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Molecular Structures

Porträt Dr. habil. Scheinost, Andreas; FWOS
Dr. habil. Andreas Scheinost


Phone:+33 476 88 2462, +33 6 340 358 18
Link:ORCID: 0000-0002-6608-5428
Address71, Avenue des Martyrs
38000 Grenoble

Scientific career

  • since 2006:
    Director of The Rossendorf Beamline at ESRF, Grenoble, France
  • since 2003:
    Head of Molecular Structures Division, HZDR Inst. of Resource Ecology, Dresden, Germany
  • 2005:
    Habilitation in Earth Sciences (DHDR), Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France
  • 2000-2002:
    Oberassistent, Inst. of Terrestrial Ecology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • 1994-1999:
    Postdoctoral Researcher at TUM, Purdue University, Univ. of Delaware
  • 1994:
    Dr. agr. (summa cum laude) TUM, München, Germany
  • 1989:
    Dipl. ing. agr. TUM, München, Germany

Research fields

  • Molecular-scale processes and kinetics of retention and redox reactions at the mineral/water interface (clays, Fe oxides, LDH, cement phases) with synchrotron methods
  • Geochemistry of metals/metalloids/actinides with focus on the deep geological disposal of radioactive waste
  • Environmental (nano-)mineralogy


A complete list of publications including citation statistics and Hirsch index can be downloaded here.


Oxidation of Micro- and Nanograined UO2Pellets by in Situ Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction

de Bona, E.; Popa, K.; Walter, O.; Cologna, M.; Hennig, C.; Scheinost, A.; Prieur, D.


Charge distribution in U1-xCexO2+y nanoparticles

Prieur, D.; Vigier, J.-F.; Popa, K.; Walter, O.; Dieste, O.; Varga, Z.; Beck, A.; Vitova, T.; Scheinost, A.; Martin, P.

On the nature of Pb species in Pb-(over)exchanged zeolite: a combined experimental and theoretical study

Roos, D. P.; Scheinost, A.; Churakov, S. V.; Nagashima, M.; Cametti, G.

Cd2+ incorporation in small pores LEV/ERI intergrown zeolites: a multi-methodological study

Cametti, G.; Scheinost, A.; Churakov, S. V.

Technetium immobilization by chukanovite and its oxidative transformation products: Neural network analysis of EXAFS spectra

Schmeide, K.; Roßberg, A.; Bok, F.; Shams Aldin Azzam, S.; Weiß, S.; Scheinost, A.

ROBL-II at ESRF: A synchrotron toolbox for actinide research

Scheinost, A.; Claußner, J.; Exner, J.; Feig, M.; Findeisen, S.; Hennig, C.; Kvashnina, K.; Naudet, D.; Prieur, D.; Roßberg, A.; Schmidt, M.; Qiu, C.; Colomp, P.; Cohen, C.; Dettona, E.; Dyadkin, V.; Stumpf, T.

Mechanisms of selenium removal by partially oxidized magnetite nanoparticles for waste water remediation

Börsig, N.; Scheinost, A.; Schild, D.; Neumann, T.

Uranium and neptunium retention mechanisms in Gallionella ferruginea / ferrihydrite systems for remediation purposes

Krawczyk-Bärsch, E.; Scheinost, A. C.; Roßberg, A.; Müller, K.; Lehrich, J.; Bok, F.; Hallbeck, L.; Schmeide, K.


Structural Evolution of Ag-LEV Zeolite upon Heating: an in situ Single-Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SC-XRD) and X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) Study

Cametti, G.; Scheinost, A.; Churakov, S. V.

Size Dependence of Lattice Parameter and Electronic Structure in CeO2 Nanoparticles

Prieur, D.; Bonani, W.; Popa, K.; Walter, O.; Kriegsman, K.; Engelhard, M.; Guo, X.; Eloirdi, R.; Gouder, T.; Beck, A.; Vitova, T.; Scheinost, A.; Kvashnina, K.; Martin, P.

On the O-rich domain of the U-Am-O phase diagram

Epifano, E.; Vauchy, R.; Lebreton, R.; Lauwerier, F.; Joly, A.; Scheinost, A.; Guéneau, C.; Valot, C.; Martin, P. M.

