IMAP 2 SyncML connector

Project goal: marry CommuiGate Pro and Funambol SyncML.

Last update: 31.8.2010

Warning: this is alpha software! Not everything is tested.
Please take into account that you might loose all calendar data (on the server as well as on the device)


Current state


Preparing the database back-end

Create a PostgreSQL database named "funambol" with password "funambol"

Install and configure Funambol

Install funambol. Prior to starting the SyncML server perform the following steps:
  1. change in the ds-server path like this
    # The context path to use to access SyncServer
    # The DBMS name. One of:
    #   - hypersonic
    #   - postgresql
    #   - mysql
    # PostgreSQL
    # ==========
    # Modules definitions
  2. invoke "bin/" from the ds-server directory, let Funambol recreate the databases
  3. log-in to the database an do
  4. now start the SyncML server

Initial tasks

  1. Create a CG user "sync4j" with password "sync4j".
  2. register all sync-users with Funambol, each user shall grant "sync4j" read/write permissions to his calendar folder (right now the calendar folder is assumed to be named "Kalender", maildir format is required)
  3. register all devices (this could be done by an initial sync to the SyncML server), best do it with an empty device calendar
    Attention: Timezone is crucial: set the approriate timezone of your device in the SyncML server and allow automatic time conversion
  4. To enable SMS push you need an e-mail to sms gateway. Make sure the mobile phone numer of your device is stored in the MSISDN field of fnbl_device (usually set via the Funambol admin tool).

Nearly done

Compile the connector (PostgreSQL developement files are required) by typing "make".
Start the connector with: "imap2syncml your-cg-host your-syncml-host"
Now make an initial sync with your device ...
You may set up a cron-job which invokes the above command periodically.

If you want to join in an contribute critics, codes and solutions your are welcome to contact me via "n dot schmeisser at fzd dot de".