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Experimental study of multiphase flow in capillary pipe (Id 250)

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Multiphase flow is the simultaneous passage of a stream composed of two or more phases. The studies of the shape and behavior of multiphase flow are of extreme importance, for instance to design instruments to predict, monitor and control industrial processes. The goal of this project will be the experimental study of three-phase flows (air-oil-water) in a capillary pipe. The experiments will be performed using a high speed camera to identify the flow regime for different conditions. Finally, the images will be post-processed in order to extract characteristics of the flow, e.g. superficial velocity, volume and mass flow rate.

Department: Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics

Contact: de Assis Dias, Felipe, Schleicher, Eckhard


- studying natural science, engineering or related fields,
- familiar with Matlab® or similar tools,
- good writing and communication skills.


3 – 6 months duration for each position