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CFD simulation of gas-liquid flow in tray columns (Id 304)

Foto: Eye-Catcher ColTray-CFD ©Copyright: Sesi Preetam KotaTray columns are used for thermal separation of multicomponent mixtures in the chemical industry. Owing to increased energy supply from renewable sources a more flexible operation of such apparatuses is already demanded. However, enlarged over- and underload modes are challenging with respect to design. Basically, computational fluid dynamics provide a powerful support by predicting the complex two-phase flow on the tray. Nevertheless, further developments are particularly needed for valve trays in order to reliably simulate macroscopic flow scenarios.
Within the frame of a current research project we offer a student internship position for further development of a multi-phase CFD set-up that maps the individual gas inlets by point-like mass and momentum sources. Special focus is put on the influence of different valve geometries and experimental data is available from parallel student projects.

Department: Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics

Contact: Dr. Wiedemann, Philipp


  • studies in chemical/process/energy/mechanical/computational engineering
  • substantiated knowledge in the field of CFD, preferably OpenFOAM
  • creativity
  • good written and oral communication skills in English and German


  • start: from Nov. 2021
  • working in a multi-disciplinary team
  • remuneration according to HZDR internal regulations


Online application

Please apply online: https://www.hzdr.de/Angebot304