Ion-irradiation-induced damage in Fe–Cr alloys characterized by nanoindentation
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 417 (2011) 980-983
  • A. Ulbricht, E. Altstadt, F. Bergner, H.-W. Viehrig, U. Keiderling
    Small-angle neutron scattering investigation of as-irradiated, annealed and reirradiated reactor pressure vessel weld material of decommissioned reactor
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 416 (2011) 111-116
  • C. Heintze, F. Bergner, A. Ulbricht, M. Hernández-Mayoral, U. Keiderling, R. Lindau, T. Weissgaerber
    Microstructure of oxide dispersion strengthened Eurofer and iron–chromium alloys investigated by means of small-angle neutron scattering and transmission electron microscopy
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 416 (2011) 35-39
  • A.T. Al-Motasem, M. Posselt, F. Bergner, U. Birkenheuer
    Structure, energetics and thermodynamics of copper–vacancy clusters in bcc-Fe: An atomistic study
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 414 (2011) 161-168
  • C. Heintze, F. Bergner, A. Ulbricht, H. Eckerlebe
    The microstructure of neutron-irradiated Fe-Cr alloys: A small-angle neutron scattering study
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 409 (2011) 106-111


  • C. Heintze, F. Bergner, R. Koegler, R. Lindau
    The influence of helium and ODS on the irradiation-induced hardening of Eurofer97 at 300°C
    Advances in Science and Technology 73 (2010) 124-129
  • C. Heintze, A. Ulbricht, F. Bergner, H. Eckerlebe
    Cluster dynamics simulation of point defect clusters in neutron irradiated pure iron
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series 247 (2010) Paper-ID 012035
  • A. Ulbricht, C. Heintze, F. Bergner, H. Eckerlebe
    SANS investigation of neutron-irradiated Fe-Cr alloys
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 407 (2010) 29–33
  • M. Lambrecht, E. Meslin, L. Malerba, M. Hernández-Mayoral, F. Bergner, P. Pareige, B. Radiguet, A. Almazouzi
    On the correlation between irradiation-induced microstructural features and the hardening of reactor pressure vessel steels
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 406 (2010) 84-89
  • E. Meslin, M. Lambrecht, M. Hernández-Mayoral, F. Bergner, L. Malerba, P. Pareige, B. Radiguet, A. Barbu, D. Gómez-Briceño, A. Ulbricht, A. Almazouzi
    Characterization of neutron-irradiated ferritic model alloys and a RPV steel from combined APT, SANS, TEM and PAS analyses
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 406 (2010) 73-83
  • F. Bergner, M. Lambrecht, A. Ulbricht, A. Almazouzi
    Comparative small-angle neutron scattering study of neutron-irradiated Fe, Fe-based alloys and a pressure vessel steel
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 399 (2010) 129–136
  • P. Franke, C. Heintze, F. Bergner, T. Weisgaerber
    Mechanical Properties of Spark Plasma Sintered Fe-Cr Compacts Strengthened by Nanodispersed Yttria Particles
    Materials Testing 52 (2010) 133-138
  • A. Gokhman, F. Bergner
    Cluster dynamics simulation of point defect clusters in neutron irradiated pure iron
    Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids 165 (2010) 216-226
  • A. Gokhman, F. Bergner
    Study of metastable states of the precipitates in reactor steels under neutron irradiation
    in: S. Rzoska, A. Drozd-Rzoska, V. Mazur (Eds.), Metastable Systems under Pressure, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series - A: Chemistry and Biology, Springer-Verlag, 2010, pp. 411-418


  • F. Bergner, A. Ulbricht, H.-W. Viehrig
    Acceleration of irradiation hardening of low-copper reactor pressure vessel steel observed by means of SANS and tensile testing
    Philosophical Magazine Letters 89 (2009) 795-805
  • F. Bergner, A. Ulbricht, C. Heintze
    Estimation of the solubility limit of Cr in Fe at 300 degrees C from small-angle neutron scattering in neutron-irradiated Fe-Cr alloys
    Scripta Materialia 61 (2009) 1060-1063
  • C. Heintze, C. Recknagel, F. Bergner, M. Hernandez-Mayoral, A. Kolitsch
    Ion-irradiation-induced damage of steels characterized by means of nanoindentation
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 267 (2009) 1505-1508


  • G. Mueller, J. Boehmert, F. Bergner, K. Van Oytsel, I. Dolbnya
    Investigation of the damage around a crack tip in metals using small angle X-ray scattering
    Materialpruefung 50 (2008) 191-198
  • F. Bergner, A. Ulbricht, H. Hein, M. Kammel
    Flux dependence of cluster formation in neutron-irradiated weld material
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20 (2008) 104262
  • F. Bergner, A. Ulbricht, M. Hernandez-Mayoral, P.K. Pranzas
    Small-angle neutron scattering study of neutron-irradiated iron and iron-nickel alloy
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 374 (2008) 334-337
  • F. Bergner, A. Ulbricht, A. Gokhman, D. Erak
    Nature of defect clusters in neutron-irradiated iron-based alloys deduced from small-angle neutron scattering
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 373 (2008) 199-205


