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Final Results of the Prospective Biomarker Trial PETra: [11C]-MET-Accumulation in Postoperative PET/MRI Predicts Outcome after Radiochemotherapy in Glioblastoma

Seidlitz, A.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Löck, S.; Jentsch, C.; Platzek, I.; Zöphel, K.; Linge, A.; Kotzerke, J.; Petr, J.; van den Hoff, J.; Steinbach, J.; Krex, D.; Schmitz-Schackert, G.; Falk, M.; Baumann, M.; Krause, M.

Epileptogenic zone detection in MRI negative epilepsy using adaptive thresholding of arterial spin labeling data

Gajdoš, M.; Říha, P.; Kojan, M.; Doležalová, I.; Mutsaerts, H. J. M. M.; Petr, J.; Rektor, I.

Using perfusion contrast for spatial normalization of ASL MRI images in a pediatric craniosynostosis population

de Planque, C. A.; Mutsaerts, H. J. M. M.; Keil, V. C. W.; Erler, N. S.; Dremmen, M. H. G.; Mathijssen, I. M. J.; Petr, J.

From research to clinical practice: a European neuroradiological survey on quantitative advanced MRI implementation

Manfrini, E.; Smits, M.; Thust, S.; Geiger, S.; Bendella, Z.; Petr, J.; Solymosi, L.; Keil, V. C.

Effects of Acquisition Parameter Modifications and Field Strength on the Reproducibility of Brain Perfusion Measurements Using Arterial Spin-Labeling

Baas, K.; Petr, J.; Kuijer, J.; Nederveen, A.; Mutsaerts, H.-J.; van de Ven, K.

GliMR: Cross-border collaborations to promote advanced MRI biomarkers in glioma

Clement, P.; Borovecki, F.; Emblem, K. E.; Figueiredo, P.; Hirschler, L.; Jancalek, R.; Keil, V. C.; Maumet, C.; Ozsunar, Y.; Pernet, C.; Petr, J.; Pinto, J.; Smits, M.; Warnert, E. A. H.

A convolutional neural network for fully automated blood SUV determination to facilitate SUR computation in oncological FDG-PET

Nikulin, P.; Hofheinz, F.; Maus, J.; Li, Y.; Bütof, R.; Lange, C.; Furth, C.; Zschaeck, S.; Kreissl, M. C.; Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.

Antihypertensive use differentially associated with lower cerebral blood flow in older people with hypertension

van Dalen, J. W.; Mutsaerts, H. J.; Petr, J.; Caan, M. W.; Moll Van Charante, E. P.; Macintosh, B. J.; van Gool, W. A.; Nederveen, A. J.; Richard, E.

Dose dependent cerebellar atrophy in glioma patients after radio(chemo)therapy

Raschke, F.; Seidlitz, A.; Wesemann, T.; Löck, S.; Jentsch, C.; Platzek, I.; Petr, J.; van den Hoff, J.; Kotzerke, J.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Baumann, M.; Linn, J.; Krause, M.; Troost, E. G. C.

The effects of intracranial stenosis on cerebral perfusion and cognitive performance

Hilal, S.; Mutsaerts, H. J. M. M.; Ferro, D. A.; Petr, J.; Kuijf, H.; Biessels, G. J.; Chen, C. P. L. H.

Hemodynamic impairments within individual watershed areas in asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis by multimodal MRI

Kaczmarz, S.; Goettler, J.; Petr, J.; Hansen, M. B.; Mouridsen, K.; Zimmer, C.; Hyder, F.; Preibisch, C.


PET measured hypoxia and MRI parameters in re-irradiated head and neck squamous cell carcinomas: findings of a prospective pilot study

Rogasch, J.; Beck, M.; Stromberger, C.; Hofheinz, F.; Ghadjar, P.; Wust, W.; Budach, V.; Amthauer, H.; Tinhofer, I.; Furth, C.; Walter-Rittel, T.; Zschaeck, S.

KRAS mutation effects on the 2-[18F]FDG PET uptake of colorectal adenocarcinoma metastases in the liver

Popovic, M.; Talarico, O.; van den Hoff, J.; Kunin, H.; Zhang, Z.; Lafontaine, D.; Dogan, S.; Leung, J.; Kaye, E.; Czmielewski, C.; Et Al, S.

