Student practical training / Bachelor theses / Student Assistant

Optical film thickness measurement in air-water two-phase flows (Id 329)

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Foto: confocal principle ©Copyright: Paul PorombkaWe offer a student job with an experimental focus in the flow laboratory of the Institute of Fluid Dynamics starting as soon as possible.
Part of the work is to carry out optical film thickness measurements of liquid films in a heat exchanger model, as well as to evaluate the measurement data.
A confocal laser displacement meter is available for this purpose.
The local, transient data obtained are used to validate simulation models for two-phase flows and will contribute to the optimisation of future heat exchangers.
The work in the flow laboratory also offers the opportunity to deepen one's own knowledge of multiphase measurement technology.

A technical or engineering background, ideally related to fluid mechanics, is desirable.

Department: Computational Fluid Dynamics


  • Good command of german and english language
  • Solid background in physics
  • Basic knowledge of signal processing
  • Interest in practical work in the fluid dynamics lab


  • Curriculum internship / Bachelor thesis / student assistant up to 19 hours per week
  • Instruction to the fluid dynamics lab by experienced technicians (f/m/d)