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Temperature-Dependent Charge Transport through Individually Contacted DNA Origami-Based Au Nanowires,
Langmuir 32, 10159–10165 (2016)
Read more ...

NanoNet International Workshop, Prague, CZ: Best Poster Prize to Jingjing Ye

Compact Nanowire Sensors probe Microdroplets,
Nano Lett. 16, 4991–5000 (2016)


Research Skill Development Course (Y1), Buchenau, DE

PhD Defense Bezu Teschome, 15:30, TU Dresden, WIL C133 (public event)

DPG Meeting Dresden, TU Dresden

Many paths to interference: ..., MPI-PKS Dresden

Research Skill Development Course (Y3), Bonn, DE

EP2DS22-MSS18 Intern. Conference, Pennsylvania State College, PA, USA

Nanonet Annual Workshop, Neuklingenberg (near Dresden)

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The IHRS NanoNet is funded by the Initiative and Networking Fund of the Helmholtz Association (VH-KO-606).

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NANONET Himani Arora IEEE conference student prize 2016

The IHRS NanoNet doctoral candidate Himani Arora participated in the “IEEE RADIO 2016” conference on Réunion Island from 10th to 13th October 2016. The conference featured many guest speakers from universities, research institutes, and industries from all over the globe. At the conference, Himani gave an oral presentation titled “Building electronics based on two-dimensional materials”, where she presented some of the initial and very intriguing results from her current PhD project. She won the “Best Student Paper” Award out of about 30 student entries and her work will be published in the Institute of Physics Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering.


Bezu Teschome and coworkers published a paper on Temperature-Dependent Charge Transport through Individually Contacted DNA Origami-Based Au Nanowires in Langmuir 32, 10159–10165 (2016),
DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.6b01961. Read more ...

The IHRS NanoNet students Bilal Khan and Filip Kilibarda become famous now. See the video of the Dresden Microelectronics Academy 2016 at Youtube.


NANONET Poster Prize 2016

The IHRS NanoNet doctoral candidate Jingjing Ye, hosted by the Department of Physics and Geo Science, Univ Leipzig, was awared the Best Poster Prize 2016 for her poster "Nano-electronic components built from DNA templates" presented at the IHRS NanoNet International Workshop 2016 on August 30, 2016. The second prize was awarded to Filip Kilibarda and Ahmed Omair (not on the photograph), and the third prize went to Dmitry Skidin.


The IHRS NanoNet welcomes two new PhD candidates: Filip KILIBARDA and Bilal Muhammad KHAN
Filip was graduated from Physics Department of the University of Belgrad in Serbia.
Bilal was graduated from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty of TU Dresden.
Both will perform their PhD project in the group of Dr. Artur Erbe at HZDR.

The IHRS NanoNet welcomes a new Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Ralf Seidel from the chair of Molecular Biophysics at the University of Leipzig.


Dipjyoti Deb will give a talk on the 2gather-Kongress in Dresden on Sunday, October 9th.
More info here.

The IHRS NanoNet welcomes two new PhD candidates: Jingjing YE and Türkan BAYRAK
Jingjing was graduated from TU Dresden and KU Leuven, Belgium, with an Erasmus Mundus programme. She will perform her PhD project in the group of Prof. Ralf Seidel at the Physics and Earth Sciences Department of the University of Leipzig in collaboration with the cfaed at TU Dresden.
Türkan was graduated from Bilkent University in Turkey and will perform her PhD project in the group of Dr. Artur Erbe at HZDR.

The registration portal for our NanoNet International Workshop in Prague from August 30th until September 2nd is open now. Direct Link Registration deadline is August 10th. More details see here.

Bezu Teschome explained his PhD project in a short movie published by the HZDR on the HZDR DocClips channel at Youtube in 2015.
The video in German and in English.

