The Department of Information Services and Computing and is responsible for:

Integration Computational Science und IT
Integration Computational Science und IT
Foto: Uwe Konrad
  • Coordination and improvement of IT processes, information technology as well as data and information security;
  • Provision of Information and media of the scientific library and advice and support in the publication process
  • Service and improvement of the data network from campus to desk and the supply of communication services such as e-mail and Internet;
  • Operation of the main computation and storage capacities as well as data saving and archiving;
  • Assistance to scientists in solving problems in the fields of parallelization, visualization and the management of big data;
  • Administration of all IT users and IT resources in central domains and management of campus software;
  • User desktop support and organization of IT courses;
  • High-performance computing for the scientific requirements
  • Software development, database support and technical internet and intranet services (including content management);
  • Large-format printing of posters and transparencies.
  • Communication Services (telephone, fax, videoconferencing)