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Precise measurement of the beta decay and electron capture of Na-22, Au-198, and Au-196 in low-temperature metal hosts, and reexamination of lifetime modifications

Ruprecht, G.; Vockenhuber, C.; Buchmann, L.; Woods, R.; Ruiz, C.; Lapi, S.; Bemmerer, D.
We investigated half-life changes with temperature of 22Na embedded in Al and 198Au/196Au embedded in Au. We do not find any change of the half-life between room temperature and 10 K on the level of 0.04% for 22Na, 0.03% for 198Au, and 0.5% for 196Au in striking disagreement with the first experimental works and predictions. Additionally, the absolute half-life for 198Au has been determined to 2.6937±0.0003 d which is 5 standard deviations below the recommended NIST value but in agreement with other high-precision measurements.
Keywords: Half-life Au-198 Au-196 Na-22 Debye-Hückel model Salpeter screening weakly coupled plasma


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