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Rzehak, R.; Ziegenhein, T.; Kriebitzsch, S.; Krepper, E.; Lucas, D.

Unified modeling of bubbly flows in pipes, bubble columns, and airlift columns

Chemical Engineering Science 157(2017), 147-158

Li, D.; Chen, Y.; Wang, X.; Deuther-Conrad, W.; Chen, X.; Jia, B. and others

99mTc-Cyclopentadienyl Tricarbonyl Chelate-Labeled Compounds as Selective Sigma‑2 Receptor Ligands for Tumor Imaging

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 59(2016)3, 934-946

Bonny, G.; Bakaev, A.; Olsson, P.; Domain, C.; Zhurkin, E. E.; Posselt, M.

Interatomic potential to study the formation of NiCr clusters in high Cr ferritic steels

Journal of Nuclear Materials 484(2016), 42-50

Posselt, M.; Devaraj, M.; Schiwarth, M.

Influence of phonon and electron excitations on the free energy of defect clusters in solids: A first-principles study

Computational Materials Science 127(2016), 284-294

Zhu, J.; Liu, F.; Zhou, S.; Franke, C.; Wimmer, S.; Volobuev, V. V. and others

Lattice vibrations and electrical transport in (Bi1-xInx)2Se3 films

Applied Physics Letters 109(2016), 202103-1-202103-5

Wiese, C.; Große Maestrup, E.; Galla, F.; Schepmann, D.; Hiller, A.; Fischer, S. and others

Comparison of in silico, electrochemical, in vitro and in vivo metabolism of a homologous series of (radio)fluorinated sigma1 receptor ligands designed for positron emission tomography

ChemMedChem 11(2016), 2445-2458

Besagni, G.; Inzolia, F.; Ziegenhein, T.; Lucas, D.

Computational Fluid-Dynamic modeling of the pseudo-homogeneous flow regime in large-scale bubble columns

Chemical Engineering Science 160(2016), 144-160

Depalo, R.; Cavanna, F.; Aliotta, M.; Anders, M.; Bemmerer, D.; Best, A. and others

Direct measurement of low-energy 22Ne(p,γ)23Na resonances

Physical Review C 94(2016)5, 055804

Kastil, J.; Arnold, Z.; Isnard, O.; Skourski, Y.; Kamarad, J.; Itié, J. P.

Study of magnetic, structural and magnetocaloric properties of La0.6Pr0.4Mn2Si2 under high pressures and magnetic field

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 424(2017), 416-420

Wang, Z.; Yuan, J.; Wosnitza, J.; Zhou, H.; Huang, Y.; Jin, K. and others

The upper critical field and its anisotropy in (Li1−xFex)OHFe1−ySe

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 29(2017), 025701

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