Master theses / Diploma theses / Compulsory internship

Nonlinear characterization of horizontal gas-liquid flows (Id 266)

Foto: Nonlinear characterization of horizontal gas-liquid flows ©Copyright: Dr. Philipp WiedemannHorizontal gas-liquid flows occur in a variety of processes in energy and process engineering. According to the type of fluids, operating conditions and geometrical aspects different flow patterns are observed. These can be identified successfully by means of online monitoring systems when using appropriate measurement techniques and data processing algorithms.
Within the frame of an internship further investigations will focus on the predictability of the future development of the flow patterns on the basis of currently measured data. For that purpose, methods for characterizing nonlinear systems shall be realized as Matlab-scripts and applied to available data. Finally, the results are expected to be evaluated.

Department: Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics

Contact: Dr. Wiedemann, Philipp


  • studies in mathematics/physics/engineering
  • interest in applying sophisticated mathematical methods to engineering problems
  • experiences in signal processing and nonlinear systems as well as using Matlab are beneficial
  • good written and oral communication skills in English and German


  • start: from Okt. 2021
  • working in a multi-disciplinary team
  • remuneration according to HZDR internal regulations


Online application

Please apply online: https://www.hzdr.de/Angebot266