Short-duration dynamic FDG PET imaging: Optimization and clinical application

Samimi, R.; Kamali-Asl, A.; Geramifar, P.; van den Hoff, J.; Rahmim, A.

Asphericity of tumor FDG uptake in non-small cell lung cancer: Reproducibility and implications for harmonization in multicenter studies

Rogasch, J.; Furth, C.; Bluemel, S.; Radojewski, P.; Amthauer, H.; Hofheinz, F.

A FDG-PET radiomics signature detects esophageal squamous cell carcinoma patients who do not benefit from chemoradiation

Li, Y.; Beck, M.; Päßler, T.; Lili, C.; Wu, H.; Ha, D.; Amthauer, H.; Biebl, M.; Thuss-Patience, P.; Berger, J.; Stromberger, C.; Tinhofer, I.; Kruppa, J.; Budach, V.; Hofheinz, F.; Lin, Q.; Zschaeck, S.

Prognostic value of baseline [18F]-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography parameters MTV, TLG and asphericity in an international multicenter cohort of nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients

Zschaeck, S.; Li, Y.; Lin, Q.; Beck, M.; Amthauer, H.; Bauersachs, L.; Hajiyianni, M.; Rogasch, J.; Ehrhardt, V. H.; Kalinauskaite, G.; Weingärtner, J.; Hartmann, V.; van den Hoff, J.; Budach, V.; Stromberger, C.; Hofheinz, F.

Combined tumor plus nontumor interim FDG‐PET parameters are prognostic for response to chemoradiation in squamous cell esophageal cancer

Zschaeck, S.; Li, Y.; Bütof, R.; Lili, C.; Hua, W.; Troost, E.; Beck, M.; Amthauer, H.; Kaul, D.; Kotzerke, J.; Baur, A.; Ghadjar, P.; Baumann, M.; Krause, M.; Hofheinz, F.

Reconstructed spatial resolution and contrast recovery with Bayesian penalized likelihood reconstruction (Q.Clear) for FDG-PET compared to time-of-flight (TOF) with point spread function (PSF)

Rogasch, J.; Suleiman, S.; Hofheinz, F.; Bluemel, S.; Lukas, M.; Amthauer, H.; Furth, C.

Olfactory dysfunction correlates with putaminal dopamine turnover in early de novo Parkinson’s disease

Löhle, M.; Wolz, M.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Oehme, L.; van den Hoff, J.; Kotzerke, J.; Reichmann, H.; Storch, A.

Individual patient data meta-analysis of FMISO and FAZA hypoxia PET scans from head and neck cancer patients undergoing definitive radio-chemotherapy

Zschaeck, S.; Löck, S.; Hofheinz, F.; Zips, D.; Mortensen, L.; Zöphel, K.; Troost, E. G. C.; Boeke, D.; Saksoe, M.; Mönnich, D.; Seidlitz, A.; Johansen, J.; Skripcak, T.; Gregoire, V.; Overgaard, J.; Baumann, M.; Krause, M.

Accurate MR image registration to anatomical reference space for diffuse glioma

Visser, M.; Petr, J.; Müller, D. M.; Eijgelaar, R. S.; Hendriks, E. J.; Witte, M.; Barkhof, F.; van Herk, M.; Mutsaerts, H. J.; de Munck, J. C.; Vrenken, H.; de Witt Hamer, P. C.

The sigma-1 receptor: potential role in the modulation of cellular radiation sensitivity

Belter, B.; Deuther-Conrad, W.; Hofheinz, F.; Bachmann, M.; Brust, P.; Pietzsch, J.

Cerebral Oxygen Metabolism in Adults with Sickle Cell Disease

Václavů, L.; Petr, J.; Petersen, E. T.; Mutsaerts, H. J. M. M.; Majoie, C. B. L.; Wood, J. C.; Vanbavel, E.; Nederveen, A. J.; Biemond, B. J.

