Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf


Porträt Dr. Giesecke, André; FWDH Dr. André Giesecke
Phone:+49 351 260 - 2227
Fax:+49 351 260 - 12227
Email: a.gieseckeAthzdr.de
AddressBautzner Landstraße 400
01328 Dresden

Fields of interest

  • Magnetohydrodynamics: Dynamo Theory and Experiments, Planetary and Stellar Dynamos, Geodynamo, Convection, rotating fluids
  • Astrophysics
  • Computational Physics: GPU programming, Direct numerical simulations


Role of Soft-Iron Impellers on the Mode Selection in the von Kármán-Sodium Dynamo Experiment

Influence of high-permeability discs in an axisymmetric model of the Cadarache dynamo experiment

Anisotropic turbulence in weakly stratified rotating magnetoconvection

Numerical simulations of liquid metal experiments on cosmic magnetic fields

Oscillating α²-dynamos and the reversal phenomenon of the global geodynamo

Geodynamo α-effect derived from box simulations of rotating magnetoconvection