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NanoNet International Workshop 2016 : Best Poster Prize to Jingjing Ye

NanoNet International Workshop, Prague, CZ

Compact Nanowire Sensors probe Microdroplets,
Nano Lett. 16, 4991–5000 (2016)


EPFL Workshop '2D layered materials', Zermatt, CH

8th Molecular Electronics Conference ElecMol, Paris, FR

NanoNet International Workshop, Prague, CZ

2gather-Kongress - Workshop against racism, Dresden, DE

20th European Symposium on Polymer Spectroscopy, Dresden

NanoNet PhD-Seminar 2016-2, TU or IPF, Dresden

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The IHRS NanoNet is funded by the Initiative and Networking Fund of the Helmholtz Association (VH-KO-606).

NanoNet International Workshop 2016 - Registration

The Annual Workshop of the International Helmholtz Research School for Nanolectronic Networks (IHRS NanoNet) will be held in Prague (CZ) from August 30 - September 02, 2016. Details can be found here.

Registration Process

The registration is a two-step process.

  1. Register your name and your email address. After some seconds you will receive an email with a personalized link. Keep this email for corrections or changes to your registration.
  2. Register your details, upload the abstract file and if required a support letter. Both files should be in PDF format with a maximum size of 2 MB.

Instructions for registration

At the registration choose your type of participation: 'Invited Speaker', 'Consortium member', 'Other'.
For more information see below.

All participants have to provide the following information: Name, Institutional address, Citizenship, Year of birth, Type of accommodation, Arrival date, Departure date, Preferred type of presentation, Title of presentation, Dietary requirements, Application for financial support (more info below) .

All potential participants going to present a talk or a poster are requested to upload an abstract during the registration process (PDF, max. 2 MB).

The IHRS NanoNet processes personal data following the German law for protection of personal data (“Bundesdatenschutzgesetz”).

Invited speakers

If you are invited to give a lecture at the NanoNet International Workshop, please register as 'Invited Speaker'.

Consortium members

These are the members of the International Helmholtz Research School (IHRS) NanoNet, the principal investigators (PIs), and the collaborators of NanoNet as mentioned on the NanoNet web site.


Other scientists and students are welcome to participate in the workshop and to present their work and results in a talk or a poster. Please, mark in the registration your preference concerning talk or poster.
To support PhD students and early-career scientists NanoNet can provide financial support upon request. You may apply for (1) waiving the accommodation charge and/or (2) partial travel funding.
A support letter is requested which should be issued by the PhD supervisor or the scientific supervisor/head of the group or the institute. The letter should clearly state the supervisor's or head's interest in the participation of the PhD student or young scientist in the NanoNet International Workshop. Please upload the support letter as PDF document on the third (last) page of the registration portal.
If you apply for travel funding provide the estimated total travel costs to attend the workshop in Prague. Travel funding will be provided up to a fixed limit depending on the travel costs and the distance. The maximum provided amount will be announced together with the workshop invitation. The travel costs will be reimbursed after the workshop. For this all original receipts including the boarding passes if using an airplane have to be provided together with a filled and signed form which will be distributed at the workshop.

Registration Portal

Contributed papers will be presented as talk or poster. Participation in the workshop program is by invitation only. The invitations will be sent within 10 days from the registration deadline.
The application portal is open now.
Please register HERE .

This workshop is organized by the International Helmholtz Research School for Nanoelectronic Networks (IHRS NanoNet) funded by the Initiative and Networking Fund of the German Helmholtz Association (VH-KO-606).