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MULTIMAG - A MULTIpurpose MAGnetic system for physical modelling in magnetohydrodynamics

Pal, J.; Cramer, A.; Gundrum, T.; Gerbeth, G.
At laboratory scales, liquid metal model experiments are an important tool to understand the details of the flow structure and the transport properties of flows occurring in real-scale facilities, as well as to validate the multitude of numerical codes for flow simulations. Our MULTIpurpose MAGnetic field system facility is based on a compact coil system to investigate the influence of different magnetic fields on electrically conducting fluids. Several features distinguish MULTIMAG from other systems: (i) With its large experimental volume of H = 400 mm and D = 365 mm industrially relevant parameter can be achieved. (II) Due to the absence of any ferromagnetic materials, the possibility of linear superposition of different magnetic field types (rotating, traveling, pulsating, DC-homogen and -cusp) exists. (III) Special developed current sources allow arbitrary waveforms for each of the field types in any phase relation. Besides the main aim to describe MULTIMAG, the present paper instances results of performed flow measurements.
Keywords: Magnetohydrodynamics, Stirring device, Tailored magnetic fields
  • Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 20(2009), 241-251


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