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Dual-Labelling Strategies for Nuclear and Fluorescence Molecular Imaging: Current Status and Future Perspectives

Kubeil, M.; Santana Martinez, I. I.; Bachmann, M.; Kopka, K.; Tuck L., K.; Stephan, H.

Strained Ammonium Precursors for Radiofluorinations

Reissig, F.; Mamat, C.

Bis(amido)bis(oxinate)diamine ligands for theranostic radiometals

Southcott, L.; Whetter, J. N.; Wharton, L.; Patrick, B. O.; Zarschler, K.; Kubeil, M.; Stephan, H.; Jaraquemada-Pelaez, M. D. G.; Orvig, C.

“Clickable” albumin binders for modulating the tumor uptake of targeted radiopharmaceuticals

Brandt, F.; Ullrich, M.; Laube, M.; Kopka, K.; Bachmann, M.; Löser, R.; Pietzsch, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; van den Hoff, J.; Wodtke, R.

Related publications

Preparation of calix[4]arenes for chelation of selected divalent cations

Blumberg, M.; Al-Ameed, K.; Eiselt, E.; Luber, S.; Mamat, C.


Molecular Response to Combined Molecular- and External Radiotherapy in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC).

Rassamegevanon, T.; Feindt, L.; Koi, L.; Müller, J.; Freudenberg, R.; Löck, S.; Sihver, W.; Çevik, E.; Christel Kühn, A.; von Neubeck, C.; Linge, A.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Kotzerke, J.; Baumann, M.; Krause, M.; Dietrich, A.

Chelators for treatment of iron and copper overload: Shift from low-molecular-weight compounds to polymers

Hruby, M.; Santana Martinez, I. I.; Stephan, H.; Pouckova, P.; Benes, J.; Stepanek, P.

[nat/89Zr][Zr(pypa)]: Thermodynamically Stable and Kinetically Inert Binary Nonadentate Complex for Radiopharmaceutical Applications

Southcott, L.; Li, L.; Brian, P.; Stephan, H.; de Guadalupe Jaraquemeda-Pelaez, M.; Orvig, C.

Strategic Evaluation of the Traceless Staudinger Ligation for Radiolabeling with the Tricarbonyl Core

Mamat, C.; Jentschel, C.; Köckerling, M.; Steinbach, J.

Aktuelle Entwicklungen aus den Radiopharmazeutischen Wissenschaften für theranostische Anwendungen - Editorial

Mamat, C.; Kopka, K.

H2pyhox - Octadentate Bis(pyridyloxine)

Southcott, L.; Wang, X.; Choudhary, N.; Wharton, L.; Patrick, B.; Yang, H.; Zarschler, K.; Kubeil, M.; Stephan, H.; Jaraquemada-Pelaez, M. D. G.; Orvig, C.

Towards Targeted Alpha Therapy with Actinium 225: Chelators for Mild Condition Radiolabeling and Targeting PSMA – a Proof of Concept Study

Reissig, F.; Bauer, D.; Zarschler, K.; Novy, Z.; Bendova, K.; Kopka, K.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Petrik, M.; Mamat, C.

Radiotherapy enhances uptake and efficacy of 90Y-cetuximab: A preclinical trial

Dietrich, A.; Andreeff, M.; Koi, L.; Bergmann, R.; Schubert, M.; Schreiner, L.; Löck, S.; Sihver, W.; Freudenberg, R.; Hering, S.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Steinbach, J.; Kotzerke, J.; Baumann, M.; Krause, M.

The Impact of Barium Isotopes in Radiopharmacy and Nuclear Medicine – from Past to Presence

Reissig, F.; Kopka, K.; Mamat, C.

Die Bedeutung des Elementes Barium in der Nuklearmedizin

Reissig, F.; Kopka, K.; Mamat, C.

