Annual TELBE Usermeeting 2017 / Satellite Workshop "DALI - Towards a future High-field THz facility in Dresden" / Satellite Workshop "Lifescience Applications of High-field THz pulses"

THz induced spinwave in NiO

Artistic view of a demonstration experiment: THz driven low-energy quasiparticle - selectively excited with narrow-band carrier-envelope phase stable THz pulses from TELBE and probed with precisely timed pulses from a femtosecond NIR laser.


The 2 day annual TELBE user meeting shall update the users on the improvements of the TELBE THz pulse parameters and TELBE infrastructure (e.g. about the recently installed high-field cryomagnet). The users are furthermore ask to contribute to the discussions on the next steps in the development of the facility. This meeting shall serve 3 different goals:

  • inform on the available experimental opportunities
  • discuss important short-term upgrades of the TELBE endstations
  • discuss the general scientific potential and define further medium-term and long-term upgrades of the TELBE endstations

Scientific groups interested in using TELBE as a research tool are invited to present and discuss their experimental ideas and their specific experimental requirements by poster or oral presentations. In case of questions about technical details please approach the scientific organizers of the user meeting directly. Two Satellite workshops on the 2nd day furthermore discuss: (i) plans and ideas for a next generation High-field THz user facility in Dresden coined (DALI) and (ii) the potential of High-field THz pulses for Life science applications.

A general description of the TELBE facility can be found here.

A preliminary program can be found here*.

*Posters are shown during the whole meeting in the coffee break area. The poster dimensions are standard portrait A0 format (~85 cm wide and ~120 cm high).

Scientific Organizers:

Dr. Sergey Kovalev

Dr. Michael Gensch


16.2.- 17.2.2017




is open


A limited number of rooms in the HZDR guesthouse at the HZDR site are available and reserved for participants of the meeting. In case you are interested please fill the pdf form which you can find here and send it to