D. Deb gave an interview to 16 journalists invited by the German Academic Research Service (DAAD) for a press tour to promote eastern Germany as a research and innovation hub.
Article 'Eastern Germany, Through Egyptian Eyes'

German language courses are subsidized for the members of the IHRS NanoNet . For further details of rules and reimbursement, please contact the coordinator.

A new exhibition will open at the Galery of the TU Dresden (UNIVERSITÄTSSAMMLUNGEN.KUNST+TECHNIK, Helmholtzstrasse 9, 01069 Dresden) on April 29th, 2016 at 7 p.m.: W. I. R. World – Identity – Relations.
And NanoNet student Dipjyoti Deb is part of it.

Dipjyoti Deb reported on his stay at the University College Cork supported by an Inspire grant of cfaed. More....

The IHRS NanoNet welcomes new PhD candidates who started between July and October:
Seddigheh Nikipar,
Julian Schütt,
Wenbo Sheng,
Florian Fuchs,
Himani Arora, and
Goutham Raj Perumallapelli. More...


Barkhausen Poster Prize 2015

Bezu Teschome from the IHRS NanoNet took part in the this-year Barkhausen Poster Competition of the Materialforschungsverbund Dresden and won the Third Prize. The prize was awarded on a ceremony in the course of the Werkstoffwoche Dresden 2015 on 17 September.

The new RISE Germany 2016 call was launched for Bachelor students from Canada, US and UK in the fields of of biology, chemistry, earth sciences, engineering and physics. It gives the chance to integrate the student into PhD research projects for up to three month in summer 2016. More details at : DAAD

The IHRS NanoNet welcomes a new PhD candidate: Panpan Zhang
He was graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology in China and will perform his PhD project in the group of Prof. Xinliang Feng at the Chemistry Department of TU Dresden. More...


GA Summer Party Science Slam 2015

Dipyjoti Deb from the IHRS NanoNet participated in the 1st PhD Council Graduate Academy Science Slam organized at the Summer Party of the TU Dresden Graduate Academy. He taught and entertained the audience about his PhD project topic 'Transport on the Nanoscale'.
The audience awarded a Third Prize to him- congratulations!!

We welcome Nikol Todorova Lambeva from the University of Birmingham, UK for an internship at the HZDR funded by the DAAD RISE program.
The IHRS NanoNet PhD candidate Dipyjoti Deb will guide her in the field of electrical transport measurements on Si nanowires. Originating from Bulgaria she studies physics in the 3rd year of a Master's course. As a motivation to choose Dresden and the HZDR, she said: 'I chose this project as it was very well suited for my future career goals. It would be helpful in developing relevant skills in scientific research, planning and organization. I am also looking forward to discovering German culture and furthering my German language skills.'

The IHRS NanoNet PhD candidate Dipyjoti Deb gave an interview together with the rector of TU Dresden Prof. Hans Müller-Steinhagen.
More on (in German) More on (in German)

The IHRS NanoNet Steering Committee decided to admit six students to the Research School starting between July and October.
The students have been proven as the most suitable candidates at the Selection Workshop held on April 23/24.

The IHRS NanoNet welcomes a new Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Xinliang Feng from the chair of Molecular Functional Materials at the TU Dresden.


NANONET Poster Prize 2014

The IHRS NanoNet doctoral candidate Torsten Sendler, hosted by the Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, was awared the Best Poster Prize 2014 for his poster "Electrical characterization of in-situ switched diarylethene single molecule junctions" presented at the IHRS NanoNet Annual Workshop 2014 on September 29, 2014.


The IHRS NanoNet welcomes a new PhD candidate: A. Wajid Awan

The IHRS NanoNet welcomes a new PhD candidate: Dmitry Skidin

The IHRS NanoNet has 1 open PhD position. Apply until June 25, 2014!

The IHRS NanoNet welcomes a new PhD candidate: Florian Günther 

The IHRS NanoNet has 1 open PhD position. Apply until March 02, 2014!

Topography-controlled alignment of DNA origami nanotubes on nanopatterned surfaces