Iron adsorption on clays inferred from atomistic simulations and XAS spectroscopy

Kéri, A.; Dähn, R.; Marques Fernandes, M.; Scheinost, A.; Krack, M.; Churakov, S. V.

New insights into 99Tc(VII) removal by pyrite: A spectroscopic approach

Rodriguez Hernandez, D. M.; Mayordomo, N.; Scheinost, A.; Schild, D.; Brendler, V.; Müller, K.; Stumpf, T.

Signatures of Technetium Oxidation States: A New Approach

Bauters, S.; Scheinost, A.; Schmeide, K.; Weiß, S.; Dardenne, K.; Rothe, J.; Mayordomo, N.; Steudtner, R.; Stumpf, T.; Abram, U.; Butorin, S.; Kvashnina, K.

The missing pieces of the PuO2 nanoparticles puzzle

Gerber, E.; Romanchuk, A.; Pidchenko, I.; Amidani, L.; Roßberg, A.; Hennig, C.; Vaughan, G.; Trigub, A.; Egorova, T.; Bauters, S.; Plakhova, T.; Hunault, M.; Weiß, S.; Butorin, S.; Scheinost, A.; Kalmykov, S.; Kvashnina, K.


A novel metastable pentavalent plutonium solid phase on the pathway from aqueous Pu(VI) to PuO2 nanoparticles

Kvashnina, K.; Romanchuk, A.; Pidchenko, I.; Amidani, L.; Gerber, E.; Trigub, A.; Roßberg, A.; Weiß, S.; Popa, K.; Walter, O.; Caciuffo, R.; Scheinost, A.; Butorin, S.; Kalmykov, S.

Structural modifications and thermal stability of Cd2+ -exchanged stellerite, a zeolite with STI framework-type

Cametti, G.; Scheinost, A. C.; Churakov, S. V.

Antimonite binding to natural organic matter: Spectroscopic evidence from a mine water impacted peatland

Besold, J.; Eberle, A.; Noël, V.; Kujala, K.; Kumar, N.; Scheinost, A.; Lezama Pacheco, J.; Fendorf, S.; Planer-Friedrich, B.

Plutonium retention mechanisms by magnetite under anoxic conditions: Entrapment versus sorption

Dumas, T.; Fellhauer, D.; Schild, D.; Gaona, X.; Altmaier, M.; Scheinost, A.

Framework modifications and dehydration path of a Ag+-modified, STI-type zeolite

Cametti, G.; Scheinost, A. C.; Giordani, M.; Churakov, S. V.

Antimonite complexation with thiol and carboxyl/phenol groups of particulate organic matter

Besold, J.; Kumar, N.; Scheinost, A. C.; Lezama Pacheco, J.; Fendorf, S.; Planer-Friedrich, B.

Extreme multi-valence states in mixed actinide oxides

Epifano, E.; Naji, M.; Manara, D.; Scheinost, A. C.; Hennig, C.; Lechelle, J.; Konings, R. J. M.; Gueneau, C.; Prieur, D.; Vitova, T.; Dardenne, K.; Rothe, J.; Martin, P. M.

Methyl selenol as precursor in selenite reduction to Se/S species by methane-oxidizing bacteria

Eswayaha, A. S.; Hondow, N.; Scheinost, A. C.; Merroun, M.; Romero-Gonzalez, M.; Smith, T. J.; Gardiner, P. H. E.

Complexation of arsenite, arsenate, and monothioarsenate with oxygen-containing functional groups of natural organic matter: An XAS study

Biswas, A.; Besold, J.; Sjöstedt, C.; Gustafsson, J. P.; Scheinost, A. C.; Planer-Friedrich, B.

Crystallographic structure and charge distribution of AUO4 and A3UO6 uranates (A= Ca, Sr, Ba or Pb)

Prieur, D.; Popa, K.; Vigier, J.-F.; Scheinost, A.; Martin, P.

Towards the surface hydroxyl species in CeO2 nanoparticles

Plakhova, T. V.; Romanchuk, A. Y.; Butorin, S. M.; Konyukhova, A. D.; Egorov, A. V.; Shiryaev, A. A.; Baranchikov, A. E.; Dorovatovskii, P. V.; Huthwelker, T.; Gerber, E.; Bauters, S.; Sozarukova, M. M.; Scheinost, A.; Ivanov, V.; Kalmykov, S. N.; Kvashnina, K.

