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Structural Materials

Dr. Cornelia Kaden

Porträt Dr. Kaden, Cornelia; FWOM


+49 351 260 3431


c.kaden@hzdr.de, c.heintzeAthzdr.de


ORCID: 0000-0002-8891-3239


Bautzner Landstraße 400 - 01328 Dresden

Scientific career

  • 2016 - 2018:
    Co-head of the Structural Materials Division
  • Feb. - Jul. 2012:
    Research stay at the Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (Ciemat), Madrid, Spain
    Topic: Transmission electron microscopy on neutron- and ion-irradiated Fe-base alloys
  • 2007 - 2013:
    Doctoral thesis, Technische Universität Dresden
  • Since Jan. 2007:
    Scientific staff at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
  • 2001 - 2006:
    Study of Mechanical Engineering (Power engineering/Nuclear power engineering), Technische Universität Dresden

Research work

  • Irradiation behaviour of structural materials under neutron- and ionirradiation, esp. evolution of the nanostructure
  • Microstructural characterisation from the nm- to the µm-scale of unirradiated and irradiated steels
  • structure-property relationships
  • Materials: ferritic/martensitic Cr-steels, oxide dispersion strengthened steels, reactor pressure vessel steels, model alloys
  • Methods: ion irradiation, nanoindentation, transmission electron microscopy


  • EU HORIZON-EURATOM project INNUMAT (Innovative structural materials for fission and fusion)
  • EU Horizon 2020 project M4F (Multiscale modeling for fusion and fission materials)
  • EU FP7 collaborative project MatISSE (Materials Innovations for Safe and Sustainable nuclear in Europe)
  • EU Horizon 2020 project SOTERIA (Safe long term irradiation of light water reactors)
  • EERA JPNM pilot project IOANIS (Ion irradiation as a neutron irradiation surrogate)
  • EERA JPNM pilot project NINA (Nanoindentation for nuclear applications)
  • IAEA Coordinated Research Project SMoRE-II (Accelerator Simulation and Theoretical Modelling of Radiation Effects)



Role of Ni, Si and P on the formation of solute-rich clusters under irradiation in Fe-Cr alloys

Gueye, P.-M.; Gómez-Ferrer, B.; Kaden, C.; Pareige, C.

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Solute rich cluster formation and Cr precipitation in irradiated Fe-Cr-(Ni,Si,P) alloys: Ion and neutron irradiation

Pareige, C.; Etienne, A.; Gueye, P.-M.; Medvedev, A.; Kaden, C.; Konstantinovic, M.; Malerba, L.

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Nanoindentation applied to ion-irradiated and neutron-irradiated Fe-9Cr and Fe-9Cr-NiSiP model alloys

Bergner, F.; Kaden, C.; Das, A.; Merino, S.; Diego, G.; Hähner, P.

Related publications

  • Open Access Logo Journal of Applied Physics 132(2022), 045101
    Online First (2022) DOI: 10.1063/5.0098807

Nanoindentation response of ion-irradiated Fe, Fe-Cr alloys and ferritic-martensitic steel Eurofer 97: The effect of ion energy

Das, A.; Altstadt, E.; Kaden, C.; Kapoor, G.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Bergner, F.

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Microstructure-informed prediction and measurement of nanoindentation hardness of an Fe-9Cr alloy irradiated with Fe-ions of 1 and 5 MeV energy

Kapoor, G.; Chekhonin, P.; Kaden, C.; Vogel, K.; Bergner, F.

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Multiscale modelling for fusion and fission materials: the M4F project

Malerba, L.; Caturla, M. J.; Gaganidze, E.; Kaden, C.; Konstantinović, M. J.; Olsson, P.; Robertson, C.; Rodney, D.; Ruiz-Moreno, A. M.; Serrano, M.; Aktaa, J.; Anento, N.; Austin, S.; Bakaev, A.; Balbuena, J. P.; Bergner, F.; Boioli, F.; Boleininger, M.; Bonny, G.; Castin, N.; Chapman, J. B. J.; Chekhonin, P.; Clozel, M.; Devincre, B.; Dupuy, L.; Diego, G.; Dudarev, S. L.; Fu, C. C.; Gatti, R.; Gélébart, L.; Gómez-Ferrer, B.; Gonçalves, D.; Guerrero, C.; Gueye, P. M.; Hähner, P.; Hannula, S. P.; Hayat, Q.; Hernández-Mayoral, M.; Jagielski, J.; Jennett, N.; Jiménez, F.; Kapoor, G.; Kraych, A.; Khvan, T.; Kurpaska, L.; Kuronen, A.; Kvashin, N.; Libera, O.; Ma, P. W.; Manninen, T.; Marinica, M. C.; Merino, S.; Meslin, E.; Mompiou, F.; Mota, F.; Namburi, H.; Ortiz, C. J.; Pareige, C.; Prester, M.; Rajakrishnan, R. R.; Sauzay, M.; Serra, A.; Simonovski, I.; Soisson, F.; Spätig, P.; Tanguy, D.; Terentyev, D.; Trebala, M.; Trochet, M.; Ulbricht, A.; Vallet, M.; Vogel, K.; Yalcinkaya, T.; Zhao, J.