Metal ion size profoundly affects H3glyox chelate chemistry

Choudhary, N.; Barett, K.; Kubeil, M.; Radchenko, V.; Engle, J.; Stephan, H.; de Guadalupe Jaraquemada-Pelaez, M.; Orvig, C.

High denticity oxinate-linearbackbone chelating ligand for diagnostic radiometal ions [111In]In3+ and [89Zr]Zr4+

Southcott, L.; Wang, X.; Wharton, L.; Yang, H.; Radchenko, V.; Kubeil, M.; Stephan, H.; Jaraquemada-Pelaez, M.; Orvig, C.

Radiolabelled Cyclic Bisarylmercury: High Chemical and in vivo Stability for Theranostics

Gilpin, I. M.; Ullrich, M.; Wünsche, T.; Zarschler, K.; Lebeda, O.; Pietzsch, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Walther, M.

Polyoxometalates in Extraction and Sorption Processes

Jelinek, L.; Mištová, E.; Kubeil, M.; Stephan, H.


Recent insights in barium-131 as a diagnostic match for radium-223: cyclotron production, separation, labeling and imaging

Reissig, F.; Bauer, D.; Ullrich, M.; Kreller, M.; Pietzsch, J.; Mamat, C.; Kopka, K.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Walther, M.

A radiopharmacologist's and radiochemist's view on targeting the Eph/ephrin receptor tyrosine kinase system

Neuber, C.; Belter, B.; Mamat, C.; Pietzsch, J.

Light-Activated Carbon Monoxide Prodrugs Based on Bipyridyl Dicarbonyl Ruthenium(II) Complexes

Geri, S.; Krunclova, T.; Janouskova, O.; Panek, J.; Hruby, M.; Hernandez-Valdes, D.; Probst, B.; Alberto, R.; Mamat, C.; Kubeil, M.; Stephan, H.

Cation exchange protocols to radiolabel aqueous stabilized ZnS, ZnSe and CuFeS2 nanocrystals with 64Cu for dual radio- and photo-thermal therapy

Avellini, T.; Soni, N.; Silvestri, N.; Fiorito, S.; de Donato, F.; de Mei, C.; Cassani, M.; Ghosh, S.; Walther, M.; Manna, L.; Stephan, H.; Pellegrino, T.

Contemporary Synthesis of Ultrasmall (sub-10 nm) Upconverting Nanomaterials

Joshi, T.; Mamat, C.; Stephan, H.

Rapid Thermodynamically Stable Complex Formation of [nat/111In]In3+, [nat/90Y]Y3+, and [nat/177Lu]Lu3+ with H6dappa

Kostelnik, T.; Xiaozhu, W.; Southcott, L. D.; Wagner, H.; Kubeil, M.; Stephan, H.; Jaraquemada-Pelaez, M. D. G.; Orvig, C.

Chelation in One Fell Swoop: Optimizing Ligands for Smaller Radiometal Ions

Choudhary, N.; Jaraquemada-Pelaez, M.; Zarschler, K.; Wang, X.; Radchenko, V.; Kubeil, M.; Stephan, H.; Orvig, C.

Recombinant expression of ecto-nucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase 4 (NPP4) and development of a luminescence-based assay to identify inhibitors

Lopez, V.; Lee, S.-Y.; Stephan, H.; Müller, C. E.

Synthesis, radiolabeling and first biological characterization of 18F-labeled xanthine derivatives for PET imaging of Eph receptors

Pretze, M.; Neuber, C.; Kinski, E.; Belter, B.; Köckerling, M.; Caflisch, A.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Mamat, C.

Sub-10 nm Radiolabeled Barium Sulfate Nanoparticles as Carriers for Theranostic Applications and Targeted Alpha Therapy

Reissig, F.; Zarschler, K.; Hübner, R.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Kopka, K.; Mamat, C.

Active Targeting of Dendritic Polyglycerols for Diagnostic Cancer Imaging

Kritee, P.; Neuber, C.; Zarschler, K.; Wodtke, J.; Meister, S.; Rainer, H.; Pietzsch, J.; Stephan, H.