  • F. Bergner, M. Schaper, R. Hammer, M. Jurisch, A. Kleinwechter, T. Chudoba
    Indentation response of single-crystal GaAs in the nano-, micro-, and macroregime
    International Journal of Materials Research 98 (2007) 735-741
  • A. Ulbricht, F. Bergner, J. Böhmert, M. Valo, M.-H. Mathon, A. Heinemann
    SANS response of VVER440-type weld material after neutron irradiation, post-irradiation annealing and reirradiation
    Philosophical Magazine 87 (2007) 1855-1870
  • F. Bergner, A. Al Mazouzi, M. Hernandez-Mayoral, A. Ulbricht
    Combined TEM, PAS and SANS investigation of neutron-irradiated pure iron
    In: Structural Materials for Innovative Nuclear Systems (SMINS), Workshop Proceedings, Karlsruhe 2007, OECD, Nuclear Energy Agency, 2007, pp. 283-290


  • A. Gokhman, F. Bergner, A. Ulbricht
    Iron matrix effects on cluster evolution in neutron irradiated reactor steels
    In: Nucleation Theory and Applications, J.W.P. Schmelzer, G. Roepke, V.B. Priezzhev (Eds.), Dubna, Russia: Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Publ., 2006, 408-419
  • A. Ulbricht, F. Bergner, C.D. Dewhurst, A. Heinemann
    Small-angle neutron scattering study of post-irradiation annealed neutron irradiated pressure vessel steels
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 352 (2006) 233-240


  • R. Hammer, F. Bergner, T. Flade, M. Jurisch, A. Kleinwechter, M. Schaper
    Material related fundamentals of cutting techniques for GaAs wafer manufacturing
    Zeitschrift für Metallkunde 96 (2005) 785-791
  • F. Bergner, G. Müller, A. Ulbricht, K. van Ouytsel, C. Blank, W. Bras, C. Dewhurst
    Deformation-induced small-angle scattering contrast in aluminium alloys
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 238 (2005) 92-97
  • F. Bergner
    Scaling of self-similar long fatigue crack growth in aluminium alloys
    Materials Science and Engineering A 400-401 (2005) 422-425


  • M. Thieme, F. Bergner, I. Haase, H. Worch
    Comparative investigations to corrosion fatigue of Al-Cu and Al-Mg-Si alloys
    In: Proceedings 4th Kurt Schwabe Corrosion Symposium 'Mechanisms of Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention', O. Forsen, J. Aromaa, L. Selin (Eds.), Espoo, Helsinki University of Technology, 2004, pp. 103-111
  • F. Bergner , M. Thieme, G. Zouhar, R. Franke
    Ermüdungsrissausbreitung in Aluminiumlegierungen – Datenbasis und Anwendungen im Rahmen des Damage-Toleranz-Konzeptes
    In: Jahrbuch 2004 der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Bonn: DGLR, 2004, 81-90