Interdisciplinary round-robin test on molecular spectroscopy of the U(VI) acetate system

Müller, K.; Foerstendorf, H.; Steudtner, R.; Tsushima, S.; Kumke, M. U.; Lefèvre, G.; Rothe, J.; Mason, H.; Szabó, Z.; Yang, P.; Adam, C.; André, R.; Brennenstuhl, K.; Cho, H.; Creff, G.; Coppin, F.; Dardenne, K.; Den Auwer, C.; Drobot, B.; Eidner, S.; Hess, N. J.; Kaden, P.; Kremleva, A.; Kretzschmar, J.; Krüger, S.; Platts, J. A.; Panak, P. J.; Polly, R.; Powell, B. A.; Rabung, T.; Redon, R.; Reiller, P. E.; Rösch, N.; Rossberg, A.; Scheinost, A. C.; Schimmelpfennig, B.; Schreckenbach, G.; Skerencak-Frech, A.; Sladkov, V.; Solari, P. L.; Wang, Z.; Washton, N. M.; Zhang, X.

Sorption of iodine in soils: insight from selective sequential extractions and X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Köhler, F.; Riebe, B.; Scheinost, A. C.; König, C.; Hölzer, A.; Walther, C.


Peculiar thermal behavior of UO2 local structure

Prieur, D.; Epifano, E.; Dardenne, K.; Rothe, J.; Hennig, C.; Scheinost, A.; Neuville, D.; Martin, P.

Monothioarsenate transformation kinetics determines arsenic sequestration by sulfhydryl groups of peat

Besold, J.; Biswas, A.; Suess, E.; Scheinost, A. C.; Rossberg, A.; Mikutta, C.; Kretzschmar, R.; Gustafsson, J. P.; Planer-Friedrich, B.

A spectroscopic and computational study of Cm3+ incorporation in lanthanide phosphate rhabdophane (LnPO4·0.67H2O) and monazite (LnPO4)

Huittinen, N.; Scheinost, A. C.; Ji, Y.; Kowalski, P. M.; Arinicheva, Y.; Wilden, A.; Neumeier, S.; Stumpf, T.

Structural characterization of (Sm,Tb)PO4 solid solutions and pressure-induced phase transitions

Heuser, J. M.; Palomares, R. I.; Bauer, J. D.; Lozano Rodriguez, M. J.; Cooper, J.; Lang, M.; Scheinost, A. C.; Schlenz, H.; Winkler, B.; Bosbach, D.; Neumeier, S.; Deissmann, G.

Aliovalent cation substitution in UO2: Electronic and local struc-tures of U1-yLayO2±x solid solutions

Prieur, D.; Martel, L.; Vigier, J.-F.; Scheinost, A. C.; Kvashnina, K. O.; Somers, J.; Martin, P. M.

Retention and multiphase transformation of selenium oxyanions during the formation of magnetite via ferrous hydroxide and green rust

Börsig, N.; Scheinost, A. C.; Shaw, S.; Schild, D.; Neumann, T.

From cubic palladium to concave core-shell platinum palladium nanoparticles: Evolution of the structure and their electrochemical properties

Tymen, S.; Scheinost, A. C.; Lozano Rodriguez, M. J.; Friebe, C.; Schubert, U. S.

Retention of selenium by calcium aluminate hydrate (AFm) phases under strongly reducing radioactive waste repository conditions

Rojo, H.; Scheinost, A. C.; Lothenbach, B.; Laube, A.; Wieland, E.; Tits, J.

Biotransformation and detoxification of selenite by microbial biogenesis of selenium-sulfur nanoparticles

Vogel, M.; Fischer, S.; Maffert, A.; Hübner, R.; Scheinost, A.; Franzen, C.; Steudtner, R.


Assessment of solid/liquid equilibria in the (U, Zr)O2+x system

Mastromarino, S.; Seibert, A.; Hashem, E.; Ciccioli, A.; Prieur, D.; Scheinost, A.; Stohr, S.; Lajarge, P.; Boshoven, J.; Robba, D.; Ernstberger, M.; Bottomley, D.; Manara, D.

