International Workshop:

Laboratory Experiments on Dynamo Action (LEDA)

Riga, June 14-16, 1998

(Supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
in frame of the Dresden
"Innovationskolleg Magnetofluiddynamik")


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A first experimental realization of magnetic field self-excitation in a laboratory experiment will hopefully be reached in nearest future. The two approaches in Karlsruhe and Riga give rise to this hope, other programmes are under development in France and USA. Therefore, a topical meeting particularly devoted to Laboratory Experiments on Dynamo Action (LEDA) is worth to be organized. Present activities will be summarized, and future programmes shall be discussed at the workshop.

As the Institute of Physics in Riga the group in Dresden is working on Liquid Metal MHD in general. A joint sodium experiment for magnetic field self-excitation is currently in preparation in Riga. Therefore, we jointly would like to organize this workshop. It shall take place in June next year in Riga where the dynamo installation can be visited. It will be supported by the Dresden Innovationskolleg on Magnetofluid-dynamics.

The goal of the workshop is to assess the state-of-the-art in that field, to stimulate the discussion between the involved teams, and to expose our own research program to a critical, international discussion. Strong emphasis will be placed on discussions among the participants.

The workshop is planned to last two days. There is an option for a third day (i.e. June 14 or 17) depending on the number of submitted contributions. A visit of the Riga dynamo facility will be included.

Invited lectures will be given by Paul Roberts (Los Angeles), Fritz Busse (Bayreuth), Agris Gailitis (Riga), Antoine Alemany (Grenoble), Cary B. Forest (Wisconsin), Dan Lathrop (Maryland).


There will be a registration fee of about 300,-DM.
Venue: The workshop will be held in Riga (Latvia).

Time table:

Abstract submission together with registration form March 31, 1998
Notification of acceptance and mailing of the programme April 30, 1998


In order to simplify the organization we kindly ask the participants to use E-mail for communication.


Any questions related to that workshop should be addressed to:


Gunter Gerbeth
Research Center Rossendorf
P.O.Box 510119
01314 Dresden
Tel.: +49-351-260 3484
Fax: +49-351-260 2007

Organizing committee:

O.Lielausis, A.Gailitis, G.Gerbeth, F.Stefani

Please distribute this announcement to any other interested colleagues.

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