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Dr. Johannes Raff
Phone:+49 351 260 - 2951
Fax:+49 351 260 - 12951
Email: j.raffAthzdr.de
Address for visitors:Bautzner Landstraße 400
01328 Dresden
Postal address:POB 51 01 19
01314 Dresden

Scientific career

  • Since 2017:
    Co-division head biogeochemistry - Institute of Resource Ecology, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V.
  • Since 2016:
    Guest lecturer at Univerity Granada, Spain
  • Since 2015:
    Guest lecturer at Technische Universität Dresden
  • Since 2013:
    Assistant lecturer at University of Applied Sciences, Dresden
  • 2002-2017:
    Research Assistant - Institute of Resource Ecology and since 2011 additionally at Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V.
  • 1997-2002:
    PhD student at University Leipzig/Institute of Resource Ecology, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V.
  • 1990-1996:
    University Bayreuth, Diploma in Biology

Research work

Investigation of the interaction of radionuclides and industrial metals with bioligands and microorganisms. The aim of the work is to elucidate molecular processes in nature and on the cellular level and to understand their interaction. The results obtained serve on one hand to improve risk assessment and on the other hand for the development of new materials and processes for the detection, removal and recovery of metals.

Projects (Head and/or coordination)

  • BioVeStRa, support code 02S9276A, duration 01.06.2016-31.05.2019
  • BioNEWS, support code 03WKCL03F, duration 01.01.2015-30.12.2017
  • S-Sieve, support code 490 ZBG, duration 01.06.2013-29.02.2016
  • Technology transfer project BIOBASE, support code 325/20517289/IMA, duration 01.09.2012-31.03.2013
  • HEF-BioBase, support code HE-2012-04, duration 01.07.2012-30.06.2013
  • Textilien mit S-Layer, support code VF110032, duration 01.06.2012-30.09.2014
  • NanoPharm, support code 03X0094G, duration 01.06.2010-30.09.2013
  • ForMaT: BioNano, support code 03FO3141, duration 28.09.2009-31.03.2010
  • BIOREM, support code 03EGSSN014, duration 01.04.2008-31.03.2009
  • Urantransport, support code 02S8517, duration 01.10.2007-30.09.2010
  • NanoFoto, support code 01SF0717, duration 01.10.2007-31.12.2008



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Analysis of self‑assembly of S‑layer protein slp‑B53 from Lysinibacillus sphaericus


Pollmann, K.; Kutschke, S.; Matys, M.; Kostudis, S.; Hopfe, S.; Raff, J.
Corresponding author: Pollmann, K.
Novel Biotechnological Approaches for the Recovery of Metals from Primary and Secondary Resources

Suhr, M.; Lederer, F. L.; Guenther, T. J.; Raff, J.; Pollmann, K.
Corresponding author: Pollmann, K.
Characterization of three different unusual S-layer proteins from Viridibacillus arvi JG-B58 that exhibits two super-imposed S-layer proteins

Drobot, B.; Bauer, A.; Steudtner, R.; Tsushima, S.; Bok, F.; Patzschke, M.; Raff, J.; Brendler, V.
Speciation Studies of Metals in Trace Concentrations: The Mononuclear Uranyl(VI) Hydroxo Complexes

Suhr, M.; Raff, J.; Pollmann, K.
Au-Interaction of Slp1 polymers and monolayer from Lysinibacillus sphaericus JG-B53 - QCM-D, ICP-MS and AFM as tools for biomolecule-metal studies


Valero, E.; Martín, M.; Gálvez, N.; Sánchez, P.; Raff, J.; Merroun, M. L.; Dominguez-Vera, J. M.
Nanopatterning of Magnetic CrNi Prussian Blue Nanoparticles Using a Bacterial S-layer as Biotemplate

Weinert, U.; Pollmann, K.; Barkleit, A.; Vogel, M.; Günther, T.; Raff, J.
Synthesis of S-Layer Conjugates and Evaluation of Their Modifiability as a Tool for the Functionalization and Patterning of Technical Surfaces

