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Field-focusing imaging sensor for visualization of multiphase flows

Da Silva, M. J.; Thiele, S.; Schleicher, E.; Hampel, U.
We introduce a novel sensor modality for imaging of multiphase flows based on capacitance measurements. The basic idea of the new approach is to place a multitude of electrodes at two opposing walls of a vessel whereby the walls are parallel and each plane of electrodes are positioned perpendicular to each other. This arrangement combined with a special excitation-sensing scheme realizes a focusing of the electrical field in a given region of the interrogating volume allowing images to be generated.
Keywords: multiphase flow, flow visualization, capacitance measurement
  • Contribution to proceedings
    EUROSENSORS XXII, 07.-10.09.2008, Dresden, Germany
    Proceedings of EUROSENSORS XXII, Duesseldorf: VDI, 978-3-00-025217-4, 736-739
  • Lecture (Conference)
    EUROSENSORS XXII, 07.-10.09.2008, Dresden, Germany

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