In-situ XAFS characterization of PtPd nanoparticles synthesized by galvanic replacement

Tymen, S.; Scheinost, A. C.; Friebe, C.; Schubert, U. S.

  • Open Access Logo Advances in Nanoparticles 6(2017), 75-91
    DOI: 10.4236/anp.2017.62007
  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    Ninth Joint BER II and BESSY II User Meeting, 13.-15.12.2017, Berlin, Germany

A new look at the structural and magnetic properties of potassium neptunate K2NpO4 combining XRD, XANES spectroscopy and low temperature heat capacity

Smith, A. L.; Colineau, E.; Griveau, J.-C.; Kauric, G.; Martin, P.; Scheinost, A. C.; Cheetham, A. K.; Konings, R. J. M.

Microbial Transformations of Selenite by Methane-Oxidizing Bacteria

Eswayah, A.; Hondow, N.; Scheinost, A. C.; Smith, T.; Gardiner, P.

Structural investigations of (La,Pu)PO4 monazite solid solutions: XRD and XAFS study

Arinicheva, Y.; Popa, K.; Scheinost, A. C.; Rossberg, A.; Dieste-Blanco, O.; Raison, P.; Cambriani, A.; Neumeier, S.; Somers, J.; Bosbach, D.

Insights into the structure and thermal stability of uranyl aluminate nanoparticles

Chave, T.; Le Goff, X.; Scheinost, A. C.; Nikitenko, S. I.

Solution species and crystal structure of Zr(IV) acetate

Hennig, C.; Weiss, S.; Kraus, W.; Kretzschmar, J.; Scheinost, A.

The inverse-trans-influence as a general principle of f-block chemistry

Gregson, M.; Lu, E.; Mills, D. P.; Tuna, F.; Mcinnes, E. J. L.; Hennig, C.; Scheinost, A. C.; Mcmaster, J.; Lewis, W.; Blake, A. J.; Kerridge, A.; Liddle, S. T.

Uptake mechanisms of selenium oxyanions during the ferrihydrite-hematite recrystallization

Börsig, N.; Scheinost, A. C.; Shaw, S.; Schild, D.; Neumann, T.

Batch sorption and spectroscopic speciation studies of neptunium uptake by montmorillonite and corundum

Elo, O.; Müller, K.; Ikeda-Ohno, A.; Bok, F.; Scheinost, A.; Hölttä, P.; Huittinen, N.


Evidence of trivalent Am substitution into U3O8

Caisso, M.; Roussel, P.; Den Auwer, C.; Picart, S.; Hennig, C.; Scheinost, A. C.; Delahaye, T.; Ayral, A.

Systematic XAS study on the reduction and uptake of Tc by magnetite and mackinawite

Yalcintas, E.; Scheinost, A. C.; Gaona, X.; Altmaier, M.

NeptuniumV retention by siderite under anoxic conditions: Precipitation of NpO2–like nanoparticles and of NpIV pentacarbonate

Scheinost, A. C.; Steudtner, R.; Hübner, R.; Weiss, S.; Bok, F.

Further insights into the chemistry of the Bi-U-O system

Popa, K.; Prieur, D.; Manara, D.; Naji, M.; Vigier, J.-F.; Martin, P.; Blanco, O. D.; Scheinost, A. C.; Prüssmann, T.; Vitova, T.; Raison, P. E.; Somers, J.; Konings, R. J. M.

Sorption of trivalent lanthanides and actinides onto montmorillonite: Macroscopic, thermodynamic and structural evidence for ternary hydroxo and carbonato surface complexes on multiple sorption sites

Marques Fernandes, M.; Scheinost, A. C.; Baeyens, B.

A Johann-type X-ray emission spectrometer at the Rossendorf beamline

Kvashnina, K. O.; Scheinost, A. C.

On the use of HERFD-XANES at the U L3 and M4-edges to determine the uranium valence state on [Ni(H2O)4]3[U(OH,H2O)(UO2)8O12(OH)3]

Bès, R.; Rivenet, M.; Solari, P. L.; Kvashnina, K. O.; Scheinost, A. C.; Martin, P. M.

