ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - Contents

Institute of Radiation Physics

K. Fahmy, E. Grosse, B. Kämpfer,
C. Schneidereit, A. Wagner

Explanation of special symbols in the contributions:
The letters given in parentheses in the following text and used as appendix in the titles of the scientific contributions do express our grateful acknowledgement to the funding, sponsoring or grants provided by several institutions.
Research projects were funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF (B), by the German Research Foundation DFG (D), by the European Commission (E), by the GSI Darmstadt (G), by the FZ Jülich (J).


Scientific Contributions I:
Structure of Matter - Subatomic Physics

  • Strongly Interacting Matter in the Early Universe Prior to Confinement
  • Anti-Matter in Big Bang and Little Bang
  • Dielectron Production in 12C + 12C Collisions at 2 AGeV with HADES
  • HADES Experiment: Di-Lepton Spectroscopy in p + p (2.2 GeV) and C + C (1 and 2 AGeV) Collisions
  • Dielectron Detection Capabilities of HADES for Beam Energies accessible at FAIR
  • Validation of HADES-MDC Data
  • Propagation of Broad Meson Resonances in a BUU Type Transport Model: Application to Di-Electron Production
  • Di-Electron Bremsstrahlung in Intermediate-Energy Dp Collisions
  • Di-Electrons from η Meson Dalitz Decay in Proton-Proton Collisions
  • ω - π γ * Transition Form Factor in Proton-Proton Collisions
  • K+ and Λ Production in C + C Collisions at 2 AGeV with HADES
  • In-Medium Effects on Phase Space Distributions of Antikaons Measured in Proton-Nucleus Collisions
  • Production of K+ and of K- Mesons in Heavy-Ion Collisions from 0.6 to 2.0 AGeV Incident Energy
  • Isospin Dependence of Relative Yields of K+ and K0 Mesons at 1.528 AGeV
  • Hyperon Production in the Channel pp → K+Λ p Near the Reaction Threshold
  • Hunting φ Mesons in C + C Collisions at 2 AGeV
  • Coherent Photo-Excitation of Θ+
  • Production of Strangeness in Hot and Cold Nuclear Matter induced by both Leptonic and Hadronic Projectiles
  • Systematics of Pion Emission in Heavy Ion Collisions in the 1 AGeV Regime
  • Single-Pion Production in pp Collisions at 0.95 GeV/c (I)
  • Study of Spectator Tagging in the Reaction np → ppπ- with a Deuteron Beam
  • Upper Limits on Resonance Contributions to Proton-Proton Elastic Scattering in the c.m. Mass Range 2.05-2.85 GeV/c2
  • Four-Quark Condensates at Finite Density in Nucleon QCD Sum Rules
  • Foundation of the Quasi-Particle Model of Strongly Interacting Matter
  • Family of QCD Equations of State within a Quasi-Particle Model
  • QCD Critical End-Point Effects in a Quasi-Particle Model
  • Relativistic Approaches to Investigations of Few-Nucleon Systems
  • Development of Straw Tubes for High Rate Capability Application
  • Radiation Damage of Polypropylene Fiber Targets in Storage Rings
  • Determining Beam Parameters in a Storage Ring with a Cylindrical Hodoscope Using Elastic Proton--Proton Scattering
  • Studies of a Separator Dipole Magnet for Tagging Experiments for Photon-Induced Transmutation at ELBE
  • Testing the Performance of Timing MRPC Detectors at ELBE
  • Dipole Response of 88Sr up to the Neutron-Separation Energy
  • Dipole-Strength Distributions in the Stable Even-Mass Mo Isotopes
  • Origin of the Magnetic Dipole Strength in the Stable Even-Mass Mo Isotopes
  • Effect of Nuclear Deformation on the Electric Dipole Strength in the Particle-Emission-Threshold Region
  • Low-Lying E1, M1, and E2 Strengths in 124,126,128,129,130,131,132,134,136Xe:
    Systematic Photon Scattering Experiments in the Mass Region of a Nuclear Shape or Phase Transition
  • Quadrupole Moment of the 8+ Yrast State in 84Kr
  • Beta Decay of 101Sn
  • Beta Decay of the Proton-Rich Nuclei 102Sn and 104Sn
  • Photon Scattering Experiments on the Quasistable, Odd-Odd Mass Nucleus 176Lu
  • The Two-Step Gamma Cascade Method as a Tool for Studying Photon Strength Functions of Intermediate-Weight and Heavy Nuclei
  • Electromagnetic Excitations in Nuclei: from Photon Scattering to Photodisintegration
  • Photodisintegration Studies on p-Nuclei: The Case of Sm Isotopes
  • Commissioning of a Pneumatic Delivery System for Photoactivation Experiments at the Electron Accelerator ELBE
  • A CAMAC-Based Data Acquisition System for Photoactivation Experiments at the Electron Accelerator ELBE
  • Improving the Timing Properties of the Photo-Fission Setup
  • Low-Threshold Proton-Recoil Detectors for nELBE
  • A BaF2 Detector Array for Neutron-Capture γ-Rays
  • A Photo-Neutron Source for Time-of-Flight Measurements at the Radiation Source ELBE
  • Low-Energy Cross Section of the 7Be(p,γ)8B Solar Fusion Reaction from the Coulomb Dissociation of 8B
  • Study of Radiative Proton Capture to the Ground State in 15O
  • 3He(α ,γ)7Be cross section at low energies
  • Cooling Dynamics in Multi-Fragmentation Processes
  • Scientific Contributions II:
    Life Sciences: Biostructures and Radiation

