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Kirch, J. D.; Kim, H.; Boyle, C.; Chang, C.-C.; Mawst, L. J.; Lindberg Iii, D. u. a.

Proton implantation for electrical insulation of the InGaAs/InAlAs superlattice material used in 8–15 μm-emitting quantum cascade lasers

Applied Physics Letters 110(2017), 082102

Liu, J.; Wang, J.; Chen, Y.; Lippold, H.; Xiao, T.; Li, H. u. a.

Geochemical transfer and preliminary health risk assessment of thallium in a riverine system in the Pearl River Basin, South China

Journal of Geochemical Exploration 176(2017), 64-75

Vittorio, O.; Curcio, M.; Cojoc, M; Goya, G.; Hampel, S.; Iemma, F. u. a.

Polyphenols delivery by polymeric materials: challenges in cancer treatment.

Drug Delivery 24(2017)1, 162-180

Ball, D. K.; Günther, S.; Fritzsche, M.; Lenz, K.; Varvaro, G.; Laureti, S. u. a.

Out-of-plane magnetized cone-shaped magnetic nanoshells

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50(2017), 115004

Kelling, J.; Ódor, G.; Gemming, S.

Local Scale-Invariance of the 2+1 dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang model

Journal of Physics A 50(2017)12, 12LT01

Lahrouch, F.; Chamayou, A. C.; Creff, G.; Duvail, M.; Hennig, C.; Lozano Rodriguez, M. J. u. a.

A Combined Spectroscopic/Molecular Dynamic Study for Investigating a Methyl Carboxylated PEI as a Potential Uranium Decorporation Agent

Inorganic Chemistry 56(2017), 1300-1308

Martin, N. P.; März, J.; Volkringer, C.; Henry, N.; Hennig, C.; Ikeda-Ohno, A. u. a.

Synthesis of coordination polymers of tetravalent actinides (U and Np) with phthalate or mellitate ligand in aqueous medium

Inorganic Chemistry (2017)

Hauser, S.; Jung, F.; Pietzsch, J.

Human endothelial cell models in biomaterial research

Trends in Biotechnology 35(2017)3, 265-277

Gregson, M.; Lu, E.; Mills, D. P.; Tuna, F.; Mcinnes, E. J. L.; Hennig, C. u. a.

The inverse-trans-influence as a general principle of f-block chemistry

Nature Communications 8(2017), 14137

Chave, T.; Le Goff, X.; Scheinost, A. C.; Nikitenko, S. I.

Insights into the structure and thermal stability of uranyl aluminate nanoparticles

New Journal of Chemistry 41(2017), 1160-1167

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