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Ga+ ion irradiation-induced out-of-plane magnetization in Pt/Co(3nm)/Pt films

Jaworowicz, J.; Kisielewski, M.; Maziewski, A.; Sveklo, I.; Jamet, J.-P.; Ferre, J.; Mougin, A.; Vernier, N.; Fassbender, J.
Ion beam irradiation under weak or moderate fluence allows to modify and even control the magnetic properties of thin film structures [1–2]. So, this method stands now as an elegant technique for magnetic nanopatterning [3].Spin reorientation transition form in-plane to out-of-plane state in Pt/Co/Pt film with cobalt thickness 3nm after irradiation by 30 keV Ga+ ions with doses of 0.5 x 1015 and 1015 ions/cm2 was observed. Experiments were made with magneto-optical base microscopy and magnetic force microscopy.

[1] C. Chappert, H. Bernas, J. Ferré, V. Kottler, J.-P. Jamet, Y. Chen, E. Cambril, T. Devolder, F. Rousseaux, V. Mathet, H. Launois, Science 280 (1998) 1919.
[2] J. Fassbender, J. McCord, J. Magn. Magn. Mat. 320 (2008) 579
[3] J. Ferré, J.-P. Jamet, in Handbook of Magnetism and Advanced Magnetic Materials, H. Kronmüller, S. Parkin (eds), (2007) John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, p 1710
Keywords: magnetism, ion irradiation, perpendicular anisotropy, Kerr microscopy, MFM
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    IEEE International Magnetics Conference - INTERMAG 2008, 04.-08.05.2008, Madrid, Spain

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