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Investigation of thin film oxide layers by ion beam sputtering in nanoelectronics (Id 415)

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1. Development of thin film oxides using Ion Beam Sputtering for nanoelectronic applications
2. Optimization of process parameters for the controlled fabrication of thin oxide layers
3. Characterization of the synthesized thin oxide films
4. Evaluation of the electronic, structural, and mechanical properties of the fabricated oxide films
5. Application of thin film oxides in specific nanoelectronic devices and performance comparison
with conventional materials

Department: Nanomaterials and Transport

Contact: Zscharschuch, Jens, Dr. Garcia Valenzuela, Aurelio


1. Enrolment in a master's program in materials science, chemistry, physics, or a related field
2. Interest in thin film coating and nanoelectronics
3. Basic knowledge in the fabrication and characterization of thin films
4. Experimental skills in laboratory techniques
5. Independent work ethic and teamwork capabilities


**We offer:**
1. An innovative research environment with access to state-of-the-art technology and laboratory
2. Supervision by experienced scientists.
3. Opportunities to participate in conferences.
4. Practical experience in the field of thin film coating and nanoelectronics.

The master's thesis has a duration of six months. Extension or adjustment of the duration can be
discussed with the supervisor.

Interested students are requested to submit their application documents, including a resume,
university transcript and a motivation letter.