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PANORAMA // THE HZDR RESEARCH MAGAZINE WWW.HZDR.DE 32 33 From Dresden to the British Isles Bruno Merk accepted a call by the University of Liverpool. After nine years at the HZDR Institutes of Safety Research and Resource Ecology, he has taken over as research chair for "Computational Modelling for Nuclear Engineering", run jointly by the National Nuclear Laboratory, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the university. During his time at Dresden- Rossendorf, Bruno Merk worked on the development of modern calculation and simulation methods for the design and safety of nuclear reactors and on strategies for nuclear waste management. In his most recent publication, the nuclear technology expert also addresses the question of whether or not it would be theoretically possible to almost fully burn the plutonium produced in light water reactors in a new type of reactor. With this he touches on a central issue concerning the handling of highly poisonous and radioactive residue produced by the nuclear generation of power. PUBLICATION: B. Merk et al.: "On the burning of plutonium originating from light water reactor use in a fast molten salt reactor - A neutron physical study", in Energies 8, 2015 (DOI: 10.3390/en81112328) New Trade Meeting in Dresden The first "Materials Week" functioned as an industry meeting place for developers, producers, and users. The invitation of the German Society for Materials Science drew almost 2,000 registered participants who attended the trade fair "Materials of the Future" as well as the accompanying symposia, seminars, and learner's forums in Dresden from September 14 to 17, 2015. It surely wasn't by chance that Dresden was chosen as the location, since 20 university, non-university, and industrial institutions have been collaborating closely within the Material Research Association Dresden (MFD) for many years. Researchers from the HZDR actively participated in the conference program and offered an excursion to Rossendorf. Visitors saw the Ion Beam Center IBC and the labs of the Institute of Fluid Dynamics, where the topics solar silicon, steel and light metal casting, flow measurement in liquid metals, and solidification as well as contactless influence of solid structures were the focal point. Plans are in place to continue this successful materials week in the future. Bruno Merk has been teaching and researching in Great Britain since October 2015. Photo: University of Liverpool What’s on? Upcoming events 28.05.2016 | 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Open House Day Dresden-Rossendorf research campus 10.06.2016 Dresden Long Night of the Sciences 24.06.2016 Long Night of the Sciences Leipzig Scientific events 19.-22.04.2016 3rd ODISSEUS Workshop & 3rd International Workshop on ODS Materials Dresden | HZDR Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research 20.-23.04.2016 54th Annual Meeting of the German Association for Nuclear Medicine | 60 Years of Radiopharmacy Dresden | HZDR Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research 10.-15.07.2016 10th International Biometals Symposium | Biometals 2016 art'otel Dresden | HZDR Institute of Resource Ecology 31.08.-02.09.2016 Annual Meeting of the European Cluster of Advanced Laser Light Sources (EUCALL) Dresden | HZDR Institute of Radiation Physics Radiation protection courses at the HZDR research site Leipzig 26.04.2016 | 25.05.2016 | 27.09.2016 | 10.11.2016 Continued education courses 12.-14.04.2016 Technical qualification (Module GG, FA)