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Division of Magnetism

The "Magnetism" division concentrates on research in the following topics:

In the mentioned areas basic as well as application oriented research is targeted. External funding is acquired at the Helmholtz-Association (HGF), the German Research Foundation (DFG), the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), and the European Commission (EC). For informations about people, equipment, recent research, or publications please follow the menu to the left. News and upcoming events are listed at the margin to the right.


Foto: Dr. Kilian Lenz ©Copyright: Lenz

Research Group Magnetization Dynamics

Dr. Kilian Lenz
Research Group Head
Tel.: (0351) 260 - 2435
Fax: (0351) 260 - 12435
Foto: Dr. K. Potzger ©Copyright: Potzger

Interface magnetism (FWIN-G)

Dr. Kay Potzger
Project Group Head
Tel.: (0351) 260-3244
Fax: (0351) 260-13244
Foto: Dr. A. Deac ©Copyright: Deac

Helmholtz Young Investigator Group Spintronics

Dr. Alina Deac
Helmholtz Young Investigator
Tel.: (0351) 260 - 3709
Foto: Dr. Helmut Schultheiss ©Copyright: Dr. Helmut Schultheiß

Junior Research Group Magnonics

Dr. Helmut Schultheiß
Group Leader
Tel.: (0351) 260 - 3243
Foto: Dr. Denys Makarov ©Copyright: Dr. Denys Makarov

Intelligent materials and devices

Dr. Denys Makarov
Research Group Head
Tel.: (0351) 260 - 3273
Fax.: (0351) 260 - 13273
Foto: Prof. Dr. Olav Hellwig ©Copyright: Dr. Christine Bohnet

Magnetic Functional Materials

Prof. Dr. Olav Hellwig
Research Group Head
Tel.: (0351) 260 - 2461


Dr. Jürgen Lindner
Phone: +49 351 260 - 3221