before 2004

  • M. Schaper, M. Jurisch, F. Bergner, R. Hammer
    Fracture mechanical evaluation of GaAs wafers
    In: MRS Symp. Proc. Vol. 744, B.D. Weaver, M. Omar Manasreh, C. Jagadish, S. Zollner (Eds.), Boston: Materials Research Society, 2003, M1.8, 29-34
  • F. Bergner, G. Zouhar
    On the factors affecting the propagation of long fatigue cracks in thin-sheet wrought aluminum alloys
    International Journal of Fatigue 25 (2003) 885-889
  • F. Bergner, H. Bersch, H. Worch, G. Zouhar
    Mapping of the rate-controlling steps for environment-assisted fatigue crack growth applied to the aluminium alloy 6013 T6
    International Journal of Fatigue 24 (2002) 831-839
  • F. Bergner, G. Zouhar, C. Blank
    A new reference equation for K-valid fatigue crack growth
    In: Fatigue 2002 - Proc. of the Eighth International Fatigue Congress, A.F. Blom (Ed.), EMAS, 2002, vol. 4, 2743-2750
  • F. Bergner
    A formalism to model environment-sensitive fatigue crack growth
    In: Fracture Mechanics beyond 2000 - Proc. ECF 14, A. Neimitz, I. V. Rokhach, D. Kocanda, K. Golos (Eds.), EMAS, 2002, vol. I, 233-240
  • M. Thieme, K.-P. Wieters, F. Bergner, D. Scharnweber, H. Worch, J. Ndop, T. J. Kim, W. Grill
    Titanium powder sintering for preparation of a porous functionally graded material destined for orthopaedic implants
    Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 12 (2001) 225-231
  • F. Bergner, G. Zouhar, G. Tempus
    The material-dependent variability of fatigue crack growth rates of aluminium alloys in the Paris regime
    International Journal of Fatigue 23 (2001) 383-394
  • F. Bergner, U. Bergmann, M.Schaper, R. Hammer, M. Jurisch
    Mikro- und Ultramikrohärteprüfung an GaAs-Einkristallen
    Materialprüfung 43 (2001) 117-122
  • G. Zouhar, F. Bergner, H. Bersch, R. Bläsner, K. Nocke, B. Vetter, He. Worch, Ha. Worch
    Ermüdungsrißfortschritt modellieren - Beschreibung für Aluminiumlegierungen mit Hilfe von Fließkurvenparametern
    Materialprüfung 42 (2000) 14-21
  • F. Bergner, G. Zouhar
    A new approach to the correlation between the coefficient and the exponent in the power law equation of fatigue crack growth
    International Journal of Fatigue 22 (2000) 229-239
  • K. Nocke, F. Bergner, H. Bersch, I. Haase, H. Worch, G. Tempus, E. Loechelt
    Environment-sensitive fracture of aluminium alloy 6013
    Materials and Corrosion 51 (2000) 628-634
  • M. Thieme, K.-P. Wieters, F. Bergner, D. Scharnweber, H. Worch, J. Ndop, T. J. Kim, W. Grill
    Titanium Powder Sintering for Preparation of a Porous FGM Destined as a Skeletal Replacement Implant
    Materials Science Forum 308-311 (1999) 374-380
  • F. Bergner, H. Bersch, G. Binger, W. Jungnickel, A. Wolf
    Prüfung von Längspreßverbindungen
    Materialprüfung 40 (1998) 177-181
  • G. Zouhar, H. Zieger, S. Nelle, F. Bergner, H. Worch, R. Bläsner
    Anwendung physikalisch begründeter Modelle und der Computersimulation in der Werkstofftechnik
    Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der TU Dresden 46 (1997) 11-19
  • F. Bergner
    High-frequency acoustic emission induced by indentation fracture in brittle materials
    ACUSTICA 82 (1996) 498-503
  • F. Bergner, B. Köhler
    Qualifying indentation fracture toughness testing by ultrasonics
    Materials Science Forum 210-213 (1996) 831-838
  • F. Bergner
    Ultraschallmikroskopie von Oberflächenrissen
    Nova Acta Leopoldina Suppl. 14 (1996) 379-391
  • J. Böhmert, F. Bergner, M. Grosse, H.-W. Viehrig
    Influence of the depth position on the neutron embrittlement of the VVER reactor pressure vessel steel 15CrMoV(A) - Consequences for the assessment of reactor safety
    Nuclear Engineering and Design 159 (1995) 131-141
  • F. Bergner, M. Haubold, J. Hünecke
    Ultraschallmikroskopie: Detektieren und Charakterisieren von Ermüdungsrissen in Stählen
    Materialprüfung 36 (1994) 306-309
  • F. Bergner, B. Köhler
    Rayleigh scattering of ultrasonic waves by microstructures obeying an orientation relationship with a parent phase
    Materials Science Forum 119-121 (1993) 379-384
  • F. Bergner, B. Köhler, K. Popp
    The Role of Microstructure in the Propagation of Ultrasound in Bainitic Low-Alloy Steels
    International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping 55 (1993) 251-260
  • K. Popp, U. Bergmann, F. Bergner, E. Hampe, W.-D. Leonhardt, H.-P. Schützler, H.-W. Viehrig
    Irradiation and annealing behavior of 15Kh2MFA reactor pressure vessel steel
    In: Radiation Embrittlement of Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels: An International Review, ASTM STP 1170, L.E. Steel (Ed.), Philadelphia: ASTM, 1993, 344-368
  • F. Bergner, K. Popp
    Mechanisms of ultrasonic attenuation in a bainitic low-alloy steel
    Scripta Metallurgica et Materialia 24 (1990) 1357-1362
  • B. Köhler, F. Bergner, B. Bilger, B. Rehmer
    Influence of shape, size and volume fraction of graphite inclusions on the propagation of ultrasound in cast iron
    Materials Science Forum 62-64 (1990) 815-816
  • F. Bergner, K. Popp
    Messung der Ausbreitungsgeschwindigkeit von Ultraschall in Festkörpern mit Transientenrecorder
    Materialprüfung 30 (1988) 16-20

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