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Incorporation in solid phases

Mrs. Luiza Braga Ferreira dos Santos

Research Assistant - Ph.D student

Porträt Braga Ferreira dos Santos, Luiza; FWOG-I


+49 351 260 3487




ORCID: 0000-0001-6592-3971


Bautzner Landstraße 400 - 01328 Dresden

Scientific career

  • Since 2021:
    Ph.D. student, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V. - Institute of Resource Ecology
  • 2017 - 2019
    Master in Material Science at Military Institute of Engineering, Brazil
  • 2013 - 2014
    Chemistry, Sandwich graduation, at Rowan University, U.S.A.
  • 2010 – 2011
    Chemistry Technician, Polytechnic School of Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • 2010 – 2017
    Chemistry at Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Research experience

  • Syntheses of ZrO2 doped with actinides and lanthanides elements
  • Syntheses of hydrogels and apatite’s composites in sol-gel route
  • Syntheses of aldimines and calixarenes
  • SEM and TEM analyses
  • XRD, NMR, TG/DTG, GC/MS, FTIR analyses


  • Since 2021: Ph.D. researcher in the project "AcE" (Fundamental investigations of Actinide immobilization by incorporation into solid phases relevant for final disposal), funded by BMBF.
  • 2019 - 2020: Technical manager, Hapten Vaccine: Primate Clinical Trial and Phase I Clinical Trial for the Evaluation of UFMGV4N2 in the Treatment of Cocaine/Crack Dependence, funded by FUNED.
  • 2017 - 2020: Master’s project, Synthesis, characterization of biocomposite based on nanohydroxyapatite andthermo-sensitive hydrogels, funded by CAPES.
  • 2014 – 2014: Junior researcher, Chlorooxaziridnes as eficient and systematic synthons for the synthesis of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic pharmacophores, funded by CAPES.
  • 2012 – 2013: Junior researcher, Synthesis of Tacrine-Calixarenes hybrids as potential acetylcholinesterase inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, funded by CNPq.
  • 2011 – 2012: Junior researcher, Aldimines’ synthesis with Anti-Trypanosoma cruzi Potential Activity, funded by CNPq.


  • 2015 – 2017: Chemistry for high school students at Olegario Macial Estadual School.


Bachelor's degree

  • 08/2020: Ewellyn dos Santos Barbosa and Fernanda Rocha Fernandes - Suppression of washing and disinfection between production in the cosmetic industry, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.


  • Honors: Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program scholarship recipient 2013 –2014.



Cinnamyl Schiff bases: synthesis, cytotoxic effects and antifungal activity of clinical interest

Magalhães, T.F.F., da Silva, C.M., dos Santos, L.B.F., Santos, D.A., Silva, L.M., Fuchs, B.B., Mylonakis, E., Martins, C.V.B., de Resende-Stoianoff, M.A., de Fátima, Â.


Nanosized hydroxyapatite and ß-tricalcium phosphate composite: Physico-chemical, cytotoxicity, morphological properties and in vivo trial

Brum, I.S., Carvalho, J.J., Pires, J.L.S., Carvalho, M.A.A., Santos, L. B.F., Elias, C.N.

Influence of oral pH Environment in the Corrosion Resistance of Cr-Co-Mo alloy Used for Dentistry Prosthetic Components

Soares, F.M.S., Santana, A.I.de Carvalho, Santos, L.B.F., Gomes, P.A.M.C., Monteiro, E.S., Coimbra, M.E. R., Elias, C.N.


Synthesis, in vitro and in vivo anti-Trypanosoma cruzi and toxicological activities of nitroaromatic Schiff bases

Almeida, T.C., Ribeiro, L.H.G., DosSantos, L.B.F., Da Silva, C.M., Branquinho, R.T., De Lana, M., Gadelha, F.R., De Fátima, A.