Emergence of comparable covalency in isostructural cerium(IV)- and uranium(IV)-carbon multiple bonds

Gregson, M.; Lu, E.; Tuna, F.; Mcinnes, E. J. L.; Hennig, C.; Scheinost, A. C.; Mcmaster, J.; Lewis, W.; Blake, A. J.; Kerridge, A.; Liddle, S. T.

Melting behavior of americium-doped uranium dioxide

Prieur, D.; Lebreton, F.; Caisso, M.; Martin, P.; Scheinost, A. C.; Somers, J.; Delahaye, T.; Manara, D.

Structural properties and charge distribution of the sodium uranium, neptunium and plutonium ternary oxides: a combined X-ray diffraction and XANES study

Smith, A. L.; Martin, P.; Prieur, D.; Scheinost, A. C.; Raison, P. E.; Cheetham, A. K.; Konings, R. J. M.

Actinide oxidation state and O/M ratio in hypostoichiometric uranium-plutonium-americium U0.750Pu0.246Am0.004O2-x mixed oxides

Vauchy, R.; Belin, R. C.; Robisson, A.-C.; Lebreton, F.; Scheinost, A. C.; Aufore, L.; Martin, P. M.

Multiscale structural characterizations of mixed U(IV)-An(III) oxalates (An(III) = Pu or Am) combining XAS and XRD measurements

Arab-Chapelet, B.; Martin, P.; Costenoble, S.; Delahaye, T.; Scheinost, A. C.; Grandjean, S.; Abraham, F.

The nature of chemical bonding in actinide and lanthanide ferrocyanides determined by X-ray absorption spectroscopy and density functional theory

Dumas, T.; Guillaumont, D.; Fillaux, C.; Scheinost, A.; Moisy, P.; Petit, S.; Shuh, D. K.; Tyliszczak, T.; Den Auwer, C.


Peculiar behavior of (U,Am)O2−δ compounds for high americium contents evidenced by XRD, XAS, and Raman spectroscopy

Lebreton, F.; Horlait, D.; Caraballo, R.; Martin, P.; Scheinost, A. C.; Rossberg, A.; Jégou, C.; Delahaye, T.

Structural investigation of (U0.7Pu0.3)O2-x mixed oxides

Vigier, J.-F.; Martin, P. M.; Martel, L.; Prieur, D.; Scheinost, A. C.; Somers, J.

A new look at the structural properties of trisodium uranate Na3UO4

Smith, A. L.; Raison, P. E.; Martel, L.; Prieur, D.; Charpentier, T.; Wallez, G.; Suard, E.; Scheinost, A. C.; Hennig, C.; Martin, P.; Kvashnina, K. O.; Cheetham, A. K.; Konings, R. J. M.

Linear thermal expansion, thermal diffusivity and melting temperature of Am-MOX and Np-MOX

Prieur, D.; Belin, R. C.; Manara, D.; Staicu, D.; Richaud, J.-C.; Vigier, J.-F.; Scheinost, A. C.; Somers, J.; Martin, P.

Interfacial Reaction of SnII on Mackinawite (FeS)

Dulnee, S.; Scheinost, A. C.

The influence of metallic brazing materials on the strain formation of internally water-cooled X-ray optics

Oberta, P.; Kittler, M.; Áč, V.; Hrdý, J.; Iragashi, N.; Scheinost, A. C.; Uchida, Y.

Impact of the cation distribution homogeneity on the americium oxidation state in the (U0.54Pu0.45Am0.01)O2-x mixed oxide

Vauchy, R.; Robisson, A.-C.; Martin, P. M.; Belin, R. C.; Aufore, L.; Scheinost, A. C.; Hodaj, F.

Room-temperature oxidation of hypostoichiometric uranium-plutonium mixed oxides U1-yPuyO2-x – a depth-selective approach

Vauchy, R.; Robisson, A.-C.; Belin, R.; Martin, P.; Scheinost, A.; Hodaj, F.

Redox chemistry of Tc(VII)/Tc(IV) in dilute to concentrated NaCl and MgCl2 solutions

Yalcintas, E.; Gaona, X.; Scheinost, A. C.; Kobayashi, T.; Altmaier, M.; Geckeis, H.


