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Process intensification of multiphase reactors (Id 227)

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Foto: Rotating fixed bed reactor for process intensification of multiphase reactions #1 ©Copyright: Dr. Markus SchubertMultiphase reactors are widely used in the chemical industry. Especially, trickle bed reactors are advantageous, due to the high residence time, which compensate low diffusion rates. Examples are hydrogenations, aminations or oxidation of glucose.
Recently, a new multiphase reactor was developed to intensify the mass transfer by the superposition of rotation an inclination. To investigate the innovative reactor concept a modelling approach for the space-time-yield is necessary.
In the framework of a student thesis a reactor-particle model will be investigated via simulation studies. Additionally, further model improvements will be considered as the incorporation of heat balances. The simulations have to be executed in the MATLAB environment.

Department: Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics

Contact: Timaeus, Robert


Studies in chemical engineering, process engineering or similar fields