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Geometric characterization of wire mesh mist eliminators (Id 358)

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Foto: Mist eliminator in distillation columns ©Copyright: Alexander DößThermal separation processes (e.g. distillation) are key basic operations in process engineering plants. The mass transfer is thus dependent on intensive counterflow interaction between the vapor and the liquid. The resulting turbulent flow causes droplets to be torn from the liquid phase by the vapor phase. This reduces the separation efficiency (energy efficiency and product quality) of the process. Simultaneously, droplets carried over to downstream equipment lead to corrosion, polymerization or fouling and increase component maintenance requirements.
For this reason, wire mesh mist eliminators are frequently used in practice. These separate entrained droplets as they pass through the close-meshed wire mesh. Characterization of their separation efficiency, capacity and pressure drop are essential for design and application. The focus of the work is the experimental determination and mathematical description of the pressure drop for knitted wire mesh separators as a function of their geometric properties.

Department: Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics

Contact: Döß, Alexander


  • Background in process engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering or related disciplines.
  • Interest in experimental work
  • Independent and result-oriented working
  • Safe handling of MS Office software
  • Confident knowledge of German or English language


  • Work in a multidisciplinary team
  • Remuneration according to HZDR-internal tariff
  • Scientific excellence and extensive opportunities for professional networking
  • Start from November 2022 or earlier