Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf


Porträt Zimmermann, Robert; FWGE Robert Zimmermann

Technician - Drones for mineral exploration

Phone:+49 351 260 - 4431
Email: r.zimmermannAthzdr.de
Link:ORCID: 0000-0001-6200-2704
AddressChemnitzer Str. 40
09599 Freiberg

Responsible for the divisions' equipment

  • UAS (Sensefly ebee, Aibot X6, DJI Phantom II)
  • Hyperspectral Camera (RIKOLA)
  • Specim AisaFenix
  • Bruker S1 Titan 800
  • Spectro-Radiometer Spectral Evolution PSR-3500
  • Trimble GNSS base station and Laser-tachymeter

Current research topics:

  • Remote sensing exploration of Rare Earth Element deposits
  • Drone-borne remote sensing for mineral exploration
  • UAV photogrammetry for structural geology

Accepted abstracts:

  • R. Zimmermann, M. Brandmeier and R. Gloaguen (2015): Possibilities and challenges of remote sensing for exploration of carbonatite-hosted REE deposits. Extended Abstract, IAMG Conference 2015
  • R. Zimmermann, M. Brandmeier, L. Andreani and R. Gloaguen (2015): Hyperspectral remote sensing exploration of carbonatite – an example from Epembe, Kunene region, Namibia. EGU 2015
  • R. Zimmermann, S. Salati, L. Andreani, M. Brandmeier and R. Gloaguen (2014): Hyperspectral remote sensing of carbonatite hosted REE deposits in Namibia. GeoFrankfurt 2014, Poster C05
  • B. Schulz, R. Zimmermann and E. Krenn (2014): Evidence of a distinct Permian thermal event by EMP-Th-Pb-monazite ages in metapelites of the polymetamorphic Austroalpine Basement. GeoFrankfurt 2014, Poster D02