Inhibition of ATP hydrolysis restores airway surface liquid production in cystic fibrosis airway epithelia

van Heusden, C.; Button, B.; Anderson, W. H.; Ceppe, A.; Morton, L. C.; O'Neal, W. K.; Dang, H.; Neil, E. A.; Donaldson, S.; Stephan, H.; Boucher, R. C.; Lazarowski, E. R.

Versatile Bispidine-based Bifunctional Chelators for 64CuII-Labelling of Biomolecules

Singh, G.; Zarschler, K.; Hunoldt, S.; Santana Martinez, I. I.; Rühl, C.; Matterna, M.; Bergmann, R.; Mathe, D.; Hegedüs, N.; Bachmann, M.; Comba, P.; Stephan, H.

Ultrasmall silicon nanoparticles as a promising platform for multimodal imaging

Singh, G.; Ddungu, J. L. Z.; Licciardello, N.; Bergmann, R.; de Cola, L.; Stephan, H.

Synthesis and Characterization of an Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor selective Ru(II) Polypyridyl-Nanobody Conjugate as a Photosensitizer for Photodynamic Therapy

Karges, J.; Jakubaszek, M.; Mari, C.; Zarschler, K.; Goud, B.; Stephan, H.; Gasser, G.

Formation of calix[4]arenes with acyloxycarboxylate functions

Bauer, D.; Stipurin, S.; Köckerling, M.; Mamat, C.


Introduction of the New Center for Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf

Kreller, M.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Walther, M.; Tietze, H.; Kaever, P.; Knieß, T.; Füchtner, F.; Steinbach, J.; Preusche, S.

Synthesis, Structural Characterisation, and Cytotoxicity Studies of Bi, W, and Mo containing Homo- and Hetero-bimetallic Polyoxometalates

Senevirathna, D.; Werrett, M.; Kubeil, M.; Stephan, H.; Andrews, P.

A comparative evaluation of calix[4]arene-1,3-crown-6 as a ligand for selected divalent cations of radiopharmaceutical interest

Bauer, D.; Blumberg, M.; Köckerling, M.; Mamat, C.

Tetranuclear Cu(II)-chiral complexes: Synthesis, characterization and biological activity

Peewasan, K.; Merkel, M. P.; Zarschler, K.; Stephan, H.; Anson, C. E.; Powell, A. K.

Editorial for special issue "Jörg Steinbach"

Mamat, C.

  • Open Access Logo Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals 62(2019)8, 350-351
    DOI: 10.1002/jlcr.3773

A 224Ra-labeled polyoxopalladate as putative radiopharmaceutical

Gott, M.; Yang, P.; Kortz, U.; Stephan, H.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Mamat, C.

Regulation of A375 melanoma cell adhesion and migration by EphB4 and EphrinB2 –insights from co-culture experiments

Neuber, C.; Laube, M.; Mamat, C.; Belter, B.; Pietzsch, J.

Radiochemical and radiopharmacological characterization of a 64Cu-labeled α-MSH analog conjugated with different chelators

Gao, F.; Sihver, W.; Bergmann, R.; Walther, M.; Stephan, H.; Belter, B.; Neuber, C.; Haase-Kohn, C.; Bolzati, C.; Pietzsch, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.

Facile preparation of radium-doped, functionalized nanoparticles as carriers for targeted alpha therapy

Reissig, F.; Hübner, R.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Mamat, C.

Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Photodecarbonylation Study of a Dicarbonyl Ruthenium(II)-Bisquinoline Complex

Kubeil, M.; Joshi, T.; Wood, B. R.; Stephan, H.

Tarnkappen-Technologie für leuchtende Nanopartikeln

Stephan, H.; Zarschler, K.