Surface Reaction of SnII on Goethite (α-FeOOH): Surface Complexation, Redox Reaction, Reductive Dissolution, Phase Transformation

Dulnee, S.; Scheinost, A. C.

Fe (II) Uptake on Natural Montmorillonites. I. Macroscopic and Spectroscopic Characterization

Soltermann, D.; Marques Fernandes, M.; Baeyens, B.; Dähn, R.; Joshi, P. A.; Scheinost, A. C.; Gorski, C. A.

New insight into self-irradiation effects on local and long-range structure of uranium-americium mixed oxides (through XAS and XRD)

Lebreton, F.; Martin, P. M.; Horlait, D.; Bes, R.; Scheinost, A. C.; Rossberg, A.; Delahaye, T.; Blanchart, P.

A 23Na Magic Angle Spinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, XANES, and High Temperature X-Ray Diffraction Study of NaUO3, Na4UO5, and Na2U2O7

Smith, A. L.; Raison, P. E.; Martel, L.; Charpentier, T.; Farnan, I.; Prieur, D.; Hennig, C.; Scheinost, A. C.; Konings, R. J. M.; Cheetham, A. K.

Volume-doped cobalt titanates for ethanol sensing: an impedance and X-ray absorption spectroscopy study

Belle, C. J.; Wesch, G. E.; Neumeier, S.; Lozano-Rodríguez, M. J.; Scheinost, A. C.; Simon, U.

Selenium(IV) Uptake by Maghemite (gamma-Fe2O3)

Jordan, N.; Ritter, A.; Scheinost, A. C.; Weiß, S.; Schild, D.; Hübner, R.


Characterization of self-damaged (U,Pu)N fuel used in the NIMPHE program

Carvajal-Nunez, U.; Prieur, D.; Janssen, A.; Wiss, T.; Cambriani, A.; Vermorel, E.; Scheinost, A.; Somers, J.

Surface complexation and oxidation of SnII by nano-magnetite

Dulnee, S.; Banerjee, D.; Merkel, B.; Scheinost, A. C.

Short note on the hydrolysis and complexation of neptunium(IV) in HEPES solution

Dahou, S.; Hennig, C.; Moisy, P.; Petit, S.; Scheinost, A. C.; Subra, G.; Vidaud, C.; Den Auwer, C.

Crystal structure and solution species of Ce(III) and Ce(IV) formates-from mononuclear to hexanuclear complexes

Hennig, C.; Ikeda-Ohno, A.; Kraus, W.; Weiss, S.; Pattison, P.; Emerich, H.; Abdala, P.; Scheinost, A.

Np(V/VI) redox chemistry in cementitious systems: XAFS investigations on the speciation under anoxic and oxidizing conditions

Gaona, X.; Wieland, E.; Tits, J.; Scheinost, A. C.; Dähn, R.

Accommodation of multivalent cations in fluorite-type solid solutions: case of Am-bearing UO2

Prieur, D.; Martin, P.; Lebreton, F.; Delahaye, T.; Banerjee, D.; Scheinost, A. C.; Jankowiak, A.

On the Role of Cation Interactions in the Reduction Process in Plutonium-Americium Mixed Oxides

Belin, R. C.; Martin, P. M.; Lechelle, J.; Reynaud, M.; Scheinost, A. C.

Abiotic reductive immobilization of U6+ by biogenic mackinawite

Veeramani, H.; Scheinost, A. C.; Monsegue, N.; Qafoku, N. P.; Kukkadapu, R.; Newville, M.; Lanzirotti, A.; Pruden, A.; Murayama, M.; Hochella, M.F.

Identification of hexanuclear Actinide(IV) carboxylates with Thorium, Uranium and Neptunium by EXAFS spectroscopy

Hennig, C.; Takao, S.; Takao, K.; Weiss, S.; Kraus, W.; Emmerling, F.; Meyer, M.; Scheinost, A. C.