ExploreASL: an image processing pipeline for multi-center ASL perfusion MRI studies

Mutsaerts, H. J.; Petr, J.; Groot, P. F.; Vandemaele, P.; Ingala, S.; Robertson, A. D.; Vaclavu, L.; Groote, I.; Kuijf, H.; Zelaya, F.; O'Daly, O.; Hilal, S.; Wink, A. M.; Kant, I.; Caan, M.; Morgan, C.; de Bresser, J.; Lysvik, E.; Schrantee, A.; Bjornebekk, A.; Clement, P.; Shirzadi, Z.; Kuijer, J.; Anazodo, U.; Pajkrt, D.; Richard, E.; Bokkers, R.; Reneman, L.; Masellis, M.; Guenther, M.; Macintosh, B.; Achten, E.; Chappell, M.; van Osch, M.; Golay, X.; Thomas, D.; de Vita, E.; Bjornerud, A.; Nederveen, A.; Hendrikse, J.; Asllani, I.; Barkhof, F.

Validation of an independent prognostic value of the asphericity of F18-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) uptake in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients undergoing treatment in curative intent

Rogasch, J.; Furth, C.; Chibolela, C.; Hofheinz, F.; Ochsenreither, S.; Rückert, J.; Neudecker, J.; Böhmer, D.; Laffert, M.; Amthauer, H.; Frost, N.

Spatial Coefficient of Variation of Arterial Spin Labeling MRI as a Cerebrovascular Correlate of Carotid Occlusive Disease

Mutsaerts, H. J. M. M.; Petr, J.; Bokkers, R. P. H.; Lazar, R. M.; Marshall, R. S.; Asllani, I.

Cortical microinfarcts in memory clinic patients are associated with reduced cerebral perfusion

Ferro, D.; Mutsaerts, H.; Hilal, S.; Kuijf, H.; Petersen, E. T.; Petr, J.; van Veluw, S.; Venketasubramanian, N.; Yeow, T. B.; Biessels, G. J.; Chen, C.


Correlation between FMISO-PET based hypoxia in the primary tumour and in lymph node metastases in locally advanced HNSCC patients

Bandurska-Luque, A.; Löck, S.; Haase, R.; Richter, C.; Zöphel, K.; Perrin, R.; Appold, S.; Krause, M.; Steinbach, J.; Kotzerke, J.; Hofheinz, F.; Zips, D.; Baumann, M.; Troost, E. G. C.

Confirmation of the prognostic value of pretherapeutic tumor SUR and MTV in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Hofheinz, F.; Li, Y.; Steffen, I.; Lin, Q.; Lili, C.; Hua, W.; van den Hoff, J.; Zschaeck, S.

Comparison of Static and Dynamic 18F-FDG PET/CT for Quantification of Pulmonary Inflammation in Acute Lung Injury

Braune, A.; Hofheinz, F.; Bluth, T.; Kiss, T.; Wittenstein, J.; Scharffenberg, M.; Kotzerke, J.; Gama De Abreu, M.

Biomaterials in repairing rat femoral defects: in vivo insights from small animal positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) studies

Neuber, C.; Schulze, S.; Förster, Y.; Hofheinz, F.; Wodke, J.; Möller, S.; Schnabelrauch, M.; Hintze, V.; Scharnweber, D.; Rammelt, S.; Pietzsch, J.

  • Open Access Logo Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation 73(2019), 177-194
    DOI: 10.3233/CH-199208

The association of intra-therapeutic heterogeneity of somatostatin receptor expression with morphological treatment response in patients undergoing PRRT with [177Lu]-DOTATATE

Wetz, C.; Genseke, P.; Apostolova, I.; Furth, C.; Ghazzawi, S.; Rogasch, J.; Schatka, I.; Kreissl, M.; Hofheinz, F.; Grosser, O.; Amthauer, H.

Late life brain perfusion after prenatal famine exposure

de Rooij, S. R.; Mutsaerts, H. M.; Petr, J.; Asllani, I.; Caan, M. W.; Groot, P.; Nederveen, A.; Schwab, M.; Roseboom, T. J.

Interobserver variability of image-derived arterial blood SUV in whole-body FDG PET

Hofheinz, F.; Maus, J.; Zschaeck, S.; Rogasch, J.; Schramm, G.; Oehme, L.; Apostolova, I.; Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.

