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Investigating the influence of different process parameters on the flotation of an ultrafine Scheelite ore using a novel developed separation apparatus (Id 362)

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The department of processing at the Helmholtz institute Freiberg for resource technology is looking for a motivated student who would like to do a student thesis with us on the topic of Scheelite flotation. Research on the processing of Scheelite, a tungsten bearing mineral, has increased in the last years, as tungsten is listed as a critical raw material and a further increase in global demand is to be expected. Therefore, in the scope of this thesis the influence of certain particle properties on the separation process should be investigated using three different size fractions of a Scheelite ore (x90 < 30 µm; x90 < 7 µm: x90 < 3µm). At first, suitable process parameter and the reagent regime need to be determined for each particle fraction. Then the flotation tests will be conducted in a benchmark mechanical flotation cell and in a newly developed separation apparatus under comparable conditions to study the effect of the different cells. The flotation products are analysed by XRF and the results are evaluated and discussed in regards to the influence of the particle properties (e.g. size, shape, wettability) on the separation process.

Department: Interfaces

Contact: Sandbrink, Johanna, Dr. Rudolph, Martin


  • Field of study: process engineering, chemical engineering, or a related field
  • Good communication skills in English
  • Interest in experimental work
  • Enjoy scientific and independent work


  • Place of work: Freiberg
  • Start is possible immediately by agreement
  • Duration according to the respective study regulations