  • Open Access Logo GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift (2019)8, 55-57

Expression of Glypican-3 is an Independent Prognostic Biomarker in Primary Gastro-Esophageal Adenocarcinoma and Corresponding Serum Exosomes

Rahbari, M.; Pecqueux, M.; Aust, D.; Stephan, H.; Tiebel, O.; Chatzigeorgiou, A.; Tonn, T.; Rao, V.; Ziegler, N.; Greif, H.; Lin, K.; Weitz, J.; Rahbari, N. N.; Kahlert, C.


Towards Utilising Photocrosslinking of Polydiacetylenes for the Preparation of “Stealth” Upconverting Nanoparticles

Nsubuga, A.; Zarschler, K.; Sgarzi, M.; Graham, B.; Stephan, H.; Joshi, T.

Improved Conjugation, 64-Cu Radiolabeling, in Vivo Stability, and Imaging Using Nonprotected Bifunctional Macrocyclic Ligands: Bis(Phosphinate) Cyclam (BPC) Chelators

David, T.; Hlinová, V.; Kubíček, V.; Bergmann, R.; Striese, F.; Berndt, N.; Szöllösi, D.; Hegedus, N.; Mathe, D.; Bachmann, M.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Hermann, P.

NMR-based investigations of acyl-functionalized piperazines concerning their conformational behavior in solution

Steinberg, J.; Köckerling, M.; Wodtke, R.; Löser, R.; Mamat, C.

Synthesis, characterization and initial biological evaluation of [⁹⁹ᵐTc]Tc-tricarbonyl labeled DPA-α-MSH peptide derivatives for potential melanoma imaging

Gao, F.; Sihver, W.; Bergmann, R.; Belter, B.; Bolzati, C.; Salvarese, N.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.

Exploring pitfalls of 64Cu‑labeled EGFR‑targeting peptide GE11 as a potential PET tracer

Striese, F.; Sihver, W.; Gao, F.; Bergmann, R.; Walther, M.; Pietzsch, J.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.

Development of a selective and highly sensitive fluorescence assay for nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase1 (NTPDase1, CD39)

Lee, S.-Y.; Luo, X.; Namasivayam, V.; Geiss, J.; Mirza, S.; Pelletier, J.; Stephan, H.; Sevigny, J.; Müller, C. E.

Preyssler-Pope-Jeannin Polyanions [NaP5W30O110]14- and [AgP5W30O110]14-: Synthesis, Structural Characterization, Electrochemistry, Antiproliferative and Antibacterial Activity

Haider, A.; Zarschler, K.; Joshi, S. A.; Smith, R.; Lin, Z.; Mougharbel, A.; Herzog, U.; Müller, C. E.; Stephan, H.; Kortz, U.

Harnessing the Coordination Chemistry of 1,4,7-Triazacyclononane for Biomimicry and Radiopharmaceutical Applications

Joshi, T.; Kubeil, M.; Nsubuga, A.; Singh, G.; Gasser, G.; Stephan, H.

Biodistribution studies of ultrasmall silicon nanoparticles and carbon dots in experimental rats and tumor mice

Licciardello, N.; Hunoldt, S.; Bergmann, R.; Singh, G.; Mamat, C.; Faramus, A.; Ddungu, J. L. Z.; Silvestrini, S.; Maggini, M.; de Cola, L.; Stephan, H.

Overexpression of receptor tyrosine kinase EphB4 triggers tumor growth and hypoxia in A375 melanoma xenografts: insights from multitracer small animal imaging experiments

Neuber, C.; Belter, B.; Meister, S.; Hofheinz, F.; Bergmann, R.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Pietzsch, J.

Modified Calix[4]crowns as Molecular Receptors for Barium

Steinberg, J.; Bauer, D.; Reissig, F.; Köckerling, M.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Mamat, C.

Facile Preparation of Multifunctionalisable ‘Stealth’ Upconverting Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications

Nsubuga, A.; Sgarzi, M.; Zarschler, K.; Kubeil, M.; Hübner, R.; Steudtner, R.; Graham, B.; Joshi, T.; Stephan, H.