Time efficient scatter correction for time-of-flight PET: the immediate scatter approximation

Nikulin, P.; Maus, J.; Hofheinz, F.; Lougovski, A.; van den Hoff, J.

FDG-PET/MRI in patients with pelvic recurrence of rectal cancer: first clinical experiences

Plodeck, V.; Rahbari, N.; Weitz, J.; Radosa, C.; Laniado, M.; Hoffmann, R.; Zoephel, K.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.; Platzek, I.

Cerebral perfusion changes in presymptomatic genetic frontotemporal dementia: a GENFI study

Mutsaerts, H. J. M. M.; Mirza, S. S.; Petr, J.; Thomas, D. L.; Cash, D. M.; Bocchetta, M.; de Vita, E.; Metcalfe, A. W.; Shirzadi, Z.; Robertson, A. D.; Carmela Tartaglia, M.; Mitchell, S. B.; Black, S. E.; Freedman, M.; Tang-Wai, D.; Keren, R.; Rogaeva, E.; van Swieten, J.; Laforce, R. J.; Tagliavini, F.; Borroni, B.; Galimberti, D.; Rowe, J. B.; Graff, C.; Frisoni, G. B.; Finger, E.; Sorbi, S.; de Mendonça, A.; Rohrer, J. D.; Macintosh, B. J.; Masellis, M.

Prognostic value of SUR in patients with trimodality treatment of locally advanced esophageal carcinoma

Bütof, R.; Hofheinz, F.; Zöphel, K.; Schmollack, J.; Jentsch, C.; Zschaeck, S.; Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.; Michael Baumann, M.


Pretherapeutic FDG–PET total metabolic tumor volume predicts response to induction therapy in pediatric Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Rogasch, J.; Hundsdoerfer, P.; Hofheinz, F.; Wedel, F.; Schatka, I.; Amthauer, H.; Furth, C.

In vivo confirmation of altered hepatic glucose metabolism in patients with liver fibrosis/cirrhosis by 18F-FDG PET/CT

Verloh, N.; Einspieler, I.; Utpatel, K.; Menhart, K.; Brunner, S.; Hofheinz, F.; van den Hoff, J.; Wiggermann, P.; Evert, M.; Stroszczynski, C.; Hellwig, D.; Grosse, J.

Cerebrovascular Reactivity during Prolonged Breath-Hold in Experienced Freedivers

Keil, V.; Eichhorn, L.; Mutsaerts, H.; Träber, F.; Block, W.; Mädler, B.; van de Ven, K.; Siero, J.; Macintosh, B.; Petr, J.; Fimmers, R.; Schild, H.; Hattingen, E.

Monitoring scanner calibration using the image derived arterial blood SUV in whole-body FDG-PET

Maus, J.; Hofheinz, F.; Apostolova, I.; Kreissl, M. C.; Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.

Related publications

Increased evidence for the prognostic value of late-treatment FDG-PET uptake in non-tumor affected oesophagus in irradiated patients with oesophageal carcinomas

Li, Y.; Hofheinz, F.; Furth, C.; Lili, C.; Hua, W.; Ghadjar, P.; Zschaeck, S.

Effects of systematic partial volume errors on the computation of mean gray matter cerebral blood flow with Arterial Spin Labeling MRI

Petr, J.; Mutsaerts, H. J. M. M.; de Vita, E.; Steketee, R. M. E.; Smits, M.; Nederveen, A. J.; Hofheinz, F.; van den Hoff, J.; Asllani, I.

Overexpression of receptor tyrosine kinase EphB4 triggers tumor growth and hypoxia in A375 melanoma xenografts: insights from multitracer small animal imaging experiments

Neuber, C.; Belter, B.; Meister, S.; Hofheinz, F.; Bergmann, R.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Pietzsch, J.

Photon vs. proton radiochemotherapy: effects on brain tissue volume and perfusion

Petr, J.; Platzek, I.; Hofheinz, F.; Mutsaerts, H.; Asllani, I.; van Osch, M.; Seidlitz, A.; Krukowski, P.; Gommlich, A.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Jentsch, C.; Maus, J.; Troost, E.; Baumann, M.; Krause, M.; van den Hoff, J.

