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Design, construction and commissioning of a test rig for the experimental investigation of valve trays for distillation columns (Id 269)

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Foto: Eye-Catcher Tray Column ©Copyright: Vineet VishwakarmaDistillation columns are used for thermal separation of multicomponent mixtures in the chemical industry. Owing to increased energy supply from renewable sources a more flexible operation of such apparatuses is already demanded. However, enlarged over- and underload modes are challenging with respect to design, since a high separation efficiency needs to be attained anyway. Especially in case of valve trays there are presently no reliable methods for estimating the influence of the tray design on the complex two-phase flow of liquid and vapor.
Within the frame of a current research project that aims at closing this gap, we offer a student internship position for establishing a lab-scale test rig, which allows for investigating the two-phase flow at single valves in detail. The work includes typical engineering tasks, such as conception, design, assembly and commissioning.

Department: Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics

Contact: Dr. Wiedemann, Philipp


• studies in process/energy/mechanical engineering
• interest in practical work
• creativity
• good written and oral communication skills in English and German


• start: immediately
• working in a multi-disciplinary team
• remuneration according to HZDR internal regulations