Rapid synthesis of sub-10 nm hexagonal NaYF4-based upconverting nanoparticles using Therminol 66

Hesse, J.; Klier, D. T.; Sgarzi, M.; Nsubuga, A.; Bauer, C.; Grenzer, J.; Hübner, R.; Wislicenus, M.; Joshi, T.; Kumke, M. U.; Stephan, H.

Chelation of heavy group 2 (radio)metals by p-tert-butylcalix[4]arene-1,3-crown-6 and logK determination via NMR

Bauer, D.; Gott, M.; Steinbach, J.; Mamat, C.

Facile Silylation of Cyclitols using Silyl-bis(triflates)

Topp, A.; Köckerling, M.; Reinke, H.; Miethchen, R.; Mamat, C.

Recent Progress using the Staudinger Ligation for Radiolabeling Applications

Mamat, C.; Gott, M.; Steinbach, J.

Structural and kinetic considerations for the application of the traceless Staudinger ligation to future 18F radiolabeling using XRD and 19F-NMR

Köckerling, M.; Mamat, C.


Preparation of 18F-labeled building blocks for peptide conjugation using the "minimalist" approach

Omrane, M. A.; Zlatopolskiy, B. D.; Urusova, E.; Mamat, C.; Feni, L.; Neundorf, I.; Neumaier, B.

  • Poster
    22nd International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (ISRS 2017), Dresden, 14.-19.05.2017, Dresden, Deutschland
  • Open Access Logo Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals 60(2017)S1, S261
    DOI: 10.1002/jlcr.3508
    Cited 1 times in Scopus

Evaluation of Ba/Ra Polyoxopalladates for Radiopharmaceutical Applications

Gott, M.; Yang, P.; Kortz, U.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Steinbach, J.; Mamat, C.

  • Poster
    22nd International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (ISRS 2017), Dresden, 14.-19.05.2017, Dresden, Deutschland
  • Open Access Logo Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals 60(2017)S1, S559
    DOI: 10.1002/jlcr.3508
    Cited 1 times in Scopus

Novel Functionalized Calixarenes as Host Molecules for Complexation with Alkaline Earth Metals

Steinberg, J.; Gott, M.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Steinbach, J.; Mamat, C.

  • Poster
    22nd International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (ISRS 2017), Dresden, 14.-19.05.2017, Dresden, Deutschland
  • Open Access Logo Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals 60(2017)S1, S488
    DOI: 10.1002/jlcr.3508
    Cited 1 times in Scopus

Detection of Auger Electron Induced Strand Breaks on Plasmid DNA Caused by Technetium-99m Labeled Pyrene Derivatives

Wunderlich, G.; Reissig, F.; Mamat, C.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Kotzerke, J.; Steinbach, J.

  • Poster
    22nd International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (ISRS 2017), Dresden, 14.-19.05.2017, Dresden, Deutschland
  • Open Access Logo Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals 60(2017)S1, S365
    DOI: 10.1002/jlcr.3508
    Cited 1 times in Scopus

Studies of carbon monoxide release from ruthenium(II) bipyridine carbonyl complexes upon UV light exposure

Kubeil, M.; Vernooij, R. R.; Kubeil, C.; Wood, B. R.; Graham, B.; Stephan, H.; Spiccia, L.

Expression of ecto-nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolases-2 and -3 by the enteric nervous system impacts inflammation in experimental colitis and Crohn’s disease

Feldbrügge, L.; Moss, A. C.; Yee, E. U.; Csizmadia, E.; Mitsuhashi, S.; Longhi, M. S.; Stephan, H.; Wu, Y.; Cheifetz, A. S.; Müller, C. E.; Sevigny, J.; Robson, S. C.; Jiang, Z. G.

Preparation of a novel radiotracer targeting the EphB4 receptor via radiofluorination using spiro azetidinium salts as precursor

Wiemer, J.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Mamat, C.