Comparison of arterial spin labeling registration strategies in the multi-center GENetic frontotemporal dementia initiative (GENFI)

Mutsaerts, H. J. M. M.; Petr, J.; Thomas, D. L.; de Vita, E.; Cash, D. M.; van Osch, M. J. P.; Golay, X.; Groot, P. F. C.; Ourselin, S.; van Swieten, J.; Laforce, R.; Tagliavini, F.; Borroni, B.; Galimberti, D.; Rowe, J. B.; Graff, C.; D. Pizzini, F. B.; Finger, E.; Sorbi, S.; Castelo Branco, M.; Rohrer, J. D.; Masellis, M.; Macintosh, B. J.


Quantification: there is more to worry about than good scanner hardware and reliable calibration

Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.

Nitric oxide-releasing selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors as promising radiosensitizers in melanoma cells in vitro

Bechmann, N.; Hauser, S.; Hofheinz, F.; Kniess, T.; Pietzsch, J.

  • Open Access Logo Annals of Radiation Therapy and Oncology 1(2017)2, 1010

Potential of asphericity as a novel diagnostic parameter in the evaluation of patients with Ga-68-PSMA-HBED-CC PET-positive prostate cancer lesions

Meissner, S.; Janssen, J.; Prasad, V.; Brenner, W.; Diederichs, G.; Hamm, B.; Hofheinz, F.; Makowski, M.

Individualized risk assessment in neuroblastoma: does the tumoral metabolic activity on 123I-MIBG SPECT predict the outcome?

Rogasch, J.; Hundsdoerfer, P.; Furth, C.; Wedel, F.; Hofheinz, F.; Krüger, P.; Lode, H.; Brenner, W.; Eggert, A.; Amthauer, H.; Schatka, I.

Increased FDG uptake on late-treatment PET in non-tumour-affected oesophagus is prognostic for pathological complete response and disease recurrence in patients undergoing neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy

Zschaeck, S.; Hofheinz, F.; Zöphel, K.; Bütof, R.; Jentsch, C.; Schmollack, J.; Löck, S.; Kotzerke, J.; Baretton, G.; Weitz, J.; Baumann, M.; Krause, M.

Test-retest variability of lesion SUV and lesion SUR in 18F-FDG PET: an analysis of data from two prospective multicenter trials

Hofheinz, F.; Apostolova, I.; Oehme, L.; Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.

FDG PET/MR in initial staging of sarcoma: Initial experience and comparison with conventional imaging

Platzek, I.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Schramm, G.; Maus, J.; Laniado, M.; Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.; Schuler, M.

The spatial coefficient of variation in arterial spin labeling cerebral blood flow images

Mutsaerts, H. J.; Petr, J.; Václavů, L.; van Dalen, J. W.; Robertson, A. D.; Caan, M. W.; Masellis, M.; Nederveen, A. J.; Richard, E.; Macintosh, B. J.

Predictive Value of Asphericity in Pretherapeutic [111In]DTPA-Octreotide SPECT/CT for Response to Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy with [177Lu]DOTATATE

Wetz, C.; Apostolova, I.; Steffen, I. G.; Hofheinz, F.; Furth, C.; Kupitz, D.; Ruf, J.; Venerito, M.; Klose, S.; Amthauer, H.


Moments-based ultrasound visual servoing: from mono to multi-plane approach

Nadeau, C.; Krupa, A.; Petr, J.; Barillot, C.

The asphericity of the metabolic tumour volume in NSCLC: correlation with histopathology and molecular markers

Apostolova, I.; Ego, K.; Steffen, I. G.; Buchert, R.; Wertzel, H.; Achenbach, J.; Riedel, S.; Schreiber, J.; Schultz, M.; Furth, C.; Derlin, T.; Amthauer, H.; Hofheinz, F.; Kalinski, T.

Comparative evaluation of SUV, tumor-to-blood standard uptake ratio (SUR), and dual time point measurements for assessment of the metabolic uptake rate in FDG PET

Hofheinz, F.; van den Hoff, J.; Steffen, I. G.; Lougovski, A.; Ego, K.; Amthauer, H.; Apostolova, I.

