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discovered 02_2012

FOCUS// The HZDR Research Magazine WWW.Hzdr.DE 12 13 // In the near future, cancer patients could potentially benefit from the therapeutic application of radioactive substances capable of destroying malignant cells directly from within the tumor or from inside metastases. Scientists at HZDR are currently working on the basics of this internal radiotherapy, which would be used as an adjunct therapy to state-of-the-art external beam radiotherapy. Along with their OncoRay Center colleagues, the scientists have presented promising preliminary basic science research results regarding radionuclide therapy – or endoradionuclide therapy – gleaned from experiments on animal models. _TEXT . Christine Bohnet Translation . Sarah Gillym-Margianto & Dennis Schulz TINY TRANSPORTERS FOR RAYS THAT CAN CURE CANCER INTERNAL RADIATION: Shielded by 10 centimeter lead glass panels for protection, Silke Fähnemann (right) and Manja Kubeil are working with radioactive substances that someday will be used to irradiate cancer cells “from the inside out.“ Image credit: Frank Bierstedt