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Measurement of the spatio-temporal distribution of harmonic and transient eddy currents in a liquid metal
Forbriger, J.; Galindo, V.; Gerbeth, G.; Stefani, F.;
Harmonic and transient eddy currents in the eutectic liquid metal alloy GaInSn positioned above an excitation coil are determined by measuring the corresponding voltage drop in an electric potential probe. The resulting spatio-temporal eddy current field is compared with the corresponding analytical expressions for a conducting half-space. Further, a deformation of the eddy current distribution due to a non-conducting torus immersed into the liquid metal is measured and compared with numerical results. The method can be generalized to arbitrary geometries, and might help to validate numerical models for non-destructive testing and magnetic inductance tomography.
Keywords: Eddy currents, Magnetic induction tomography, Nondestructive testing, Liquid metals
  • Measurement Science and Technology 19(2008)4, 045704

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