  • Secondary Structure and Pd(II) Coordination in S-Layer Proteins from Bacillus Sphaericus Studied by Infrared and X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Linkage between the Intramembrane H-bond Network around Aspartic Acid 83 and the Cytosolic Environment of Helix 8 in Photoactivated Rhodopsin
  • Physical Properties of the Transmembrane Segment 3 of Rhodopsin
  • Structure-Function Relationship of Actin-Flavonoid Interactions
  • Structural Properties of the Kinesin "Coiled-Coil Break 1" Region
  • Dynamics of FEL-Light-Induced Changes in Thin DNA Films Observed by Brewster Angle Microscopy
  • Identification of Actinide Molecule Complexes by Vibrational Photothermal Beam Deflection Spectroscopy
  • Remote Controlled IR-Diagnostic Station for the Rossendorf FELs
  • Extraction of Single FEL Radiation Pulses Using a Laser-Activated Plasma Switch
  • The IR Beam Line from the FELs to the High Magnetic Field Laboratory
  • Spectral Width and Duration of the IR-Pulses from FELBE
  • Influence of the System Matrix on the Quality of the Reconstruction of In-Beam PET Data
  • Optimum Voxel Size for Direct Time-of-Flight In-Beam PET
  • In-Beam PET Measurements of Biological Half-Lives of 12C Irradiation Induced β+-Activity
  • The Feasibility of In-Beam PET for Therapeutic Beams of 3He
  • In-beam PET at High-Energy Photon Beams: A Feasibility Study
  • Results of First Experiments on In-Beam PET at 34 MV Bremsstrahlung Beams
  • Electron Beam Monitoring for Channeling Radiation Measurements
  • Investigation of Planar Channeling Radiation from Different Plane of Quartz
  • Dependence of the Linewidth of Planar Electron Channeling Radiation on the Thickness of the Diamond Crystal
  • RBE of 25 kV X-Rays for the Survival and Induction of Micronuclei in the Human Mammary Epithelial Cell Line MCF-12A
  • Repair Kinetics of DNA Double Strand Breaks Induced in Human Mammary Epithelial Cells
  • AMOS - An Effective Tool for Adjoint Monte Carlo Photon Transport
  • Application of Advanced Monte Carlo Methods in Numerical Dosimetry
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