AQ Proseminar „Understanding the Universe“ WS 2016/17

Date: Tuesday, 5. DS (14:50-16:20)
Location: REC/C118
Tutors: T.E. Cowan, K. Zuber,
D. Bemmerer, R. Beyer, M. Bussmann, F. Fiedler, D. Kraus, T. Kögler, H. Takabe, A. Wagner


The proseminar "Understanding the Universe" will cover a wide range of topics in fundamental physics relevant to much of the research performed at the IKTP with a focus on the activities at the Institute of Radiation Physics of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. Guidelines for scientific presentations will be given and the individual talks will be analyzed.


  • Every student participating in this proseminar has to give a talk of 20 minutes. There will be up to two talks per date. After each talk everybody in the audience is allowed and encouraged to ask scientific questions and discuss the content of the talk. Afterwards the presentation itself will be analyzed and advices for improvements will be given.
  • If you wish to participate in the proseminar, please take a look at the topics below and send a ranked list of three potential topics and three prefered dates to From this list, one topic will be chosen depending on the preferences of all participants. The final content of the talks will be defined in face-to-face discussions with the responsible tutors.
  • If you have an own proposal for a topic please submit it and we will decide if it matches the scope of the seminar and assign a competent tutor to you.


  Title (subtopics are always possible) Tutor
1 Detection of Exoplanets T. Cowan
2 Laser Alchemy - Extreme Physics with Lasers T. Cowan
3 Radiotherapy with Particle Beams (only in 2017) F. Fiedler
4 Supernova Explosions H. Takabe
5 Lasers in Laboratory and Universe H. Takabe
6 Creating Giant Plantes in the Laboratory D. Kraus
7 Approaches to Fusion Energy D. Kraus
8 Dynamics of Meteor Impacts D. Kraus
9 World's brightest x-rays D. Kraus
10 Stellar Evolution D. Bemmerer
11 Big Bang Nucleosynthesis D. Bemmerer
12 Solar Neutrinos K. Zuber
13 Nuclear Fission T. Kögler
14 Novel Concepts for Nuclear Power T. Kögler
15 Nuclear Physics Fundamentals R. Beyer
16 Radioactivity in everyday Life R. Beyer
17 Particle Accelerators on Earth A. Wagner
18 Particle Accelerators in the Cosmos M. Bussmann
19 Precision Experiments from Lab to the Cosmos M. Bussmann


Date Lecturer Title Tutor Downloads
2016/10/11 Tom Cowan Introduction Guide to Scientific Presentation    

Contact Information:  
  Dr. PD Daniel Bemmerer
  Dr. Roland Beyer
  Dr. Michael Bussmann
  Prof. Dr. Thomas Cowan
  Dr. Fine Fiedler
  Dipl. Phys. Toni Kögler
  Dr. Dominik Kraus
  Prof. Dr. Hideaki Takabe
  Dr. Andreas Wagner
  Prof. Dr. Kai Zuber