Master theses / Diploma theses / Compulsory internship

Investigation of the flow behavior of fluidized particles by means of coupled CFD-DEM simulations (Id 253)

Foto: CFD-DEM fluidized bed ©Copyright: Dr. Philipp WiedemannFluidized beds are widely applied in process plants of pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Due to the complex flow structure optimization of such devices and process control is usually supported by simulations. However, since it is not feasible to resolve all spatial and temporal scales within a single simulation environment, large-scale simulations require reliable sub-models in order to account for small-scale phenomena correctly.
Therefore, the macroscopic flow properties of fluidized particles will be investigated by means of CFD-DEM simulations within the frame of an internship. Research will focus on the influence of different particle size distributions. The results shall lead to enhanced insight into the complex gas-solids-interaction of fluidized beds and will be incorporated into future developments.

Department: Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics

Contact: Dr. Wiedemann, Philipp


  • studies in chemical/mechanical/process/computational engineering
  • substantiated knowledge in the field of CFD, preferably OpenFOAM
  • interest in multiphase flow phenomena
  • good written and oral communication skills in English and German


  • start: from Oct. 2021
  • scope of work: up to 6 months (according to study regulations)
  • working in a multi-disciplinary team
  • remuneration according to HZDR internal regulations

Online application

Please apply online: https://www.hzdr.de/Angebot253