Putaminal dopamine turnover in de novo Parkinson disease predicts later motor complications

Loehle, M.; Mende, J.; Wolz, M.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Oehme, L.; van den Hoff, J.; Kotzerke, J.; Reichmann, H.; Storch, A.

Synthesis and kinetic characterisation of water-soluble fluorogenic acyl donors for transglutaminase 2

Wodtke, R.; Schramm, G.; Pietzsch, J.; Pietsch, M.; Löser, R.

An investigation of the relation between tumor-to-liver ratio (TLR) and tumor-to-blood standard uptake ratio (SUR) in oncological FDG PET.

Hofheinz, F.; Bütof, R.; Apostolova, I.; Zöphel, K.; Steffen, I. G.; Amthauer, H.; Kotzerke, J.; Baumann, M.; van den Hoff, J.

Early and late effects of radiochemotherapy on cerebral blood flow in glioblastoma patients measured with non-invasive perfusion MRI

Petr, J.; Platzek, I.; Seidlitz, A.; Mutsaerts, H. J. M. M.; Hofheinz, F.; Schramm, G.; Maus, J.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Krause, M.; van den Hoff, J.


Positron emission tomography 2013 in Germany: Results of the query and current status

Kotzerke, J.; Oehme, L.; Grosse, J.; Hellwig, D.; Bartenstein, P.; Baum, R. P.; Buck, A. K.; Burchert, W.; Dietlein, M.; Drzezga, A.; Haberkorn, U.; Herrmann, K.; Kluge, R.; Krause, B. J.; Müller, H.-W.; Kuwert, T.; Nitzsche, E.; Reuland, P.; Scheidhauer, K.; Schwaiger, M.; Stabell, U.; van den Hoff, J.; Weber, W.

Increased evidence for the prognostic value of primary tumor asphericity in pretherapeutic FDG PET for risk stratification in patients with head and neck cancer.

Hofheinz, F.; Lougovski, A.; Zöphel, K.; Hentschel, M.; Steffen, I. G.; Apostolova, I.; Wedel, F.; Buchert, R.; Baumann, M.; Brenner, W.; Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.

Probleme der SUV-Quantifizierung in der Positronenemissionstomografie und mögliche Lösungswege/Problems of SUV Quantification in Positron Emission Tomography and Possible Solutions

van den Hoff, J.; Hofheinz, F.

Prognostic Value of Pretherapeutic Tumor-to-Blood Standardized Uptake Ratio in Patients with Esophageal Carcinoma

Bütof, R.; Hofheinz, F.; Zöphel, K.; Stadelmann, T.; Schmollack, J.; Jentsch, C.; Loeck, S.; Kotzerke, J.; Baumann, M.; van den Hoff, J.

Correction of quantification errors in pelvic and spinal lesions caused by ignoring higher photon attenuation of bone in [18F]NaF PET/MR

Schramm, G.; Maus, J.; Hofheinz, F.; Petr, J.; Lougovski, A.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Oehme, L.; Platzek, I.; van den Hoff, J.

Evaluation of in vivo quantification accuracy of the Ingenuity-TF PET/MR

Maus, J.; Schramm, G.; Hofheinz, F.; Oehme, L.; Lougovski, A.; Petr, J.; Platzek, I.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Steinbach, J.; Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.

18F-FDG PET/MRI for therapy response assessment in sarcoma: Comparison of PET and MR imaging results

Schuler, M. K.; Platzek, I.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Fenchel, M.; Ehninger, G. E.; van den Hoff, J.

Repeatability of tumor SUV quantification: the role of variable blood SUV

van den Hoff, J.; Hofheinz, F.

On the relation between Kaiser-Bessel blob and tube of response based modelling of the system matrix in iterative PET image reconstruction

Lougovski, A.; Hofheinz, F.; Maus, J.; Schramm, G.; van den Hoff, J.