Multi edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy of thorium, neptunium and plutonium hexacyanoferrate compounds

Dumas, T.; Charbonnel, M. C.; Charushnikova, I. A.; Conradson, S. D.; Fillaux, C.; Hennig, C.; Moisy, P.; Petit, S.; Scheinost, A. C.; Shuh, D. K.; Tyliszczak, T.; Den Auwer, C.

Redox behavior of Tc(VII)/Tc(IV) under various reducing conditions in 0.1 M NaCl solutions

Kobayashi, T.; Scheinost, A. C.; Fellhauer, D.; Gaona, X.; Altmaier, M.

EXAFS investigation on U(VI) immobilization in hardened cement paste: Influence of experimental conditions on speciation

Macé, N.; Wieland, E.; Dähn, R.; Tits, J.; Scheinost, A. C.

Solid-state properties and colloidal stability of thorium(IV)-silica nanoparticles

Hennig, C.; Weiss, S.; Banerjee, D.; Brendler, E.; Honkimäki, V.; Cuello, G.; Ikeda-Ohno, A.; Scheinost, A.; Zänker, H.

Adsorption mechanism of selenium(VI) onto maghemite

Jordan, N.; Ritter, A.; Foerstendorf, H.; Scheinost, A. C.; Weiß, S.; Heim, K.; Grenzer, J.; Mücklich, A.; Reuther, H.


Alpha self-irradiation effect on the local structure of the U0.85Am0.15O2+x solid solution

Prieur, D.; Martin, P. M.; Lebreton, F.; Delahaye, T.; Jankowiak, A.; Laval, J.-P.; Scheinost, A. C.; Dehaudt, P.; Blanchart, P.

Aqueous Uranium(VI) Complexes with Acetic and Succinic Acid: Speciation and Structure Revisited

Lucks, C.; Rossberg, A.; Tsushima, S.; Foerstendorf, H.; Scheinost, A. C.; Bernhard, G.

Nitrogen interstitial diffusion induced decomposition in AISI 304L austenitic stainless steel

Martinavicius, A.; Abrasonis, G.; Scheinost, A. C.; Danoix, R.; Danoix, F.; Stinville, J. C.; Talut, G.; Templier, C.; Liedke, M. O.; Gemming, S.; Möller, W.

Structure and stability range of a hexanuclear Th(IV) – glycine complex

Hennig, C.; Takao, S.; Takao, K.; Weiss, S.; Kraus, W.; Emmerling, K.; Scheinost, A. C.

Structural Study on 2,2′-(Methylimino)bis(N,N-Dioctylacetamide) Complex with Re(VII)O4- and Tc(VII)O4- by 1H NMR, EXAFS, and IR Spectroscopy

Saeki, M.; Sasaki, Y.; Nakai, A.; Ohashi, A.; Banerjee, D.; Scheinost, A. C.; Foerstendorf, H.

Formation of Soluble Hexanuclear Neptunium(IV) Nano-Clusters in Aqueous Solution: Growth Termination of Actinide(IV) Hydrous Oxides by Carboxylates

Takao, K.; Takao, S.; Scheinost, A.; Bernhard, G.; Hennig, C.

EXAFS and DFT Investigations of Uranyl-Arsenate Complexes in Aqueous Solution

Gezahegne, W. A.; Hennig, C.; Tsushima, S.; Planer-Friedrich, B.; Scheinost, A. C.; Merkel, B. J.

U(VI) sorption on montmorillonite: A macroscopic and microscopic study

Marques Fernandes, M.; Baeyens, B.; Dähn, R.; Scheinost, A. C.; Macé, N.; Bradbury, M. H.


Formation and structural characterization of thioantimony species and their natural occurrence in geothermal waters

Planer-Friedrich, B.; Scheinost, A. C.

Local structure and charge distribution in mixed uranium-americium oxides: effects of oxygen potential and Am content

Prieur, D.; Martin, P. M.; Jankowiak, A.; Gavilan, E.; Scheinost, A. C.; Herlet, N.; Dehaudt, P.; Blanchart, P.

Oxidation State and Local Structure of Plutonium Reacted with Magnetite, Mackinawite, and Chukanovite

Kirsch, R.; Fellhauer, D.; Altmaier, M.; Neck, V.; Rossberg, A.; Fanghänel, T.; Charlet, L.; Scheinost, A. C.

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