International Workshop on Electromagnetic Boundary Layer Control (EBLC) for Saltwater Flows

Dresden, July 7-8, 1997

(Supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft in frame of "Innovationskolleg Magnetofluiddynamik")


Electromagnetic fields located on the surface of some immersed body allow to introduce a Lorentz force distribution in the vicinity of the body surface. It can be adapted to the fluiddynamical needs by suitably varying the magnet and electrode configurations. This idea offers several control possibilities for saltwater flows like It is a very recent topic of fluiddynamical activities. A huge field of applications can be expected. Presently the impression is that some specific configurations have been tested, but a complete understanding is still far away. The overall questions are: The goal of the workshop is to assess the state-of-the-art in that field, to stimulate the discussion between the involved teams, and to expose our own research program to a critical, international discussion. Strong emphasis will be placed on discussions among the limited number of participants.

The workshop will focus purely on the fluiddynamical aspects of applying an electromagnetic Lorentz force in the vicinity of a body for flow control. Side problems like material questions or the design of an electromagnetic thruster might be mentioned, but are not the focus.

The MHD group of Research Center Rossendorf, Germany, has been working in many fields of liquid metal MHD for several years. Recently, a programme on MHD effects in saltwater flows was started.
IMAGE CYLINDER As an example of our activities in EBLC, you can have a look at an MPEG-movie (385 kB) demonstrating the control of a cylinder wake. The Lorentz forces F are fed into the boundary layer parallel to the cylinder surface, the orientation of the forces and the direction of the mean flow U are denoted by arrows in the upper left corner.

Invited lectures (Abstracts): Mohamed Gad-el-Hak (Notre Dame)
George Karniadakis (Brown University)
John Kim (Los Angeles)
Linda Kral (McDonnell Douglas, St. Louis)
J.C.S. Meng (Newport)
Dan Nosenchuck (Princeton)


Since the number of participants is limited, early registration is strongly recommended. There will be a registration fee of maximum 300,-DM.

Venue: The workshop will be held in Dresden (Germany).
Time table: Abstract submission together with registration form March 31, 1997
Notification of acceptance and mailing of the programme May 15, 1997
Workshop July 7-8, 1997
The workshop is planned to last two days. There is an option for a third day (i.e. July 9) depending on the number of submitted contributions, or a visit of our laboratories just after the workshop.


Any questions related to that workshop should be addressed to:
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Organizing committee: K. Dittes, G. Gerbeth, G. Mutschke, O. Posdziech, T. Weier
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