Surface charge and particle size determine the metabolic fate of dendritic polyglycerols

Pant, K.; Pufe, J.; Zarschler, K.; Bergmann, R.; Steinbach, J.; Reimann, S.; Haag, R.; Pietzsch, J.; Stephan, H.

A novel nanobody-based target module for retargeting of T lymphocytes to EGFR-expressing cancer cells via the modular UniCAR platform

Albert, S.; Arndt, C.; Feldmann, A.; Bergmann, R.; Bachmann, D.; Koristka, S.; Ludwig, F.; Ziller-Walter, P.; Kegler, A.; Gärtner, S.; Schmitz, M.; Ehninger, A.; Cartellieri, M.; Ehninger, G.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Pietzsch, J.; Steinbach, J.; Bachmann, M.

A novel tumor pretargeting system based on complementary L-configured oligonucleotides

Schubert, M.; Bergmann, R.; Förster, C.; Sihver, W.; Vonhoff, S.; Klussmann, S.; Bethge, L.; Walther, M.; Schlesinger, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.

X-ray Structures of Succinimidyl Halobenzoates

Mamat, C.; Weiss, D.-H.; Köckerling, M.

Zwitterionic Modification of Ultra-Small Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Reduced Protein Corona Formation

Pombo-Garcia, K.; Rühl, C.; Lam, R.; Ang, C.-S.; Scammells, P. J.; Comba, P.; Spiccia, L.; Graham, B.; Joshi, T.; Stephan, H.

Distribution and kinetics of the Kv1.3-blocking peptide HsTX1[R14A] in experimental rats

Bergmann, R.; Kubeil, M.; Zarschler, K.; Chhabra, S.; Tajhya, R. B.; Beeton, C.; Pennington, M. W.; Bachmann, M.; Norton, R. S.; Stephan, H.

Substrate-dependence of competitive nucleotide pyrophosphatase / phosphodiesterase1 (NPP1)

Lee, S.-Y.; Sarkar, S.; Bhattarai, S.; Namasivayam, V.; de Jonghe, S.; Stephan, H.; Herdewijn, P.; El-Tayeb, A.; Müller, C. E.

Radiolabelled polymeric materials for imaging and treatment of cancer: Quo Vadis?

Pant, K.; Sedláček, O.; Nadar, R. A.; Hrubý, M.; Stephan, H.


New insights into the pretargeting approach to image and treat tumours

Patra, M.; Zarschler, K.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Stephan, H.; Gasser, G.

Melanoma targeting with [99mTc(N)(PNP3)]-labeled α-melanocyte stimulating hormone peptide analogs: Effects of cyclization on the radiopharmaceutical properties

Carta, D.; Salvarese, N.; Morellato, N.; Gao, F.; Sihver, W.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Biondi, B.; Ruzza, P.; Refosco, F.; Carpanese, D.; Rosato, A.; Bolzati, C.

Zwitterionic polymer-coated ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles with low protein interaction and high biocompatibility

Pombo-García, K.; Weiss, S.; Zarschler, K.; Ang, C.-S.; Hübner, R.; Pufe, J.; Meister, S.; Seidel, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Spiccia, L.; Stephan, H.; Graham, B.

Polyglycerol-Based Copper Chelators for the Transport and Release of Copper Ions in Biological Environments

Albrecht, R.; Fehse, S.; Pant, K.; Nowag, S.; Stephan, H.; Haag, R.; Tzschucke, C. C.

Direct and Auger electron-induced, single- and double-strand breaks on plasmid DNA caused by 99mTc-labeled pyrene derivatives and the effect of bonding distance

Reissig, F.; Mamat, C.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Freudenberg, R.; Kotzerke, J.; Wunderlich, G.

Ultrasmall inorganic nanoparticles: state-of-the-art and perspectives for biomedical applications

Zarschler, K.; Rocks, L.; Licciardello, N.; Boselli, L.; Polo, E.; Pombo Garcia, K.; de Cola, L.; Stephan, H.; Dawson, K. A.