Drobot, B.; Steudtner, R.; Raff, J.; Geipel, G.; Brendler, V.; Tsushima, S.
Combining Luminescence Spectroscopy, Parallel Factor Analysis and Quantum Chemistry to Reveal Metal Speciation - a Case Study of Uranyl (VI) Hydrolysis

Weinert, U.; Vogel, M.; Reinemann, C.; Strehlitz, B.; Pollmann, K.; Raff, J.
S-layer proteins as an immobilization matrix for aptamers on different sensor surfaces

Suhr, M.; Unger, N.; Viacava, K. E.; Günther, T. J.; Raff, J.; Pollmann, K.
Investigation of metal sorption behavior of Slp1 from Lysinibacillus sphaericus JG-B53 – A combined study using QCM-D, ICP-MS and AFM

Lakatos, M.; Matys, S.; Raff, J.; Pompe, W.
Colorimetric As (V) Detection Based on S-Layer Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles


Günther, T. J.; Suhr, M.; Raff, J.; Pollmann, K.
Immobilization of microorganisms for AFM studies in liquids

Lederer, F. L.; Günther, T. J.; Raff, J.; Flemming, K.; Pollmann, K.
Microbial ecology: Characteristics of bacteria from heavy metal contaminated mining waste piles
Eigenschaften von Bakterien aus Schwermetall-kontaminierten Halden: Mikrobielle Ökologie

Pannier, A.; Lehrer, T.; Vogel, M.; Soltmann, U.; Böttcher, H.; Tarre, S.; Green, M.; Raff, J.; Pollmann, K.
Long-term activity of biohybrid coatings of atrazine-degrading bacteria Pseudomonas sp. ADP

Günther, A.; Raff, J.; Merroun, M. L.; Roßberg, A.; Kothe, E.; Bernhard, G.
Interaction of U(VI) with Schizophyllum commune studied by microscopic and spectroscopic methods

Schmoock, C.; Börnick, H.; Vogel, M.; Lehmann, F.; Kutschke, S.; Raff, J.; Dittmar, T.; Worch, E.
S-layer proteins as possible immobilization matrix for photocatalysts – OH radical scavenging capacity and protein stability


Weinert, U.; Pollmann, K.; Raff, J.
Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer by S-layer coupled fluorescence dyes

Lederer, F.; Weinert, U.; Günther, T.; Raff, J.; Weiß, S.; Pollmann, K.
Identification of multiple putative S-layer genes partly expressed by Lysinibacillus sphaericus JG-B53


Lederer, F.; Günther, T.; Weinert, U.; Raff, J.; Pollmann, K.
Development of functionalised polyelectrolyte capsules using filamentous Escherichia coli cells


Lederer, F.; Günther, T.; Raff, J.; Pollmann, K.
E. coli filament formation induced by heterologous S-layer expression


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Biosorption of U(VI) by the green algae Chlorella vulgaris in dependence of pH value and cell activity

Günther, T.; Weinert, U.; Raff, J.; Pollmann, K.
Self assembling proteins as technology platform for the development of new bio-composite materials
  • Lecture (Conference)
    12th International and Interdisciplinary Symposium Biomaterials and Biomechanics: Fundamentals and Clinical Applications 2010, 17.-19.03.2010, Essen, Deutschland
  • Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik (2010)

Li, B.; Barkleit, A.; Raff, J.; Bernhard, G.; Foerstendorf, H.
Complexation of U(VI) with highly phosphorylated protein, phosvitin. A vibrational spectroscopic approach
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Lederer, F.; Günther, T.; Flemming, K.; Raff, J.; Fahmy, K.; Springer, A.; Pollmann, K.
Heterologous expression of the S-layer-like protein SllB induces the formation of long filaments of E. coli consisting of protein stabilized outer membrane


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Spectroscopic identifications of U(VI) species sorbed by the green algae Chlorella vulgaris


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Toxic avengers
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Calcium dipicolinate induced germination of Bacillus spores embedded in thin silica layers: novel perspectives for the usage of biocers

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Bacteria from extreme environments: basis for new technical applications
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Merroun, M.; Raff, J.; Rossberg, A.; Hennig, C.; Reich, T.; Selenska-Pobell, S.
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  • Contribution to proceedings
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