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Two-phase flow behaviour during a medium size cold leg test on PMK-II (SPE-4)
Prasser, H.-M.; Zippe, W.; Baldauf, D.; Szabados, L.; Ézsöl, G.; Baranyai, G.; Nagy, I.;
The Hungarian integral test rig PMK of the KFKI Atomic Energy Research Institute was used as a source of experimental data for the IAEA Standard Problem Exercise SPE-4, a Medium size cold leg Loca with a secondary Bleed-and-feed procedure. The needle shaped conductivity probes developed by the Research Center Rossendorf have been applied in order to obtain information about the void fraction and the structure of the two-phase flow. The primary circuit of the PMK-II test facility was practically fully equipped with probes (with exception of the core simulator and the downcomer). An overview of the signals of all probes and the general chronology of characteristic events are discussed. As a main result the mechanism of the hot leg loop-seal clearing was clarified in detail.
  • Lecture (Conference)
    Jahrestagung Kerntechnik 1994, Stuttgart, 17.-19.5.1994
  • Contribution to proceedings
    Jahrestagung Kerntechnik 1994, 17.-19. Mai 1994, Stuttgart, Tagungsbericht, ISSN 0720-9207, S. 77-80

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