Depth distribution of irradiation-induced dislocation loops in an Fe-9Cr model alloy irradiated with Fe ions: The effect of ion energy

Vogel, K.; Chekhonin, P.; Kaden, C.; Hernández-Mayoral, M.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Bergner, F.

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Microstructure and fracture toughness characterization of three 9Cr ODS EUROFER steels with different thermo-mechanical treatments

Das, A.; Chekhonin, P.; Altstadt, E.; Mcclintock, D.; Bergner, F.; Heintze, C.; Lindau, R.

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Round robin into best practices for the determination of indentation size effects

Ruiz-Moreno, A.; Hähner, P.; Kurpaska, L.; Jagielski, J.; Spätig, P.; Trebala, M.; Hannula, S.-P.; Merino, S.; de Diego, G. . .; Namburi, H.; Libera, O.; Terentyev, D.; Khvan, T.; Heintze, C.; Jennett, C.

Relationships between depth-resolved primary radiation damage, irradiation-induced nanostructure and nanoindentation response of ion-irradiated Fe-Cr and ODS Fe-Cr alloys

Vogel, K.; Heintze, C.; Chekhonin, P.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Altstadt, E.; Bergner, F.

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TEM observation of loops decorating dislocations and resulting source hardening of neutron-irradiated Fe-Cr alloys

Bergner, F.; Hernandez-Mayoral, M.; Heintze, C.; Konstantinovic, M. J.; Malerba, L.; Pareige, C.

Microstructural characterization of inhomogeneity in 9Cr ODS EUROFER steel

Das, A.; Chekhonin, P.; Altstadt, E.; Bergner, F.; Heintze, C.; Lindau, R.

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Nanoindentation of single- (Fe) and dual-beam (Fe and He) ion-irradiated ODS Fe-14Cr-based alloys: Effect of the initial microstructure on irradiation-induced hardening

Heintze, C.; Hilger, I.; Bergner, F.; Weissgärber, T.; Kieback, B.

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Long-term stability of the microstructure of austenitic ODS steel rods produced with a carbon-containing process control agent

Gräning, T.; Klimenkov, M.; Rieth, M.; Heintze, C.; Möslang, A.

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On the role of Ni, Si and P on the microstructural evolution of FeCr alloys under irradiation

Gómez-Ferrer, B.; Heintze, C.; Pareige, C.

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Post-irradiation annealing behavior of oxide dispersion strengthened Fe-Cr alloys studied by nanoindentation

Duan, B.; Bergner, F.; Heintze, C.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Wang, T.

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Nanoindentation of ion-irradiated reactor pressure vessel steels – model-based interpretation and comparison with neutron irradiation

Röder, F.; Heintze, C.; Pecko, S.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Bergner, F.; Ulbricht, A.; Altstadt, E.

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Fe2+ ion irradiated JRQ steel investigated by nanoindentation and slow-positron Doppler broadening spectroscopy

Pecko, S.; Heintze, C.; Bergner, F.; Anwand, W.; Slugen, V.

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Helium-ion microscopy, helium-ion irradiation and nanoindentation of Eurofer 97 and ODS Eurofer

Bergner, F.; Hlawacek, G.; Heintze, C.

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Synthesis of High-Crystallinity DPP Polymers with Balanced Electron and Hole Mobility

Di Pietro, R.; Erdmann, T.; Carpenter, J. H.; Wang, N.; Shivhare, R. R.; Formanek, P.; Heintze, C.; Voit, B.; Neher, D.; Ade, H.; Kiriy, A.

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On the influence of microstructure on fracture behaviour of hot extruded ferritic ODS steels

Das, A.; Viehrig, H. W.; Altstadt, E.; Heintze, C.; Hoffmann, J.