Combined PET/MR: The Real Work Has Just Started. Summary Report of the Third International Workshop on PET/MR Imaging; February 17-21, 2014, Tubingen, Germany

Bailey, D. L.; Antoch, G.; Bartenstein, P.; Barthel, H.; Beer, A. J.; Bisdas, S.; Bluemke, D. A.; Boellaard, R.; Claussen, C. D.; Franzius, C.; Hacker, M.; Hricak, H.; La Fougere, C.; Guckel, B.; Nekolla, S. G.; Pichler, B. J.; Purz, S.; Quick, H. H.; Sabri, O.; Sattler, B.; Schafer, J.; Schmidt, H.; van den Hoff, J.; Voss, S.; Weber, W.; Wehrl, H. F.; Beyer, T.

The association of tumor-to-background ratios and SUVmax deviations related to point spread function and time-of-flight F18-FDG-PET/CT reconstruction in colorectal liver metastases

Rogasch, J. M. M.; Steffen, I. G.; Hofheinz, F.; Großer, O. S.; Furth, C.; Mohnike, K.; Hass, P.; Walke, M.; Apostolova, I.; Amthauer, H.

Accuracy of parenchymal cerebral blood flow measurements using pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling in healthy volunteers

Ambarki, K.; Wåhlin, A.; Zarrinkoob, L.; Wirestam, R.; Petr, J.; Malm, J.; Eklund, A.


Quantitative assessment of the asphericity of pretherapeutic FDG uptake as an independent predictor of outcome in NSCLC.

Apostolova, I.; Rogasch, J.; Buchert, R.; Wertzel, H.; Achenbach, H. J.; Schreiber, J.; Riedel, S.; Furth, C.; Lougovski, A.; Schramm, G.; Hofheinz, F.; Amthauer, H.; Steffen, I. G.

The influence of different signal-to-background ratios on spatial resolution and F18-FDG-PET quantification using point spread function and time-of-flight reconstruction

Rogasch, J. M. M.; Hofheinz, F.; Lougovski, A.; Furth, C.; Ruf, J.; Großer, O. S.; Mohnike, K.; Hass, P.; Walke, M.; Amthauer, H.; Steffen, I. G.

FDG PET/MR for the Assessment of Lymph Node Involvement in Lymphoma: Initial Results and Role of Diffusion-Weighted MR

Platzek, I.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Ordemann, R.; Maus, J.; Schramm, G.; Kitzler, H. H.; Laniado, M.; Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.

Asphericity of pretherapeutic tumour FDG uptake provides independent prognostic value in head-and-neck cancer

Apostolova, I.; Steffen, I. G.; Wedel, F.; Lougovski, A.; Marnitz, S.; Derlin, T.; Amthauer, H.; Buchert, R.; Hofheinz, F.; Brenner, W.

Periacetabular bone metabolism following hip revision surgery. PET-based evaluation of allograft osteointegration.

Bernstein, P.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Kotzerke, J.; Hofheinz, F.; Zessin, J.; Stiehler, M.; Günther, K.-P.

Combined measurement of tumor perfusion and glucose metabolism for improved tumor characterization in advanced cervical carcinoma: A PET/CT pilot study using [15O]water and [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose

Apostolova, I.; Hofheinz, F.; Buchert, R.; Steffen, I. G.; Michel, R.; Rosner, C.; Prasad, V.; Köhler, C.; Derlin, T.; Brenner, W.; Marnitz, S.

Evaluation and automatic correction of metal-implant-induced artifacts in MR-based attenuation correction in whole-body PET/MR imaging

Schramm, G.; Maus, J.; Hofheinz, F.; Petr, J.; Lougovski, A.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Platzek, I.; van den Hoff, J.

FDG PET/MR for lymph node staging in head and neck cancer

Platzek, I.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Schneider, M.; Gudziol, V.; Kitzler, H. H.; Maus, J.; Schramm, G.; Popp, M.; Laniado, M.; Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.

Correction of scan time dependence of standard uptake values in oncological PET

van den Hoff, J.; Lougovski, A.; Schramm, G.; Maus, J.; Oehme, L.; Petr, J.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Kotzerke, J.; Hofheinz, F.

