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Aqueous Suspensions of Carbon Nanotubes: Surface Oxidation, Colloidal Stability and Uranium Sorption

Schierz, A.; Zänker, H.
Our study is aimed at gaining information on the behaviour of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as potential carriers of pollutants in the case of accidental CNT release to the environment and on the properties of CNTs as a potential adsorbent material in water purification. The effects of acid treatment of CNTs on (i) the surface properties, (ii) the colloidal stability and (iii) heavy metal sorption are investigated, the latter being exemplified by uranium(VI) sorption. There is a pronounced influence of surface treatment on the behaviour of the CNTs in aqueous suspension. Results showed that the acid treatment increases the amount of acidic surface groups on the CNTs. Acid treatment has a great impact on the colloidal stability of the CNTs and on their adsorption capacity for U(VI). Furthermore, pristine CNT colloids can be stabilised by the addition of humic acid.
Keywords: carbon nanotube, surface oxidation, uranium, sorption, colloidal stability


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