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Lee, S. S.; Schmidt, M.; Sturchio, N. C.; Nagy, K. L.; Fenter, P.

Effect of pH on the Formation of Gibbsite-Layer Films at the Muscovite (001)−Water Interface

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123(2019)11, 6560-6571

Mcbride, E. E.; Krygier, A.; Ehnes, A.; Galtier, E.; Harmand, M.; Konôpková, Z. u. a.

Phase transition lowering in dynamically compressed silicon

Nature Physics 15(2019), 1745-2481

Jakubowski, M. M.; Liedke, M. O.; Butterling, M.; Dynowska, E.; Sveklo, I.; Milińska, E. u. a.

On defects role in enhanced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Pt/Co/Pt, induced by ion irradiation

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 31(2019), 185801

Hartley, N. J.; Brown, S.; Cowan, T.; Cunningham, E.; Döppner, T.; Falcone, R. W. u. a.

Evidence for Crystalline Structure in Dynamically-Compressed Polyethylene up to 200 GPa

Scientific Reports 9(2019), 4196

Huang, X.-P.; Chen, K.; Qi, M.-X.; Zhang, P.-F.; Li, Y.; Winnerl, S. u. a.

Plasmonic field guided patterning of ordered colloidal nanostructures

Nanophotonics 8(2019)3, 505-512

Roebuck, J. W.; Bailey, P. J.; Doidge, E. D.; Fischmann, A. J.; Healy, M. R.; Nichol, G. S. u. a.

Strong and Selective Ni(II) Extractants Based on Synergistic Mixtures of Sulfonic Acids and Bidentate N-Heterocycles

Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 36(2019)5, 437-458

Sarker, D.; Ding, W.; Hampel, U.

Role of surface characteristics on bubble growth during subcooled nucleate boiling on vertical heaters.

Applied Thermal Engineering 153(2019), 565-574

Liu, J.; Luo, X.; Sun, Y.; Tsang, D. C. W.; Qi, J.; Zhang, W. u. a.

Thallium pollution in China and removal technologies for waters: A review

Environment International 126(2019), 771-790

Hache, T.; Weinhold, T.; Schultheiss, K.; Stigloher, J.; Vilsmeier, F.; Back, C. u. a.

Combined frequency and time domain measurements on injection-locked, constriction-based spin Hall nano-oscillators

Applied Physics Letters 114(2019)10, 102403

Efimenko, E. S.; Bashinov, A. V.; Gonoskov, A. A.; Bastrakov, S. I.; Muraviev, A. A.; Meyerov, I. B. u. a.

Laser-driven plasma pinching in e−e+ cascade

Physical Review E 99(2019)3

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