The effect of the initial microstructure in terms of sink strength on the ion-irradiation-induced hardening of ODS alloys studied by nanoindentation

Duan, B.; Heintze, C.; Bergner, F.; Ulbricht, A.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Oñorbe, E.; de Carlan, Y.; Wang, T.

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Microstructure characterization and strengthening mechanisms of oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) Fe-9%Cr and Fe-14%Cr extruded bars

Chauhan, A.; Bergner, F.; Etienne, A.; Aktaa, J.; de Carlan, Y.; Heintze, C.; Litvinov, D.; Hernandez-Mayoral, M.; Oñorbe, E.; Radiguet, B.; Ulbricht, A.

Effect of microstructural anisotropy on fracture toughness of hot rolled 13Cr ODS steel – the role of primary and secondary cracking

Das, A.; Viehrig, H. W.; Bergner, F.; Heintze, C.; Altstadt, E.; Hoffmann, J.


Transmission electron microscopy investigation of the microstructure of Fe-Cr alloys induced by neutron and ion irradiation at 300ºC

Hernández-Mayoral, M.; Heintze, C.; Onorbe, E.

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Irradiation hardening of Fe-9Cr-based alloys and ODS Eurofer: effect of helium implantation and iron-ion irradiation at 300 °C including sequence effects

Heintze, C.; Bergner, F.; Hernandez-Mayoral, M.; Kögler, R.; Müller, G.; Ulbricht, A.

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Ion irradiation combined with nanoindentation as a screening test procedure for irradiation hardening

Heintze, C.; Bergner, F.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Altstadt, E.

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Investigation of spark plasma sintered oxide-dispersion strengthened steels by means of small-angle neutron scattering

Hilger, I.; Bergner, F.; Ulbricht, A.; Wagner, A.; Weißgärber, T.; Kieback, B.; Heintze, C.; Dewhurst, C. D.


Application of a three-feature dispersed-barrier hardening model to neutron-irradiated Fe-Cr model alloys

Bergner, F.; Pareige, C.; Hernández-Mayoral, M.; Malerba, L.; Heintze, C.


Nanoscale characterization of ODS Fe-9%Cr model alloys compacted by spark plasma sintering

Heintze, C.; Hernández-Mayoral, M.; Ulbricht, A.; Bergner, F.; Shariq, A.; Weissgärber, T.; Frielinghaus, H.

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The microstructure of neutron-irradiated Fe-Cr alloys: A small-angle neutron scattering study

Heintze, C.; Bergner, F.; Ulbricht, A.; Eckerlebe, H.

Microstructure of oxide dispersion strengthened Eurofer and iron–chromium alloys investigated by means of small-angle neutron scattering and transmission electron microscopy

Heintze, C.; Bergner, F.; Ulbricht, A.; Hernandez-Mayoral, M.; Keiderling, U.; Lindau, R.; Weißgärber, T.

Ion-irradiation induced damage in FeCr alloys characterized by nanoindentation

Heintze, C.; Bergner, F.; Hernández-Mayoral, M.


Nanoindentation and transmission electron microscopy of ion-irradiated iron-chromium alloys

Heintze, C.

  • Lecture (Conference)
    Jahrestagung Kerntechnik 2010, 04.-06.05.2010, Berlin, Deutschland
  • atw - International Journal for Nuclear Power 7(2010), 479-481

SANS investigation of neutron-irradiated Fe-Cr alloys

Ulbricht, A.; Heintze, C.; Bergner, F.; Eckerlebe, H.

Mechanical properties of spark plasma sintered Fe-Cr compacts strengthened by nanodispersed yttria particles

Franke, P.; Heintze, C.; Bergner, F.; Weissgärber, T.

  • MP Materials Testing 52(2010), 133-138

SANS investigation of a neutron-irradiated Fe-9at%Cr alloy

Ulbricht, A.; Heintze, C.; Bergner, F.; Eckerlebe, H.


Estimation of the solubility limit of Cr in Fe at 300°C from small angle neutron scattering in neutron-irradiated Fe-Cr alloys

Bergner, F.; Ulbricht, A.; Heintze, C.

Ion-irradiation-induced damage of steels characterized by means of nanoindentation

Heintze, C.; Recknagel, C.; Bergner, F.; Hernández-Mayoral, M.; Kolitsch, A.

  • Poster
    IBMM 08 - 16th International Conference on Ion Beam Modification of Materials, 31.08.-05.09.2008, Dresden, Deutschland
  • Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 267(2009), 1505-1508