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discovered 02_2012

contentS// The HZDR Research Magazine WWW.Hzdr.DE 02 03 RESULTS 04 Germany’s new energy turnaround – saving energy in steel casting 09 When electrons pair up and troublemakers are forced into a corner 13 Tiny transporters for rays that can cure cancer 18 Targeting the tumor with just the right dose 25 Shedding new light on laser heating – electrons heated to several billion degrees 28 Water versus steam – comparing unequal forces in industrial plants 32 The strange life of electrons 36 When containers start to rust COLLABORATIONS 40 A success story: the excellence initiative 43 Endurance test for reactor walls 47 Halfway mark for the ESRF upgrade program 50 The ideal health research collaborative Portrait 52 First-ever European “starting grant“ at HZDR 53 International award for Shengqiang Zhou Panorama 54 The “green campus“ Rossendorf 55 A summer spent in the lab 56 International mineralogist competition 56 Delegates from India Contents