Nuclear and optical dual-labelled imaging agents: Design and challenges

Singh, G.; Gott, M.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Stephan, H.

  • Open Access Logo Nuklearmedizin 55(2016)2, 41-50

Synthesis, dynamic NMR characterization and XRD studies of novel N,N’-substituted piperazines for bioorthogonal labeling

Mamat, C.; Pretze, M.; Gott, M.; Köckerling, M.

The Radiochemical and radiopharmaceutical applications of radium

Gott, M.; Steinbach, J.; Mamat, C.

Radiopharmacological characterization of 64Cu-labeled α-MSH analogs for potential use in imaging of malignant melanoma

Gao, F.; Sihver, W.; Jurischka, C.; Bergmann, R.; Haase-Kohn, C.; Belter, B.; Steinbach, J.; Carta, D.; Bolzati, C.; Calderan, A.; Pietzsch, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.


Cyclam Derivatives with a Bis(phosphinate) or a Phosphinato−Phosphonate Pendant Arm: Ligands for Fast and Efficient Copper(II) Complexation for Nuclear Medical Applications

David, T.; Kubićek, V.; Gutten, O.; Lubal, P.; Kotek, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Rulíśek, L.; Hermann, P.

18F-Labeled 1,4-Dioxa-8-azaspiro[4.5]decane Derivative: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of a σ1 Receptor Radioligand with Low Lipophilicity as Potent Tumor Imaging Agent

Xie, F.; Bergmann, R.; Kniess, T.; Deuther-Conrad, W.; Mamat, C.; Neuber, C.; Liu, B.; Steinbach, J.; Brust, P.; Pietzsch, J.; Jia, H.

Methods to increase the metabolic stability of 18F-radiotracers

Kuchar, M.; Mamat, C.

In vivo Demonstration of an Active Tumor Pretargeting Approach with Peptide Nucleic Acid Bioconjugates as Complementary System

Leonidova, A.; Foerster, C.; Zarschler, K.; Schubert, M.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Steinbach, J.; Bergmann, R.; Metzler-Nolte, N.; Stephan, H.; Gasser, G.

Copper(II) cyclam complexes with N-propionic acid pendant arms

Kubeil, M.; Zarschler, K.; Pietzsch, J.; Kraus, W.; Comba, P.; Stephan, H.

Novel indole-based sigma-2 receptor ligands: synthesis, structure–affinity relationship and antiproliferative activity

Xie, F.; Kniess, T.; Neuber, C.; Deuther-Conrad, W.; Mamat, C.; Liebermann, B. P.; Liu, B.; Mach, R. H.; Brust, P.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Jia, H.

Synthesis and Molecular Structure of 2-(Diphenylphosphano) phenyl Benzoate Borane Adduct

Mamat, C.; Köckerling, M.

CuII-selective bispidine–dye conjugates

Bronx, D.; Comba, P.; Herten, D.-P.; Kimmle, E.; Morgen, M.; Rühl, C. L.; Rybina, A.; Stephan, H.; Storch, G.; Wadepohl, H.

Synthesis and Biodistribution Studies of 3H- and 64Cu-labeled Dendritic Polyglycerol and Dendritic Polyglycerol Sulfate

Pant, K.; Gröger, D.; Bergmann, R.; Pietzsch, J.; Steinbach, J.; Graham, B.; Spiccia, L.; Berthon, F.; Czarny, B.; Devel, L.; Dive, V.; Stephan, H.; Haag, R.

Development of indazolylpyrimidine derivatives as high-affine EphB4 receptor ligands and potential PET-radiotracers

Ebert, K.; Wiemer, J.; Caballero, J.; Köckerling, M.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, J.; Mamat, C.

Theranostic mercury: 197(m)Hg with high specific activity for imaging and therapy

Walther, M.; Preusche, S.; Bartel, S.; Wunderlich, G.; Freudenberg, R.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.

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