Combined PET/MR: Where Are We Now? Summary Report of the Second International Workshop on PET/MR Imaging April 8–12, 2013, Tubingen, Germany

Bailey, D. L.; Barthel, H.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Beyer, T.; Bisdas, S.; Boellaard, R.; Czernin, J.; Drzezga, A.; Ernemann, U.; Franzius, C.; Gückel, B.; Handgretinger, R.; Hartenbach, M.; Hellwig, D.; Nadel, H.; Nekolla, S. G.; Pfluger, T.; Pichler, B. J.; Quick, H. H.; Sabri, O.; Sattler, B.; Schäfer, J.; Schick, F.; Siegel, B. A.; Schlemmer, H. P.; Schwenzer, N. F.; van den Hoff, J.; Veit-Haibach, P.; Wehrl, H. F.

Evaluation of PET quantification accuracy in vivo - Comparison of measured FDG concentration in the bladder with urine samples / In-vivo-Evaluation der Quantifizierungsgenauigkeit der PET - Vergleich der gemessenen FDG-Konzentration in der Blase mit Urinproben

Maus, J.; Hofheinz, F.; Schramm, G.; Oehme, L.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Lukas, M.; Buchert, R.; Steinbach, J.; Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.

A volume of intersection approach for on-the-fly system matrix calculation in 3D PET image reconstruction

Lougovski, A.; Hofheinz, F.; Langner, J.; Schramm, G.; Will, E.; van den Hoff, J.

Development of 18F-labeled radiotracers for neuroreceptor imaging with positron emission tomography

Brust, P.; van den Hoff, J.; Steinbach, J.

Performance Evaluation of Stationary and Semi-Stationary Acquisition with a Non-Stationary Small Animal Multi-Pinhole SPECT System

Lange, C.; Apostolova, I.; Lukas, M.; Huang, K. P.; Hofheinz, F.; Gregor-Mamoudou, B.; Brenner, W.; Buchert, R.

Modeling Magnetization Transfer Effects of Q2TIPS Bolus Saturation in Multi-TI Pulsed Arterial Spin Labeling

Petr, J.; Schramm, G.; Hofheinz, F.; Langner, J.; van den Hoff, J.

Template-based approach for detecting motor task activation-related hyperperfusion in pulsed ASL data

Petr, J.; Ferré, J.-C.; Raoult, H.; Bannier, E.; Gauvrit, J.-Y.; Barillot, C.


Assessment of the diagnostic performance of 18F-FDG-PET/CT for detection and characterization of solid renal malignancies.

Nakhoda, Z.; Torigian, D. A.; Saboury, B.; Hofheinz, F.; Alavi, A.

  • Open Access Logo Hellenic Journal of Nuclear Medicine 16(2013), 19-24

PET/MRI Imaging in High-Risk Sarcoma: First Findings and Solving Clinical Problems

Schuler, M. K.; Richter, S.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Platzek, I.; Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.; Ehninger, G.; Reichardt, P.

Pulmonary Blood Flow Increases in Damaged Regions Directly after Acid Aspiration in Rats

Richter, T.; Bergmann, R.; Knels, L.; Hofheinz, F.; Kasper, M.; Deile, M.; Pietzsch, J.; Ragaller, M.; Koch, T.

Influence of rigid coregistration of PET and CT data on metabolic volumetry: a user's perspective

Steffen, I. G.; Hofheinz, F.; Rogasch, J. M. M.; Furth, C.; Amthauer, H.; Ruf, J.

Comment on: "Transconvolution and the virtual positron emission tomograph: A new method for cross calibration in quantitative PET/CT imaging"

Hofheinz, F.; van den Hoff, J.

Influence and Compensation of Truncation Artifacts in MR-Based Attenuation Correction in PET/MR

Schramm, G.; Langner, J.; Hofheinz, F.; Petr, J.; Lougovski, A.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Platzek, I.; van den Hoff, J.

An automatic method for accurate volume delineation of heterogeneous tumors in PET

Hofheinz, F.; Langner, J.; Petr, J.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Steinbach, J.; Kotzerke, J.; van den Hoff, J.

Effects of dopaminergic treatment on striatal dopamine turnover in de novo Parkinson disease

Storch, A.; Wolz, M.; Beuthien-Baumann, B.; Loehle, M.; Herting, B.; Schwanebeck, U.; Oehme, L.; van den Hoff, J.; Perick, M.; Graehlert, X.; Kotzerke, J.; Reichmann, H.

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